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All About Terrific Tiny Homes TV Show

All About Terrific Tiny Homes TV Show

terrific tiny homes tv show


If you’re looking to dip a toe into the tiny house world, Terrific Tiny Homes is a nice tiny house TV show to help you begin. This show doesn’t take a long time to watch, and there are quite a few things about the tiny life that it gets right.

Here’s what you should know about Terrific Tiny Homes.

The Story Behind Terrific Tiny Homes

terrific tiny homesTerrific Tiny Homes is a quick-watch show that explores adventurous tiny homes of all sizes. From a dreamy tropical bungalow to a cozy lodge, these tiny dream homes are pretty extraordinary. Since this tiny house TV show only features three episodes, you can take in a lot of dream tiny houses with a low time commitment.

Terrific Tiny Homes does a great job of showcasing the variety of styles you can find when looking at tiny houses. The first episode looks at tiny homes of all different sizes, from 400 square feet (the average family room size in a typical house) to 112 square feet—no larger than your average laundry room—with enough amenities to feel like home.

The next two episodes feature double-decker tiny homes and family-sized tiny homes both located in exotic, off-the-beaten-path locations for totally free-range living. If you’ve been dreaming about tiny living, Terrific Tiny Homes is a great short series to inspire the biggest tiny living goals.

What Network Is Terrific Tiny Homes On?

HGTVTerrific Tiny Homes is one of HGTV’s many tiny real estate-focused shows. Terrific Tiny Homes focuses more on the unique locations and fun features of these tiny abodes rather than the building of the tiny house.

Is Terrific Tiny Homes Still Filming?

No, Terrific Tiny Homes had a short run of just 3 short 20-minute episodes that aired between 2019 and 2020.

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Is Terrific Tiny Homes Cancelled?

Terrific Tiny Homes is a relatively new show, having only premiered in 2019. There is currently no word on official cancellation status or if it will return for a second season (and if it will be as short as the first). Keep your eyes peeled for updates on season two of Terrific Tiny Homes!

Who Hosts Terrific Tiny Homes On HGTV?

andy barnettAndy Barnett narrates this tiny house TV show. Andy is a talented voice actor best known for his sketches on Saturday Night Live and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. You can find a complete list of Andy’s credits on his IMDB page.

Is Terrific Tiny Homes Fake?

What’s really awesome about Terrific Tiny Homes is that it’s a short series that features tiny homes already built and owned by tiny house homeowners. It’s not a gimmicky show about the building or tiny house buying process, with scripted drama and twists and turns. It’s a very real, fun look at unique tiny homes and the benefits of tiny house living.

Where Are They Now? The Stars Of Terrific Tiny Homes

Because this show was only a very limited series with just three episodes, there’s very little information available on the homeowners featured and where they are now. This show is geared more towards those who love tiny homes’ unique bells and whistles rather than the homeowner’s stories behind joining the tiny house movement.

Where To Watch Terrific Tiny Homes

Terrific Tiny Homes is streaming on Discovery+ with a subscription,with a subscription or on HGTV with a cable provider login.

discovery plus

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Container Homes TV Show

Container Homes TV Show

container homes tv show


Shipping container homes are some of the most unique tiny houses out there. I’ve always liked the look of them, and I have a few friends who have gone the shipping container route. One thing I know is that they can be challenging to work on (the all-metal walls require welding for any alterations), but there are some really architecturally impressive container homes out there. The HGTV Container Homes show highlights these unique and beautiful tiny houses.

If you’d like to know more about Container Homes, here are all the details you need.

The Story Behind Container Homes

Have you ever seen a shipping container and thought, “huh, I wonder if I could live in that?” Well, the answer is YES, you can (provided you’re willing to put in the work and planning).

container homesContainer Homes is a mini-series of five episodes that showcase innovative homes made from shipping containers. When it comes to building a tiny home with shipping containers, the sky’s the limit. Thanks to the modular aspect of shipping containers, you have the blocks to make almost anything.

While not all shipping container homes are tiny homes, the possibilities for creating functional, long-lasting tiny homes are endless with these steel boxes. Some people make small offices, studios, or vacation homes, while others combine several units into larger houses or offices.

