Spacious Design Ideas For Three Bedroom Tiny Homes

three bedroom tiny house designs


Oftentimes, families and couples look to tiny living to change their way of life. But in the early days of the movement, people built tiny houses that were much smaller than they are today. Now, families and young couples are building their houses on larger trailers in search of a complete lifestyle shift — one with less stress, more financial freedom, and better control over how they spend their time.

When I first started building, I wasn’t sure if I could fit all of my needs into such a small space. However, I’ve learned that building a tiny house that feels open and comfortable is possible. There are many design and layout variations for three-bedroom tiny houses that can accommodate a family or guests without making the house feel crowded. Here’s what you need to know.

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Hi, I’m Ryan
A tiny house with 3 bedrooms is plenty of space for a family, if you plan it well. The best three bedroom floorplans tend to separate the bedrooms to the opposite ends of the house, leaving the shared spaces like the kitchen, living room, and dining room acting as buffers, so everyone can find a little personal space in a tiny home.
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Explore these options to find the bedroom floorplan that’s best for you:

two bedroom tiny houses
four bedroom tiny houses
tiny house office and bedrooms

Can You Build A Tiny House With Three Bedrooms?

Can You Build A Tiny House With Three Bedrooms

When people think about switching to tiny living, they usually picture a one-bedroom tiny house. But the tiny house world is rapidly expanding and with it, the number of amazing designs for all walks of life. It’s now normal to build larger tiny houses that include two bedrooms, three bedrooms, or even four bedrooms.

While less is more when it comes to adopting the tiny house lifestyle, that doesn’t mean you can’t live in a tiny house if you want a little more space. Adding more bedrooms won’t take away from your experience if you’re intentional about how you design your home and your life.

Why Should You Consider A Three Bedroom Tiny House?

Why Should You Consider A Three Bedroom Tiny House

Before you begin designing your tiny interior, think about the reasons you are considering building it in the first place. Doing some hard soul searching will give you great clarity into what you need out of your tiny home.

You should also consider the individual needs of each person that will be living in the house. Are you single, a couple, or a family? Each person will have specific requirements that must be met for a tiny house to function optimally.

Living In A Tiny House As A Couple

Living In A Tiny House As A Couple

Living in such a small space with your partner isn’t for the faint of heart. Both people really have to want to live tiny if it’s going to work.

What I’ve found living in my own tiny house is that making the switch can bring a new level of fulfillment to your daily life. Part of being an adult is making the decisions that work for you while balancing your responsibilities, and sometimes that means committing to your desires even if they go against the grain. If you and your partner crave simplicity, building a tiny house could be a solid start.

You might be looking to escape the demands of the city and create a quieter life. Or maybe you want to build a tiny vacation home or travel across the country. It’s possible that a one-bedroom tiny home will suffice for the needs of you and your partner. However, you may want an extra bedroom or two to travel with family, have friends stay in your home, or make room for future children. If this is the case, you should consider two bedrooms or three bedroom tiny houses.


  • Do you need one or multiple bedrooms?
  • Do you need a large or small kitchen?
  • Do you need a guest bed?
  • Do you want your tiny house to be mobile or fixed?
  • Do you want a TV, bookshelf or a wine cabinet?
  • Do you want a yard or rooftop deck?

Building A Tiny House For A Growing Family

Building A Tiny House For A Growing Family

Whether you are newlyweds looking for a house your family can grow into or you already have children, creating a tiny house that works for you is totally possible.

If your plan is to build a three-bedroom tiny house for you and your kids to live in, my first piece of advice is to think about the individual needs your family has. This can include anything from the features your kids might want to giving parents a quiet space to get away from it all to the land you park it on.


  • How many beds for you and your children?
  • Do you need extra storage for toys or books?
  • How many bathrooms will you need?
  • Do you prefer a dining table or counter space?
  • Will you want a TV? Multiple TVs?
  • Do your kids need individual “bedrooms”
  • Do you need your tiny house to be baby proof?
  • Do you need room for homeschooling?

Considering the answer to each of these questions is the first step in building a tiny house that your family can happily grow into.

tiny house plans for families

Looking To A 3 Bedroom Tiny House For Extra Space

Looking To A 3 Bedroom Tiny House For Extra Space

Maybe you’re considering a larger tiny house just because you need extra room for potential guests, extra activities, or just because you want to build a bigger house. Even if you don’t plan to move your family into your tiny house or use it to travel with a partner, a small home can still be a great option for living a simpler life.

