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12 x 32 tiny house floorplans


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I built my tiny home on my own, and after helping countless others along their journey, I’ve learned that 12 x 32 tiny houses are the perfect size for families or folks who are new to tiny living.

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A 12 x 32 tiny house is an ideal size for those needing room for all facets of a busy life, while remaining true to the tiny home movement or simple living mindset.

Offering lots of room for different arrangements, a 12 x 32 tiny home provides plenty of  space for each member of the household, and plenty of opportunity to let in the sunlight.

12x32 tiny house with deck

12 x 32 Tiny House Floor Plans

12 x 32 Tiny House Floor Plans

12 x 32 tiny homes, nearly three times as long as they are wide, have the feel of a railroad apartment, with the various living spaces flowing into one another in a line.

You can take advantage of this rectangular façade to add creative design elements like windows that let in light and increase the feeling of roominess inside. Dormer windows are another way to add interior light and depth.

12x32 tiny house exterior

12x32 tiny house 2 bedroom floorplan

12x32 tiny house double master bedroom floorplan

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12 x 32 Tiny House Designs

12 x 32 Tiny House Designs

When designing a 12 x 32 tiny home, you first want to identify the land on which your home will be situated, and some of the basics of its use: How many residents or guests will it hold? Do you need a space to work indoors? Do you do a lot of food prep and storage?

I recommend starting with a few sketches on paper until you have a sense of the key spaces your floor plan needs to include.

12x32 tiny house design

12 x 32 Tiny House Interior Photos

12 x 32 Tiny House Interior Photos

There’s a lot to think about when designing a tiny home – from the kitchen to the bathroom, many decisions need to be made. Remember that your tastes and preferences dictate the design. That’s where the fun begins!

The relatively spacious interiors of 12 x 32 tiny homes allow for the typical functions of modern life and even some inspired interior décor. While there’s more room here than in smaller designs, many who live in homes this size still utilize flexible living spaces, like a kitchen counter that could be used for food prep or a dining area.

12x32 tiny house interior

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Cost Of A 12 x 32 Tiny Home On Wheels

Cost Of A 12 x 32 Tiny Home On Wheels

12 x 32 tiny house builds average $76,800, a figure that’s variable based on the materials and finishes you choose. Anything from wood to siding to tiles to flooring will be available in a range from basic to bespoke. The climate in which your home is located will inform these choices, as will your tastes — whether you’re going for a luxe feel or wanting a truly simplistic, minimalist home.

The great thing about homes with these dimensions is that it’s still possible to move them by road, should the need ever arise, even if they are classified as an oversize load. You just have to jump through certain logistical hoops first.

12x32 tiny house on wheels

Where To Buy 12 x 32 Tiny Houses

Where To Buy 12 x 32 Tiny Houses

So, you’ve decided that a 12 x 32 tiny home is the size for you. Will you build it yourself or enlist an experienced builder? Embarking on such a project yourself can be a true learning experience, but if you have a need for speed, the right professionals are there to make your tiny home dreams a reality.

12 x 32 Tiny Home Final Thoughts

12 x 32 Tiny Home Final Thoughts

The great thing about tiny homes is that they’re super customizable to your needs. You can use the very simple design of a barn shape with siding, or add details like awnings, shutters, and decks.

These tiny homes are a way to stay true to your minimalist beliefs while still having space to move and relax. They’re a great choice for those who regularly host visitors or are thinking of expanding their family.

12x32 tiny house inside

Your Turn!

  • Will you extend the outdoor space by adding a deck or covered porch to your 12 x 32 tiny home?
  • Do you prefer to store your belongings in closets, shelves, storage stairs, or a storage couch?
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