After poking around at a link that was sent to me by Lelia I found this interesting house style called a pigeonnier.  The word in french has two meanings; A house that pigeons and other game birds are raised in or a low rent apartment, often in a less than desirable part of town.  They have a very unique style, but what is uniform to most is they are taller than they are wide and they have gorgeous wooden beams.


  1. Oh! It’s beautiful!

  2. I saw this house before in Cottage Living on 2008.
    It’s really beautiul, maybe because of all those pink elements… 🙂

  3. Very nice. Look at all those bookshelves upstairs!

  4. For a second I thought I was on Habitually Chic. Great post! Love the interior decor! Something for us ladies PINK!

  5. This lil’ house is so cute! What a great find.

  6. Lots of wasted space.
    See tips and tricks for tiny homes: https://tinyhouseforum.com/topic.php?id=25

    Where are the windows? That tower needs more than one view…

    • To each their own…..
      I found it quiet charming myself.
      If I can afford this I’m sure my main home would have enough space to not be worried about wasted space here.
      Same goes for windows
      Got to stop and think out of the box sometimes.
      Very charming and inviting for a good book and the sound of rain
      Or even better cuddling and breakfast in bed
      Don’t forget the mimosa’s

  7. This is a building where pigeons were raised. They were most often a part of the French diet and were often included in some form in farm houses and urban buildings; Pigeon holes. They are also common in French settled areas of Louisiana … in the plantations.

  8. What a haven! I am in search of a tiny cottage and the bed and the books sold me. I just found your website. I love it.

  9. Oh, serious *swoon*! I love this place. Elegant, simple, sophisticated, and natural–all at once. Sign me up!

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