Four Bedroom Tiny Houses To Inspire Your Design

four bedroom tiny houses


Tiny houses have made a name for themselves by breaking the mold of what a house is, and because what defines a tiny house is always changing, there are some great four-bedroom options popping up. When I first started working on tiny houses, people were building smaller than they are today. The largest one I saw back then was about 150 square feet built on an 18-foot trailer. Now, people are creating larger tiny houses to accommodate entire families, including two, three, and four bedrooms on up to 30-plus foot trailers.

All that to say, moving your family of four or more into a tiny house is more normal and attainable than ever before. It makes sense to wonder if a tiny house will offer enough space to feel like a traditional home, but I would say you can comfortably live in a tiny house with more people given the right design.

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Tiny houses aren’t just for singles or couples. With careful planning, consideration of your lifestyle, and a thoughtful use of space, a tiny home can be just as livable and functional for an entire family as any other type of house.
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Four bedrooms too many? Explore these options to find the floorplan for you:

two bedroom tiny houses
three bedroom tiny houses
tiny house office and bedrooms

Can You Build A Four Bedroom Tiny House?

Can You Build A Four Bedroom Tiny House

Thanks to a constantly changing landscape, tiny homes are no longer limited to a particular set of dimensions. Families that are looking to escape the rat race and create simpler lives for themselves and their children are successfully building two bedroom, three bedroom, or a bedroom plus office tiny house.

At the end of the day, the tiny house lifestyle is more about intentional living than building a certain size house. It’s about living minimally and making the most of your space.

So while building a four-bedroom tiny house is doable, creating the house that works for you will take a lot of planning. Tiny house living may not be defined by size alone, but maximizing space is still part of what makes the lifestyle work.

Before you even start looking at floorplans, I suggest thinking through the goals you have for your house. If you plan to permanently live in your tiny house, what features should it have? Make a list of needs your tiny house must accommodate. You might consider:


  • Do your children need their own rooms?
  • How many bathrooms will you need?
  • Will you need more than one shower?
  • What appliances does your kitchen need?
  • Do you need a washer and dryer?
  • Do you want an outdoor space?
  • Do you need a TV? Multiple TVs?
  • Where will kids play and do homework?

Write down your needs at the beginning of the process to decipher the design for your tiny home that will work best for you and your family. This will help guide you in ruling out non-functional floor plans right away.

how to design a tiny house

Is Living In A Tiny House Full Time Worth It For A Family?

Is Living In A Tiny House Full Time Worth It For A Family

Choosing to raise your family in a tiny house is a big decision. You want to be sure that taking this step is really what you want. One of the first things I learned when starting my tiny house journey was to take time to research, but eventually you’re going to need to make a gut decision and go with it.

I knew the switch to tiny living would come with sacrifices, but after being laid off from my first “career” job, it was a risk I decided to take. It took me four years of saving and 1.5 years of building to make my dream of creating my first tiny house a reality. I had never built anything before and was the last person you’d expect to be building their own house. I worked in HR during the day and assembled my tiny house at night. But I haven’t once regretted following my instincts.

Making the shift to tiny living changed my life and opened up a lot of possibilities for me. It gave me more financial freedom, control of my own time, and significantly less stress. I believe this lifestyle will give you and your family these benefits too.

Can You Raise A Family Of Four In A Tiny House?

Can You Raise A Family Of Four In A Tiny House

It is absolutely possible to raise a family in a tiny home. Once you’ve decided to make the switch to tiny living, take a look at that list you made earlier and consider the needs specific to your family. There are many features that can make your tiny house a comfortable and practical home for your family.

Adding More Beds To A Tiny House

Adding More Beds To A Tiny House

One of the first things to consider is where everyone will sleep. Options for adding more beds might include:

Lofting your bed

tiny house loft bedroom
tiny house bedroom loft

Adding bunk beds

bunk beds in a tiny house
tiny house bunk beds

Adding a murphy bed

murphy bed in a tiny house
tiny home murphy bed

Adding a trundle or roll out bed

trundle bed
tiny house bed hideaway

Making the living room couch a pull-out bed

couch bed
couch bed in tiny house

Adding an enclosed bedroom space

tiny house enclosed bedroom
enclosed bedroom in tiny home

Ideas For Raising Kids In A Tiny House

Ideas For Raising Kids In A Tiny House

Kids have their own set of unique needs so it’s important to consider the lifestyle of your family to figure out what features might be helpful for your children. There are many creative concepts to make room for your kids to do their homework, store their stuff, and have ample space to play.