Here are some tips for including an extra bed in your tiny house without making your house feel cramped:

Add a murphy bed that folds up into the wall when it’s not being used

murphy bed in tiny house
tiny house murphy bed

Add a trundle bed that slides under the main bed to use for guests

tiny house trundle bed
trundle bed

Put a fold out couch in the living room

couch bed
couch bed in tiny house

Add a daybed to the living room that can double as a sleeping area

raised day bed in tiny house
tiny home day bed

Keep a floor bed or air mattress in the closet to bring out for guests

floor bed in tiny house
pullout floor bed

Which Three Bedroom Tiny House Design Is Right For You?

Which Three Bedroom Tiny House Design Is Right For You

Even if you know what features you’re looking for, it can be a challenge to decide which tiny house layout works best for you. As I mentioned above, you’ll need to consider the individual needs of each resident, plus the collective needs of your family as a whole.

The good news is that, these days, there’s no shortage of three-bedroom options on the market. Below are some tiny house design plans and prefabricated homes for purchase.

The Tumbleweed B-53: Two Story, Three Bedroom Small House On Foundation

The Tumbleweed B-53 Tiny House

This small B-53 house design is 743 square feet with two bedrooms, or you can add a third bedroom making the house 837 square feet in total. Building the house will usually cost $100 to $200 per square foot.

The building is designed to include a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and optional bedroom on the first floor. The second floor includes two more bedrooms and a bathroom. The house is designed with stairs and would be great for a small family.

tumbleweed b53 tiny house
tumbleweed b53 tiny house floorplans

The Charme: 2 Story, 3 Bedroom Tiny House On Wheels

The Charme Tiny House On Wheels

Purchasing The Charme house by Minimaliste can satisfy many needs. It is a two-story, three-bedroom, 330-square-foot mobile tiny house that can sleep four people easily and up to eight people total. This design includes a living room, kitchen, full bathroom, washer and dryer, stairs, and three total bedrooms.

The intricate design contains many features to support more people. The interior of the kitchen includes plenty of storage drawers and cabinets under the stairs. The living room sectional can be converted into a dining area, and the TV is installed on a wall support which gives it flexibility. The Charme rests on wheels, making it a nice option if you and your family plan to travel.

charme tiny hosue by minimalliste
charme tiny house living room
charme tiny house interior
charme tiny house kitchen and stairs
living room in charme tiny home
kitchen in charme tiny home
charme tiny home bedroom
charme tiny home bathroom

The Denali: Two Story, Three Bedroom Bunkhouse Trailer

The Denali Tiny House Bunkhouse Trailer

Purchasing the Denali Bunkhouse Trailer from Timber Craft Homes is a great option for families who want to travel. This tiny home is a 41-foot, two-story trailer with three bedrooms. It features a main floor bedroom with a king bed and two sleeping lofts with a staircase. It also includes a fully furnished kitchen and bathroom with a bathtub, French doors, and vaulted ceilings.

denali bunkhouse tiny house
kitchen in denali bunkhouse
denali bunkhouse living room
interior of denali tiny house
denali bunkhouse bedroom
denali bunkhouse bathroom

The Elmore: Three Bedroom, Two Story Tiny House

The Elmore Custom Tiny Home Design

The Elmore by Moveable Roots is a 40-foot custom two-story, three-bedroom tiny home. The home is approximately 500 square feet in total and starts at $120,000. It includes a primary bedroom on the ground floor, two sleeping lofts, and a screened-in porch.

The primary bedroom has a spacious closet and extra drawers for storage. Each loft also includes extra space for storage of toys, clothes, and more. The kitchen features a bar with enough seating for three, an electric cooktop and oven, dishwasher, farmhouse sink, full refrigerator, and a washer and dryer built into the stairs.

The living room includes an L-shaped couch and room on the wall for a TV. The bathroom includes a large vanity, walk-in shower, linen storage, and toilet. The Elmore is also on wheels and works great for families or couples who are looking to travel. With room for up to two queen and three twin beds, the Elmore house can sleep a large family or a small family and several guests.

kitchen counter in the elmore tiny house
the elmore tiny house kitchen
refridgerator in the elmore tiny house
the elmore tiny house stairs to loft
living room in the elmore tiny house
the elmore tiny house living room
the elmore tiny house bedroom
the elmore tiny home bathroom
the elmore tiny house loft
the elmore tiny house second floor
the elmore tiny house interior space
storage in the elmore tiny house
the elmore tiny house hallway
the elmore moveable roots tiny homes

The Pemberley 2 Story, 3 Bedroom Gooseneck Trailer

The Pemberley Gooseneck Tiny House

The Pemberley by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses is a 37-foot-long gooseneck trailer with two stories and three bedrooms. The Pemberley was created to sleep up to five people and is 460 square feet in total. The model is built with a plethora of useful features.

