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Fall Video Intern

This fall I’m taking on an intern to help us with a video project I have going on.  This isn’t one of those “internships” where you get coffee and make copies, so get ready to roll up your sleeves.  We are a small team here at The Tiny Life, which means you’ll have the chance to actually do interesting work.

The main focus of this internship is video editing, creation of YouTube thumbnails and social media marketing.  You’ll need to be in the Charlotte, NC area and be able to come into Tiny Life HQ for around 10-20 hours a week.  This internship is unpaid.

You don’t have to be a wizard with Adobe Premiere or iMovie, but should have the basics.  Part of this will be training you to do new skills and techniques in video editing, social media and online publishing.

Please apply below!

Announcing The Tiny Life Book Club

After taking some time to talk with you all in a recent email the idea of a book club emerged from the conversations I had. So we are going to try this first book and see how it goes, if people really like it I’ll setup new books each month. Those who join in will need to get a copy of the book we are reading and the discussion takes place on Facebook.

tiny house book club


Click Here For More Info

Simple Living Survey

I’m looking for new ways to help the people who come to this site in their journey towards a simpler way of life.  As part of this I’ve put together a survey that I’d love your help with.  The survey will only take a few minutes and will be very helpful in shaping the future of the site.

If you’d be willing to take the survey I’d be grateful!


Happy Holidays From The Tiny Life

This week I’ve been winding down for the holidays.  I have been doing some last minute shopping before I head to my folks house.  With tiny houses you don’t always have room for a big Christmas tree, but I actually ended up getting two trees!  The first was at my coworking space that I own, each year we have a holiday party and a real tree.  Here it is:

I also got a really small rosemary shrub that has been grown in a Christmas tree shape.  This is great because it’s small, but still has a great smell.  Plus I love rosemary, the last one I had, I planted it outside and it took off like gangbusters.

For gifts this year I held back on some purchases I had wanted to make, so I could share them with my family if they needed ideas.  I have been wanting a headlamp for around the house.  I live deep in the woods and it’s always really dark outside the house.  For those nights I need to turn on the generator, grab something out of the trailer or car a headlamp is great to have.

I also asked for dish towels, as my old ones were ready to retire.  Finally I asked for credits to Audible, the website that I get my audio books from, which download to a phone app; I love audible and read 34 books this year (down from last year’s 41).

That’s all I have to report this year, I hope to see you all in the new year!

How Things Have Changed For Tiny Houses – 7 Years Blogging

Over seven years ago today I decided to start blogging about tiny houses, little did I know the journey I was starting.  Back then I didn’t really know what a “blogger” was or even how to blog.  Fast forward to today, seven years later, and I get to do this every day.

keycandles-19Since then my life is drastically different: I have built and lived in my tiny house for almost 2 years now.  I’ve written two traditionally published books and 5 ebooks.  I put on a conference.  I have a job that I can’t believe is my everyday routine.  Finally, I went on to build another company altogether.  As I write all that I’m almost in disbelief that I did it all and yet very grateful too.

Looking back, this was my first post on this website: The Difference between a Tiny House Vs. an RV

A lot has changed since then.  First and foremost just the sheer number of people that have become involved has exploded.  When I started, I didn’t know anyone that had even heard of tiny houses. Now, it seems like everyone has.  I used to know everyone involved, they all could be found on my bookmarks and their numbers in my cell phone.  Today I can’t even keep up with everyone, who is who, and what new houses are coming out.

The houses themselves have started to have a broader type of aesthetic and design.  There use to be only a few types of houses out there, now we have all sorts.  House on average have gotten bigger and more complex too.  When I first put in plumbing and a mini split, I was one of a handful; many friends had rudimentary plumbing and I didn’t know anyone with a mini split.  Now people have pop-outs, AC, porches, cat walkways, hot tubs, and other elaborate setups.


Another big change is tiny houses are now more widely used as a stepping stone instead of a lifetime option.  I think this is great, because it is more true to the mission: a housing that serves your own purpose, that empowers you.

I did a little digging and found out that so far I’ve written 479,849 words in total on this website alone since I started.  I’ve recorded close to 7,500 minutes of podcast episodes.  I’ve made videos that have been viewed for over 1.4 million minutes.  The blog has been read by millions each year.  I look at those numbers and I’m equal parts tired (lol) and humbled.  If someone told me the day I started that anything I did was going to be seen, read or listen to by even 100,000 people, I would have said to you “get outta here.”

I think most of all I’m grateful.  So thank you for joining me on this journey.

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