Some tips for kids’ spaces might include:

Creating a homework nook

homework nook in tiny house
tiny house home office ideas

Creating a fold-down or slide-out craft table

fold down table in tiny house
pull out table in tiny house

Creating a bookshelf in a sidewall

book storage ideas for small spaces
book storage ideas small room

Adding storage under bench seats or pull-outs under the bed

bench seat storage for a tiny house
bench seat storage tiny house

Separate “Kids Rooms” by having multiple lofts

loft bedroom in tiny home
tiny house kids bedroom loft

Adding cubbies in the wall to store toys, books, and games

tiny house loft furnishing and storage
shoes and clothes closet in small house

Using a loft space as a playroom

closet in loft of tiny house
tiny house loft space

Ideas For Raising A Baby In A Tiny Home

Ideas For Raising A Baby In A Tiny Home

If you have or are planning to have a baby, raising your little one in your tiny house comes with an entirely different set of needs. You will need baby-proof spaces that keep your child safe, a place for them to sleep, and storage for your baby necessities.

Features to accommodate your little one

A crib that sits parallel to the master bedcrib that sits parallel to master bed

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A changing table that folds out from the sidewallfold down changing table

Image Source –

A woven rope wall off the loft to keep your baby safewoven rope wall in tiny house loft

Image Source –

Compact items like a collapsible bathtub or mini cribtiny house couch storage as mini crib

Image Source –

Making Room For Kitchen, Bathroom, And Laundry Needs

Making Room For Kitchen Bathroom And Laundry Needs

Deciding to make your full-time home a tiny house means you need to accommodate the daily life of your family. There are several ways to make sure your tiny home fits your family’s day to day, so it’s important to think through what your needs are and design a space that’s right for you.

tiny house kitchen ideas
tiny house bathrooms

What Type Of Tiny House Is Right For My Family?

What Type Of Tiny House Is Right For My Family

Now that you’ve considered the features you want to include in your tiny house, it’s time to consider the size and design that is right for your family. There are several roomier options that can work for you.

tiny house plans for families

4BR Tiny House On Foundation

Four Bedroom Tiny House On Foundation

If you’re looking for a more stationary setup for your family, you can easily stick with a more traditional small house. These homes don’t come on wheels and are set up on a solid foundation, which is usually more palatable to code enforcement and means you aren’t restricted to a trailer footprint.

Incorporating the adaptable features I mentioned before can make these traditional tiny homes work for families with two to five kids. A major benefit of having a stationary home is that you can create a deck or a small yard. You can even open your living space up to that outdoor space for easy access and an extended living area.

four bedroom tiny house interior
tiny house foundation

4 Bedroom Tiny House On Wheels

Four Bedroom Tiny House On Wheels

If you’re looking for a tiny house that can travel, consider mounting your home on wheels. There are lots of benefits to building a tiny home on wheels. Not only can you take your trailer on road trips with the entire family, but you also have locational freedom. You don’t necessarily have to commit to the land you originally built your tiny house on. You have the ability to move your home later if, for example, you change jobs and need to relocate.

If you want to make your tiny house mobile but don’t want to sacrifice the outdoor space, consider building a rooftop deck on top of your trailer.

four bedroom tiny house on wheels

Four-Bedroom Tiny House Design Inspiration

Four-Bedroom Tiny House Design Inspiration

A great example of a tiny house design that can easily work for a family with up to three kids is the NestPod model from Tiny House Scotland. This design is set on wheels making it ideal for family travel. It includes stairs that lead to a lofted king size bed with skylights on each side, two short side tables, shelves, wooden rods for hanging clothes, and wire baskets for extra storage.

Additionally, there is a kids’ room with a ladder leading to three stacked bunk beds. There are drawers for games or toys underneath the bottom bunk bed, as well as a movable shelf positioned under the head of the second bunk. The kitchen is on the ground floor and contains drawers, cabinets, a sink, a full dishwasher, and wall space for a refrigerator.

