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Cargo Trailer Takes Off-Grid Off The Radar

With growing uncertainty in the nation, global strife, the fall of the American currency, and a host of other scenarios, the rise of the Prepper is growing as well. And for each prepper seems to come an idea of what housing for an emergency situation might look like. That coupled with the discontentment of RVers for where they have to stay may very well be the incentive for folks like Bill Southworth of Hybrid Propulsion for building what is now becoming known as the stealth camper or travel trailer. His particular build ended up being one of the slickest 80 sq. ft. transforming cargo trailers to date.

Stealth 1Turns out the precipice behind Bill’s build was – as he puts it – “Traveling with a Rottweiler means you stay either in really awful roadside motels or very high end hotels that treat the dog as a guest. He “decided that we needed a way to carry our hotel with us on our journeys. I checked out all the obvious travel trailer options and decided that they were either too large, too ugly, too inefficient, or too poorly constructed. I decided that I could do better.” And better he did. At just 16′ long this former horse trailer nicknamed “Son of a Buggy” is a solar powered gem that features some of the most clever and multi-faceted interior options one could imagine.

Stealth 2The walls, at first site, seem blank and sterile even. But interior designers would call them Scandanavian-inspired in that they are minimalist with high function yet little decor. The idea Bill insists is to make the space appear larger than it is by keep lines clean and make all furnishings and adornments invisible. The walls themselves are made from a honeycomb-type material that is recycled cardboard and covered with a thin birch veneer. The floors are recycled, compressed Mulberry bushes from Sustainable Flooring of Boulder, CO and is actually more durable  and more hard the Teak.

Stealth 4To make the trailer more comfortable and homey the sleeping arrangements are for a king size bed while the bed consists of one stationary twin which doubles as a sofa. When the bed is stowed, a drop down table can be slid into place to make a dining area for four. The entertainment system is a 26″ Samsung LED TV swings out above the bed for Apple TV or HD DirecTV. The printer , computers and WiFi storage is in the cabinet next to the TV. This level of technology is something that is becoming more predominant in tiny houses as even Tim and Shannon’s tiny house features a retractable movie screen with a HD projector and a surround sound system.

Stealth 6

Southworth designed and built his little cabin on wheels to use solar, battery, and power management and it’s designed to store for on board storage so that Bill and his wife can go for weeks off the grid and even off the radar!

Your Turn!

  • Would you want to disappear entirely with your tiny house?


  1. This is awesome!

    I love the covert camping idea. A best friend has lived this way for six months now. He has curtains rigged in his Honda Odyssey van…sleeping on an air mattress in various Walmart parking lots at night, using their restrooms as needed. For showering, he joined a national 24 hour franchise gym. On week days he parks in the shade at work…weekends finds him parking in shady city parks or in the woods on my land. Lives so very cheaply.

  2. I love the trailer in the article here. It’s inspiration for me and gave me the idea to build one out. Thanks.

  3. do you have blueprints or a detailed floorplan?

  4. It’s good to see others following a sensible trend as we are. I will follow this story and add the appropriate link to it our own blog at Incargonito.blogspot.com. Best wishes a great looking build.

  5. i imagine no floor plans will ever be sold for this type of thing bc they probably don’t want anyone copying it. I wouldn’t. Your best bet would be to get your trailer and employ your own knowledge and make your own.

  6. …Is there a bathroom on-board?

  7. I like your blog. Looks like a nice trailer. Thanks for sharing this post with us.

  8. Awesome, and my husband has been talking about this for years but I really wasn’t sure how it would turn out and looking at yours, I’m saying “let’s do it” let’s build our own RV. We have a miniature dachshund and we won’t travel becuase we don’t want to leave her behind-and we have had RV’s before, but quality is cheap and not the way you want it.

  9. Where can I find more info on this build?

  10. I would love to have a trailer where it looks unremarkable from the outside, but are fully stocked inside. I will have to see what I can do about doing some customizing on trailers. Getting a larger one to make it a full sized travel assist would be fun.

  11. Trailer looks great. But make sure when you leave fake comments you use a fully working keyboard

  12. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m digging the idea, but, I would need a shower and toilet, and how much does this sucker way? The design is okay seems a little Sterile to me I guess I’m more of a hobbit type of person. If you know what I mean.

  13. I’ve been looking at my 16 ft trailer for the same use. living in Sw.Florida. bugging out if a hurricane has a bead on where I’m living.

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