Container Homes features homeowners—couples, bachelors, newlyweds, and more—as they push the boundaries of traditional home design. While shipping containers can be an innovative way to live tiny, they aren’t a DIY job for the inexperienced. On this show, professional designers and builders team up with their clients to see what they can accomplish. Together they create masterpieces—luxury homes that range from tiny 2-container dwellings to 3-story homes with large kitchens, multiple bedrooms, and even rooftop hangouts.

Container Homes is a fun show to watch if you’re looking for tiny house inspiration or if you really enjoy creative architecture. It’s pretty impressive to see some of the designs that people have come up with.

What Network Is Container Homes On?

HGTVContainer Homes first aired on HGTV in 2016. There are only five episodes, each featuring two home buyer stories in different locations. However, there’s plenty of variety, from a modern container home complex to a quiet lakeside “cabin” getaway.

Is Container Homes Still Filming?

Unfortunately, Container Homes had a limited run and has not filmed any more episodes since its 2016 debut. This is because it was more of a mini-series than an ongoing show. However, HGTV has no shortage of home design and build shows.

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Is Container Homes Cancelled?

Container Homes is officially considered cancelled. This limited mini-series didn’t have a long life, but it was successful for the short period it aired.

Is Container Homes Fake?

Container Homes is more of a documentary-style mini-series rather than a reality show. They introduced us to various container homeowners and talked about why they went the shipping container home route. I like that it captures a lot of the thought and planning that goes into building container homes.

I don’t know that container homes are a realistic option for everyone. Many people who go the shipping container home route might not have the resources for this impressive architecture. But Container Homes on HGTV is a show that really highlights some interesting and inspirational shipping container houses.

Where Are They Now? The Stars Of Container Homes

Container Homes does not have a host, and the narrator is not credited. The focus of the show remains on the home buyers and their design partners. We don’t get to know the featured homeowners that well, and the show doesn’t provide any follow-up. Here’s a summary of a few of the homeowners featured on Container Homes and their unique creations.

Modern Country Container Homes (Container Homes Episode 1)

modern country container homesIn this episode, viewers meet Andy and Jackie Spoor, a Wisconsin couple that relocated to the countryside after ten years of living in a big city. Andy and Jackie worked with Mods International—a custom container home builder—to create their dream forever home, a modern 2-story home.

We also meet interior designer Patrice Rios, who has grand plans to make the perfect tiny office in the backyard of her parents’ home. For Patrice, a shipping container offers the ideal work from home solution, with the right amount of space, privacy, and room to work her interior design magic.

Patrice still works in design; after founding the company Sige & Honey, she specializes in Bathroom and Kitchen design at Troo Designs. She was featured in Austin Monthly.

Industrial Chic Container Home (Container Homes Episode 5)

We meet Miranda Piechowski, a young marketing and sales director living and working in Miami, Florida, on this episode of Container Homes. Miranda was inspired to build a combined work and home space with shipping containers when she found a shipping container bar and loved the look and efficiency. She enlists the help of a local builder to create a 2-story space with plenty of room for a gorgeous home office and efficient two bedrooms and living space.

sundog structures container homesThe second buyers featured in this Container Homes episode are Irina and Aaron Pomerantz, art collectors in Washington DC that need more space to display their ever-growing art collection. The couple works with an architectural firm to create a stunning art gallery built with a single shipping container, decked out with modern style and large windows. It’s a dream space that takes little room and unique design to the next level.

Aaron Pomerantz continues to work in real estate and showcase the work of local artists in his container gallery.

Where To Watch Container Homes

All five episodes of Container Homes are on Discovery+ and are available for purchase on Amazon Prime Video.

discovery plus
amazon prime video

Check out these clips from Container Homes on YouTube!

Your Turn!

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  • What do you think of the design styles featured in HGTV’s Container Homes?

All About Tiny House Hunters – Tiny House TV Show

All About Tiny House Hunters - Tiny House TV Show

tiny house hunters tv show


From what I hear, House Hunters is a cult favorite on HGTV. So when they came up with a tiny house spinoff, people LOVED it. Sometimes the budgets on Tiny House Hunters are a little over the top (if you really want to know the costs of a tiny house, check out my cost breakdown here). However, I do like the variety on this show and the creative approach to tiny living.