The bathroom includes a tub and shower with a removable head, a sink, a toilet, under-cabinet storage, and hooks above the window for towels or clothes. Overall, the NestPod is a functional and cozy space for a family with three kids to live and travel in.

nestpod tiny house scotland
nestpod tiny home
tiny house scotland nestpod kitchen
tiny house scotland nestpod bathroom
tiny house scotland interior living space
nestpod tiny house interior
tiny house scotland nestpod loft
nestpod loft bedroom
tiny house scotland nestpod bedroom
tiny house scotland bunkroom
tiny house scotland nestpod kitchen
tiny house scotland nestpod loft

Check out the NestPod that you can buy from Tiny House Scotland.

Other 4 Bedroom Tiny House Design Inspirations

Other 4 Bedroom Tiny House Design Inspirations

Here are some great examples of larger tiny houses built for more people.

four bedroom tiny house
loft space in four bedroom tiny home
tiny home four bedroom ideas
tiny house bunk beds for four kids
tiny house with up to four bedrooms
four bedroom tiny home design
tiny house gooseneck trailer with four bedrooms
tiny house on wheels with 4 bedrooms
four bed tiny house on wheels ideas
tiny house interior
tiny house bedroom design ideas
tiny home bedroom furnishings

How To Design Your Four-Bedroom Tiny House

How To Design Your Four-Bedroom Tiny House

If you do choose to build and design your own four-bedroom tiny house, you’re going to want a floorplan that fits your family. Check out these options:


Two-Story For Family With Two Kids And Guest

Two-Story For Family With Two Kids And Guest

2 story tiny house floorplans for family with two kids

This floorplan is nice for families with two kids who want to host the occasional guest. The plan allows for two kids’ rooms — one on the loft and one on the ground floor. It also includes a full dining and kitchen area, home office, and a full-size fold-out bed for guests.

Two-Story For Family With Four Kids

Two-Story For Family With Four Kids

tiny house floorplan for family with 4 kids

This floorplan is unique in that it can house families with up to four kids. The layout includes three kids’ rooms (one with two twin beds) and a master, plus a combined living and dining room with a TV and washer and dryer nook.

Two-Story With Two Queens, One Twin + Fold-Out Couch

Two-Story With Two Queens One Twin and Fold-Out Couch

2 story tiny house with 2 queen beds

This floorplan has two larger bedrooms with queen beds and one twin bed, as well as a full-size fold-out bed. This setup is perfect for families who want to have multiple relatives in town at one time. It also has space for a living room, kitchen, dining area, and bathroom.

Two-Story With One Queen, Two Twins + Fold-Out Couch

Two-Story With One Queen Two Twins and Fold-Out Couch

tiny house with four beds

This floorplan has a master bedroom as well as two twin bedrooms. This layout is great for a family with two kids or a family with one kid who wants to host the occasional guest. It also includes a kitchen and living room with stairs to the loft.

Two-Story With Two Queens (One Fold Out) + Two Twins

Two-Story With Two Queens plus Two Twins

tiny house floorplan with queen bed and twin beds

This floorplan has two queen beds (one from the fold-out couch) as well as two twin bedrooms. It includes a full dining and kitchen space as well as a corner bathroom positioned for optimal space usage.

Two-Story For Family With Three Kids And One Guest

Two-Story For Family With Three Kids And One Guest

two story tiny house for family and guest

This setup is unique because it has space for a family with three kids, placing two of the twin beds separated by a wall and one in its own room. This plan has a particularly spacious kitchen and living room as well as a washer and dryer.

how to design a tiny house

How Much Does A 4 Bedroom Tiny Home Cost?

How Much Does A 4 Bedroom Tiny Home Cost

The average tiny home will typically cost you between $30,000 and $40,000 dollars, but a four-bedroom tiny house will cost a bit more, at around $50,000 to $60,000 if you build it yourself; if you hire someone to build it for you, double that number. That’s a lot of money if you’re a family on a budget, so you might consider different options for paying for your home.

One option is to finance directly through RV-certified tiny house builders. In terms of housing, tiny houses are categorically similar to RVs. Many major tiny house builders will work with lenders to offer a financial plan that makes sense for them. Oftentimes that means a 15- to 20-percent down payment.

The best payment plan for you and your family will largely depend on your budget, income, financial goals, and pre-existing assets.

how much does a tiny house cost cta

Your Turn!

  • What features will you need to include in your family’s tiny house?
  • Why do you feel like living tiny is right for your family?
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