The living room on the ground floor is not furnished, but it does come with preinstalled audio and visual cables which can be extremely helpful. The kitchen includes a washer and dryer and plenty of extra storage.

There is also a large closet on the ground floor to use for you and your family’s clothes. There is a steel pipe ladder that leads to the second bedroom, which has enough space for a trundle bunk-bed. There is also a swivel ladder leading up to two loft rooms with enough space for a king bed and two twin beds, complete with two closets.

the pemberley by rocky mountain tiny homes
the pemberley tiny house interior
the pemberley tiny house upstairs
the pemberley tiny house loft
the pemberley tiny home loft bedroom
the pemberley tiny house floorplans
the pemberley tiny house kitchen
the pemberley tiny house ladder to loft
the pemberley tiny house bathroom
the pemberley tiny house bathroom sink

Three-Bedroom Tiny House Floorplans

Three-Bedroom Tiny House Floorplans

Looking to build your own tiny house trailer instead of purchasing one? Here are some floor plan suggestions for you.

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Two Story For Family With Guest Room

Two Story For Family With Guest Room

three bedroom tiny house floorplan

This floorplan is nice for families with one kid who want to host the occasional guest. The ground floor includes an open living room with a full dining and kitchen area. The bathroom features a tub as well as a washer and dryer. The primary bedroom on the ground floor includes one queen bed. The loft space has two sleeping areas — one at the back with a queen bed and one at the front with a twin bed.

Two Story With Kids Room And Two Lofted Queens (Plus Sofabed)

Two Story With Kids Room And Two Lofted Queens Plus Sofabed

Two Story Tiny House With Kids Room And Two Queen Sized Bedrooms

This floorplan is similar to the one above but with a slightly different setup. The kids’ room on the ground floor is next to the full bathroom as well as a washer and dryer. The dining room and kitchen are closed off to the living room. The lofted floor has two queen beds, great for one couple and the occasional guest.

Two Story With Kids Room And Two Lofted Queens

Two Story With Kids Room And Two Lofted Queens

Tiny House Three Bedroom Layout

This floorplan is almost identical to the floorplan above. However, this plan stacks the washer and dryer and has room for a smaller couch, creating more space in the kids’ room. The setup still has space for a living room that is separate from the kitchen and dining room. It also still has two lofted queen beds, one at the front and one at the back of the trailer.

Two Story Tiny House For Family With Two Kids (+Stairs)

Two Story Tiny House For Family With Two Kids

Two Story Tiny House with Three Bedrooms

This floorplan is great for a family with two kids. The plan has an open living room with the kitchen and dining spaces connected. It includes a kids’ room on the ground floor which is next to the full bathroom, stacked washer and dryer, and closet. Stairs lead to one side of the loft where there is room for a queen bed, while the other side of the loft is accessed with a ladder and has space for an extra twin bed.

Two Story For Family With Two Kids

Two Story For Family With Two Kids

Tiny House For Family With Two Kids

This floorplan also has space for a queen bed and two twin beds — a great set up for a growing family with two kids. The layout closes off a kids’ room at the front of the trailer. It also has a full bathroom with a stand-in shower in the corner. The dining, kitchen, and living room areas are connected. The front side of the loft has space for a queen bed while the back side of the loft has space for a twin bed.

how to design a tiny house

How Much Will A Three Bedroom Tiny House Cost?

How Much Will A Three Bedroom Tiny House Cost

On average, a three-bedroom tiny house will cost $50,000 to $80,000. They run a bit pricier than one-bedroom and two-bedroom tiny homes because these designs inevitably mean more bathrooms, storage, features, and appliances to make room for more people.

how much does a tiny house cost cta

Your Turn!

  • Are you ready to make the switch to living in a three-bedroom tiny house?
  • Which three-bedroom tiny house design will work best for you and the people you live with?
  1. It is my dream to own a home and raise my two children in it. How do I start serious planning to make our dream come true

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      Best of luck with making your dream come true and starting your tiny life!

  2. I chose the ” The Charme” 3br tiny house I really liked the layout and I will still be able enjoy it without feeling cramped up.

  3. How much is your tinyhomes ?

  4. Is it possible to get a loan to build your own tiny house? If so, how can I do this? W e live in Missouri close to the Kansas City area. My ultimate goal is to stop renting and get into a home that is for my kids and I. I am tired of paying for something that is not mine. Can I have someone help guide me and help me plan to get this dream started? I want to eventually buy land and homestead somewhere but I am not sure if I am ready to relocate my job. Guidance please. I feel lost in all of this but the more I keep researching the more excited and scared I become. Pleas help.

  5. What are the prices and do they qualify for loans?

  6. How much would this cost to build (The Tumbleweed B-53)?

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