Here’s what you should know about HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters.

The Story Behind Tiny House Hunters

tiny house huntersHouse Hunters is one of HGTV’s longest-running programs and has seen many different variations throughout the staggering 23 years it’s been on the air. Tiny House Hunters, which aired in 2014, is a fan-favorite rendition that gives viewers a taste of the tiny life all across the country.

The familiar formula is not to be messed with—if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? In this tiny house TV show, prospective home buyers look at three different tiny houses, weigh the pros and cons, and pick one to be their new home. Tiny House Hunters is a great look at tiny house real estate in many different locations and lets viewers get a taste of some of the primary wants, needs, and practicalities of converting to tiny house living.

Fans of Tiny House Hunters love to watch along as home buyers list off their must-have tiny house amenities, dream locations, and their sometimes comical budgets in the search to find their dream home. You can see just about everything on this show, from a family of 6 going tiny to the quest for the perfect mini man cave, a tiny houseboat, or traveling musicians looking to take their home on the road.

While Tiny House Hunters is a real estate show with very little DIY tiny house building, it’s a great look at all the different tiny house living options in many locations across the country.

What Network Is Tiny House Hunters On?

HGTV networkAs I mentioned above, Tiny House Hunters was a staple of HGTV for five years. HGTV is a hub for home renovation and home real estate TV shows, including House Hunters International, House Hunters Renovations, and Lake House Hunters—to name a few.

Is Tiny House Hunters Still Filming?

No—the final season of Tiny House Hunters aired in 2017. With four seasons, you can binge your way through 85 episodes, which average about 20 minutes apiece.

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Is Tiny House Hunters Cancelled?

While Tiny House Hunters was never officially cancelled, it is unlikely we’ll see new episodes. The show is still listed on HGTV’s website, but it’s likely that’s due to the affiliation with House Hunters. Keep an eye on the HGTV TV schedule to see if Tiny House reruns are airing any time soon.

Who Hosts Tiny House Hunters On HGTV?

Like many house hunting TV shows, Tiny House Hunters did not have a host or a consistent narrator throughout its four seasons. One of the appealing aspects of house hunting shows like this one is that the focus is entirely on the home buyers—viewers get a chance to know the buyers on their tiny house journey.

Is Tiny House Hunters Fake?

There’s a lot of debate about the “realness” of the budgets featured on Tiny House Hunters. Some of the tiny house owners seem to have limitless pockets that don’t correspond with their jobs. It’s also important to note that on any TV show, sponsors supply materials, labor, and other perks that you or I wouldn’t have for our tiny home. If you used your own tiny house hunter, you’d probably need to pay realtor fees and other costs that don’t seem to be an issue on Tiny House Hunters.

All that aside, Tiny House Hunters does show a nice overview of the real estate available to tiny home seekers. I like all the variety and the different sources of inspiration.

Where Are They Now? The Stars Of Tiny House Hunters

Viewers meet a lot of interesting home buyers in the four seasons of Tiny House Hunters. While many viewers love to hate-watch this classic show, many are aching for updates on some of their favorite tiny home buyers. Here are a few noteworthy updates on some featured tiny home buyers.

Jordan Strang & Aubree Bernier-Clarke: Finding a Tiny Fixer-Upper

tiny house fixer upperSeason three of Tiny House Hunters brought us a Los Angeles couple searching for a fixer-upper tiny home and some nice land for new adventures. But the tiny home—or lack thereof—the couple ended up dropping $155,000 on truly baffled viewers. The couple gave an interview to Slate in 2019, reflecting on their experience on Tiny House Hunters and giving fans a much-needed update on their wild decision to buy a burnt-out structure on trash-littered land.

Carson and Mel Dohmen: Going Tiny to Travel

Going Tiny to TravelCarson and Mel’s episode aired in season three of Tiny House Hunters. Carson is a writer and Mel is an entrepreneur. In their episode, they looked at tiny houses on wheels as their dream solution for downsizing and traveling. Since their episode, they started a blog documenting their journey—Local Color XC—and posted a life after Tiny House Hunters update. You can also find updates on their Instagram, @localcolorxc.

