Compact Loft Bed

I found this loft bed with an office below it. This certainly isn’t anything new, but what I really did like about it is that it incorporates steps and a little walkway behind it. One think I really don’t like about lofted/bunk beds is that they can be a bit awkward to get into. It certainly was fun to climb a ladder when I was 10, but now I just can’t get that into it. I would think that this is a much better way. The designers have also done a great job with the integration of storage into the stairs and with the different models (a desk and a closet).

Compact Loft Bed

Compact Loft Bed

Compact Loft Bed

Compact loft bedsSource no longer active, their website is down.

  1. Yeah, so.. who ARE the designers?

    • almost all my posts will include a link in the form of “Via” at the bottom of this post. Click that to find out the designers and more.

      • OK, thanks.

      • I tried the link but it takes you to a random page with no further information. I’d really like to know where this bed comes from.

        • Did you locate the store? Via keeps sending me to random web pages. Thanks. – Rich

  2. At the bottom of the post there is a link – it says, “Via”. This takes you to an expanded version of the story, including designer’s name, options, etc.

  3. There seems to be some wasted below the beds against where the wall would be.The closets/bookshelves could easily be made deeper for another rail or some shoe lockers.
    Nice design though.

  4. “wasted space below” excuse me.

  5. Nice one 🙂

  6. Tips and tricks for tiny homes:

  7. where can i buy this loft bed or find it?

  8. Where do I buy this bed?

  9. Your “Via” link is not working like you intended. Can you please let us know where we can find this bed?

  10. what is the cost for the bunk bed with the desk

  11. Where can people find/buy this bed??? Everyone asking and no answer. Who designed it?

    The VIA link doesn’t work.


  12. The “Via” link doesn’t work, but if you hover above it or look at what the link/url is, it says “compact bunk bed by doimo cityline”. After Googling that I found that it’s called “Composizione 911” by Doimi Cityline. It doesn’t appear to be something that’s available anymore, however.

  13. It’s says something about the source not being active and the website no longer found did anyone find where to buy it?????

  14. doimi cityline bunkbeds and lofts catalogue page 16

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