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After poking around at a link that was sent to me by Lelia I found this interesting house style called a pigeonnier.  The word in french has two meanings; A house that pigeons and other game birds are raised in or a low rent apartment, often in a less than desirable part of town.  They have a very unique style, but what is uniform to most is they are taller than they are wide and they have gorgeous wooden beams.


  1. Oh! It’s beautiful!

  2. I saw this house before in Cottage Living on 2008.
    It’s really beautiul, maybe because of all those pink elements… 🙂

  3. Very nice. Look at all those bookshelves upstairs!

  4. For a second I thought I was on Habitually Chic. Great post! Love the interior decor! Something for us ladies PINK!

  5. This lil’ house is so cute! What a great find.

  6. Lots of wasted space.
    See tips and tricks for tiny homes: http://tinyhouseforum.com/topic.php?id=25

    Where are the windows? That tower needs more than one view…

  7. This is a building where pigeons were raised. They were most often a part of the French diet and were often included in some form in farm houses and urban buildings; Pigeon holes. They are also common in French settled areas of Louisiana … in the plantations.

  8. What a haven! I am in search of a tiny cottage and the bed and the books sold me. I just found your website. I love it.

  9. Oh, serious *swoon*! I love this place. Elegant, simple, sophisticated, and natural–all at once. Sign me up!

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