Where To Watch Tiny House Hunters

All four seasons of Tiny House Hunters are streaming on Discovery+.

discovery plus

Check out these clips from Tiny House Hunters on YouTube!

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  • Would YOU want to be featured on Tiny House Hunters?

All About Tiny Luxury – Tiny House TV Show

All About Tiny Luxury - Tiny House TV Show

tiny luxury tv show


I’ve always adopted the philosophy that you should build your dream tiny home rather than worrying about resale value. Don’t build for some future buyer—build a house you love and get the highest-end details you can afford (much less expensive with a tiny house). If you build your dream house, you’ll never want to leave. Tiny Luxury adopts the same idea that you can afford to splurge on the extra details when you go tiny.

Here’s what you need to know about this popular tiny house TV show.

The Story Behind Tiny Luxury

tiny luxuryTiny Luxury is a tiny house TV show that has it all—a look at the tiny house building process, interior design, and tiny house inspiration. Tiny Luxury follows husband and wife duo Tyson and Michelle Speiss, owners of one of the country’s top high-end tiny home building companies. In each episode, the Tiny Heirloom crew builds a tiny house from the ground up, completely customized to the buyer’s wishes.

These luxury tiny homes are truly inspiring. From a gorgeous sustainable tiny home to a tiny home with modern style or the smallest aerodynamic tiny home, these tiny houses on wheels (THOWs) are all built with the highest quality in mind. Viewers are captivated by the endlessly customizable ways the Tiny Heirloom team can make a buyer’s dream home happen.

Another unique aspect of Tiny Luxury is the show format. This tiny house TV splits air time between building the tiny house and revealing all the customized luxury features on the tiny home’s interior (and sometimes exterior). Tyson and his crew talk viewers through the building process while Michelle shares her tips and tricks for making the most of the space with functional design and style.

While luxury tiny houses might not fit everyone’s tiny house budget, I really like that they encourage buyers to build the tiny home of their dreams. When you go tiny, you can get exactly what you want—a tiny house that fits your needs perfectly.

Once these luxury THOWs are revealed, they’re ready to hit the road. Tiny Luxury is an inspiring and uplifting look at how one tiny house builder is helping people get their dream home.

What Network Is Tiny Luxury On?

Tiny Luxury is an HGTV home design show. HGTV has no shortage of home design, décor, and real estate. With Tiny Luxury, viewers get the best of both worlds—plenty of building and design inspiration in one great tiny house TV show.

Is Tiny Luxury Still Filming?

The last season of Tiny Luxury aired in 2018, and viewers are still waiting on a release date for season four. There are 37 episodes of the show to hold you over until we find out if it comes back for a new season.

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Is Tiny Luxury Cancelled?

Season 4 of Tiny Luxury was set to release in May of 2020, but the season never arrived. Whether filming or the new season was halted because of the ongoing pandemic is unknown, but there’s no official cancellation notice for Tiny Luxury. Keep an eye on the DIY Network’s TV schedule to see if new or re-run episodes are airing in your timezone.

Who Hosts Tiny Luxury?

tiny heirloomThe stars of Tiny Luxury are the crew of Tiny Heirloom—a tiny house builder based in Portland, Oregon. Tyson and Michelle, the owners, meet with the home buyers to learn more about their dream tiny house design and ultimate wish list (something I encourage every tiny home builder to create as well, to help get a handle on your aspirations). Tyson then enlists the help of Michelle’s brothers, Jason and Zach Francis, along with other members of the Tiny Heirloom crew, to build the tiny house from the ground up.

Michelle and her sister-in-law, Brianna, are in charge of home décor and styling. The cast always talks through design choices, which gives insight into making the most use of limited space in a tiny house.

People have shared mixed reviews on this builder. Read here and here.

You can find a full cast and crew list on Tiny Luxury’s IMDB page.

Is Tiny Luxury Fake?

Tiny Luxury is based on a real building crew that really does run a tiny house business in Portland. Like any reality show, Tiny Luxury is scripted and heavily edited, so you only see the highlights of the build. There’s generally a lot more that goes into building a tiny home, but most of that wouldn’t make for good TV watching.

I like the design inspiration in Tiny Luxury, and I really appreciate that they encourage people to build a dream tiny home. I think often people get bogged down with the idea that their dream home is different and that they’ll never be able to sell it someday. But if you love your home, why not invest in the nicest materials you can afford and make it last?

Where Are They Now? The Stars Of Tiny Luxury

tiny heirloom tiny houseWhile viewers get to see most of the building process of these luxury tiny homes, they don’t get to see the tiny homeowners as much throughout the show. Instead, the focus is on build, design, and an impressive reveal that generally leaves the homeowners emotional and overjoyed.

Tiny Heirloom’s Tyson and Michelle are still actively running their business, building luxury tiny homes. They recently partnered with HOPE, which creates sustainable shelters and affordable tiny house communities for people in need. Tiny Heirloom has many tiny house videos on their website, and you can also follow along on their projects by following their social media—Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook.

Where To Watch Tiny Luxury

Tiny Luxury is streaming on Discovery+ and is available for purchase on Amazon Prime.

discovery plus
amazon prime video

Check out these clips from Tiny Luxury on YouTube!

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All About Alternative Dwellings – Tiny House TV Show

All About Alternative Dwellings - Tiny House TV Show

alternative dwellings


Alternative Dwellings is a documentary series, which makes it different than any other tiny house TV show I’ve talked about before. It’s an interesting take on living the tiny life, and as someone that really enjoys documentaries, I find this series well-done.

This series is also great because it gives you insight into many different types of tiny home options—vans, boats, and various kinds of other ways to live the tiny life. It shows how people can embrace the tiny life philosophy and apply it to their dream home (whatever that looks like).

The Story Behind Alternative Dwellings

alternative dwellings van lifeWhat’s so different about this tiny house TV show? Alternative Dwellings is a boots-on-the-ground creation brought to you by Forrest Stevens, a Canadian-based videographer with a passion for, well, alternative dwellings.

Forrest started his YouTube channel in 2016, showing off his own van conversion, with few expectations other than documenting his own van life experience. What followed was a whirlwind of views, likes, and comments for more content—more engagement than he had ever experienced with his other vlogs.

Forrest took the feedback to heart and started a docuseries that now runs more than 100 episodes strong. From van life couples and houseboats to skoolies, tiny houses, and more, Alternative Dwellings gives a real-life look into the lives of those who chose freedom and adventure over the traditional home buying experience. This tiny house docuseries covers ALL aspects of tiny living, from minimalism to the tiny house lifestyle and even homesteading and nomadic living.

If you want to learn more about ways to customize the tiny life to your dreams, Alternative Dwellings is the tiny house show for you. Learn about life on a boat, camper van conversions, and family-friendly tiny living. You’ll find something new and inspiring in each episode of this tiny living documentary series.

What Network Is Alternative Dwellings On?

Alternative Dwellings doesn’t air on any cable or premium TV network, making it a unique online-only tiny house “TV” show. Instead, creator Forrest Stevens is primarily on YouTube, where the series lives. Click here to see where you can watch now.

Is Alternative Dwellings Still Filming?

Yes! Alternative Dwellings adds weekly episodes that feature alternative living and tours of creative, often DIY-ed and converted dwellings.

If you loved Tiny Paradise, check out these other tiny house TV shows that inspire tiny living:

Is Alternative Dwellings Cancelled?

No, Alternative Dwellings is NOT canceled. As I mentioned above, Alternative Dwellings releases new episodes weekly, always featuring a new story of alternative living. Some of the latest episodes feature a young woman living in her SUV, a school bus camper conversion, and a self-sufficient off-the-grid setup in Canada.

Who Hosts Alternative Dwellings?

The real stars of Alternative Dwellings are those featured in each episode—people living in unique homes they call their own, completely free of financial burden and restrictions of 9-to-5 living. However, the man behind the camera is an artist with a serious eye for interesting people.

Meet Forrest Stevens: Creator Of Alternative Dwellings Series

Forrest StevensForrest Stevens is the definition of a YouTuber. He’s been on YouTube creating content professionally since 2015 with the YouTube channel (and his production company) Different Media. After quitting his job to become a full-time content creator, he’s made strides in his career with impressive achievements.

In 2018, Forrest made a documentary called The Reality of #vanlife, documenting his experience converting and living in a van full-time. The movie answers questions and dispels myths about what it really takes to make it in the van life world.

In 2020, Forrest revisited his van conversion skills by converting a Toyota camper van with his partner. Since then, he’s moved to and started cultivating a homestead in Northern Ontario, Canada, with hopes of restoring a farmhouse and turning his land into a “permaculture paradise.” You can follow along on Forrest’s journey on social media—YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook—or become a patron on Patreon.

Is Alternative Dwellings Fake?

Unlike other tiny house TV shows that are made for TV (like fan-favorites Tiny House Nation or Tiny House Hunters), Alternative Dwellings is authentic, showing the lives of many people—singles, couples, and families of all ages—living life entirely on their terms.

These episodes are often filmed in the documentary style of a vlog camera propped on a tripod. You won’t find orchestrated crews, scripted drama, or surprise “reveals” on this tiny house docuseries. As a result, the series feels rawer and more authentic than most highly-produced shows.

If you’ve ever considered giving up the foundation of a full-fledged house and dabbling in alternative living, Alternative Dwellings shows what could be in store for you. It’s a great place to look for resources, true-life stories, and impressive DIY conversions without the glitz and glamor of over-produced TV.

Where Are They Now? The Stars Of Alternative Dwellings

Nomadic and alternative living is a trend that’s continually growing. Adventurous people are packing up, paring down their belongings, and hitting the road, and sharing their experiences along the way. Every episode of Alternative Dwellings features someone new, living the tiny life creatively. While some of these stars aren’t the easiest to track down (especially those living off the grid!), fans of alternative tiny living can still follow along through social media.

However, the episodes of Alternative Dwellings don’t always provide information (like social media or even full names and additional information) for those featured in the series. Here’s a closer look at some of the most popular episodes of Alternative Dwellings.

Dream Tiny House With Modern Conveniences And Style

derek lovellIn this special tiny house episode of Alternative Dwellings, we get a tour of the gorgeous, modern tiny house built and owned by Derek and his partner Jeff. This tiny house spares no expense when it comes to style and modern conveniences. The couple was fed up with noisy city living and needed a quiet retreat to the trees.

In this episode, Derek tells viewers how they created their dream tiny house on wheels (THOW) without sacrificing their personal style. From the challenges of tiny living to the adjustment to minimalism that comes with the lifestyle, Derek shows us a real first-person look at his tiny home. You can learn more about Derek and Jeff’s tiny house living adventure by following Derek on Instagram.

Kevin’s Soccer Mom Mini Van Conversion

kevin aka grasshopperKevin, aka Grasshopper, wanted to travel but didn’t know how to make it happen. So when he discovered van life and found a good-condition Toyota Sienna minivan, he knew he had found his answer. In this episode of Alternative Dwellings, Kevin walks viewers through his 100% DIY minivan conversion, explaining how he could gut the entire vehicle and fit all his necessities.

The conversion includes a functional kitchen setup, plenty of storage, and even a comfortable sleeping area. The skill and creativity that went into this van conversion are really impressive, and it shows that even minimal tiny living doesn’t mean giving up on every luxury. You can follow Kevin on Instagram for more van life updates.

John And Deanna’s DIY Skoolie Conversion

john and deanna skoolieGiving up a stable job may seem scary and risky, but not for John and Deanna. This couple wanted to change, and they knew that leaving their jobs and packing up for a life of adventure would make them the happiest. So they purchased a 2004 coach bus, sourced materials from other conversions, and created a gorgeous 34-foot luxury RV where they now live and travel in full time. From life on Spring Island, BC, to traveling North American, John and Deanna couldn’t be happier to be free of the restraints of corporate life. You can follow their adventures with their dogs on Instagram.

Where To Watch Alternative Dwellings

You can find 160 episodes of Alternative Dwellings streaming for free on YouTube. All the episodes are short, vlog-style videos that average less than 30 minutes, making it an easy playlist to binge-watch. Some of the earliest episodes of Alternative Dwellings are also available for purchase from Amazon Prime.

you tube
amazon prime video

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  • Could you see yourself living the van life on the road?