Tiny House Kitchen Storage: Every Space Has A Purpose

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The kitchen is often called the heart of the home, and that’s true no matter the size of your home. Whether you have an off-grid kitchen, like me, or a traditionally powered one, the kitchen in a tiny house is as important as in any other house, designed to support daily life.

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Hi, I’m Ryan

As a minimalist who’s lived in a tiny home for over a decade, I’ve gotten to the point where my kitchen storage is a well-oiled machine. Every nook and cranny serves a purpose, maximizing my storage in a truly tiny space.

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The Trouble With Tiny House Kitchen Storage

The Trouble With Tiny House Kitchen Storage

Planning storage for your tiny house kitchen can feel tricky at first. After all, you’re not working with much space, and it’s got to deliver a lot! More than maybe any other area of your home, the kitchen is a place where you’ve got to find or create homes for many small, frequently used things.

ryans tiny house kitchenTiny house kitchen storage shouldn’t be hard — on the contrary, it can be quite fun. When I creatively designed my space to accommodate all the supplies and tools I needed, I felt victorious! Spend some time looking at how others have done it and gathering inspiration.

When I designed my tiny house kitchen, I wanted to create a space where I could comfortably cook and enjoy meals with my girlfriend, while still having the storage space to keep everything I need on hand.

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Purge And Declutter Before You Start Organizing Storage

Purge And Declutter Before You Start Organizing Storage

There are a lot of creative ways to add storage to a blank slate. But before you think about installing or building kitchen storage in your tiny house, it’s important to think about what you really need.

declutter before organizing tiny house kitchenThe good news is that many have gone before you, and you can use their experiences to guide you as you sort through kitchen essentials and start organizing.

I usually begin by taking inventory of all the items in my kitchen and apply the reliable logic that most minimalists use to declutter. I’ve collected some tips on decluttering room by room, starting with the kitchen. Remove the items that you don’t need or want and then start thinking about organizing what’s left. Reminding myself of places to pass on decluttered items always helps me keep up the momentum.

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Maximize Tight Spaces With Cabinets And Cupboards

Maximize Tight Spaces With Cabinets And Cupboards

Tiny house storage has limitations that larger homes don’t have. When I designed my own tiny house, I had to do a lot of research since there wasn’t a ton of information out there at the time. Now that it’s built, I’ve collected some of the top considerations to keep in mind when designing your space.

cupboards with sliding pull-outsIf you’re reading this before you start building, you can design the space to meet your unique needs. Even if you’re not, though, you can still make some design tweaks.

When it comes to tiny house kitchen storage, sometimes corners get neglected. But cabinets and cupboards are the powerhouse of your tiny house kitchen storage and can actually make corners home for a lot of stuff.

Cupboards with sliding pull-outs are a great way to make use of otherwise dead space. The small blueprint these tucked-away storage spaces take up mean that they are a great way to hold several things that would have otherwise cluttered up a countertop.

Strategically Shaped Cabinets

When I designed my tiny house kitchen , I thought of it as a puzzle. What is the available amount of space, and what will fit in there? Sometimes, space as small as a few inches across can be used wisely. For example, a custom-shaped cupboard could be nestled under a staircase to maximize awkward space.
Strategically Shaped Cabinets

Under-Stair Cupboards

I love multi-level tiny houses because the space under the stairs can be put to great use. This is one area where you can let your imagination run wild. Think about your stair structure and how you can make the most of the space under the stairs as kitchen storage. Concepts can even be combined in the same stairway — with fully functional doors that open and cubbies with lids that you reach into.
Under Stair Cupboards

L-Shaped Cupboards Make The Most Of Floor Space

Tiny house kitchen storage often makes use of unique structures not often found in larger, more traditional homes. L-shaped cupboards tucked into corners are a great way to make use of a deep space. A rotating interior rack, or lazy Susan, will ensure that even the items stored in the rear of the compartment remain easily accessible.
lazy susan cabinet storage

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Add Kitchen Storage With Drawer Space

Add Kitchen Storage With Drawer Space

I make use of drawers in my tiny house kitchen. The sliding nature of drawers can make things available quickly, but help them vanish just as quickly, keeping your space uncluttered.

Drawer storage is a great choice for items like cleaning supplies that are used regularly but not constantly. With my cleaning supplies, I want them to be easily accessible, but not in my face.

drawers in my tiny house kitchen

Hideaway Kitchen Storage

Kitchen storage must meet the unique challenge of keeping things to be close at hand, but out of sight when not in use. Hideaway kitchen storage solutions are a great choice for things like baking sheets, pan liners, and muffin tins.

These are not items that I use every day, but when I need them, I don’t want to have to dig around for them. Having my cooking tools in a place that’s easy to slide open and closed is crucial.

kitchen hideaway storage drawers

Dividers And Drawer Organization

Dividers are another great element of kitchen storage that makes the space work for you, not the other way around. While this may seem counterintuitive since dividers take up space that could be used for other things, it actually saves me time to have the key items I need arranged in an easy, accessible way.

One of the key benefits of minimalism, at least for me, is efficiency. Transferring to uniform containers is a way that many tiny home dwellers successfully organize their spice collection and other kitchen staples.

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Find The Best Use For Kitchen Shelving And Countertop Storage

Find The Best Use For Kitchen Shelving And Countertop Storage

In a tiny house, efficient storage becomes a little easier if you identify your daily habits and design your kitchen to support those daily habits. To me, shelving is one of the most interesting ways to get creative with tiny house kitchen storage. With just a few tools and a little ingenuity, shelving can turn dead space into a storage powerhouse. By building a shelf in a place that previously offered no storage, your kitchen storage space is multiplied.

tiny house kitchen storage space
tiny house kitchen shelves

Floating Kitchen Shelves

A couple of floating shelves, just a few inches wide, will keep your space feeling airy and open while also ensuring your most-used ingredients remain close at hand for efficient food prep. Open shelving like this takes advantage of wall space that’d otherwise go unused or wasted and gives you the chance to show off your favorite mugs or other kitchen essentials with pizzazz.

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Overhead Tiny Kitchen Storage

Through my years of living in a tiny home, I know it’s important not to neglect higher up space. I’d start by designing these spaces so that the average adult can reach frequently used items.

The level(s) beyond that can be a fitting solution for items not used every day, which a compact step stool can help to reach if necessary. This frees up kitchen countertop storage for only the most used items, removing clutter for daily essential activities.

Overhead Tiny House Kitchen Storage

Unique Storage Ideas To Try In Your Tiny House Kitchen

Unique Storage Ideas To Try In Your Tiny House Kitchen

After looking at images of tiny house kitchen storage solutions, I find that the wheels start turning in my head. I start looking at my space with fresh eyes, wondering if I’ve really designed the space in the best way, or if a minor modification could improve my day-to-day routine.
tiny house kitchen unique storage ideas

Magnetic Storage

Building a tiny home made me think about space in ways I never had. I started to question the way I had done everything before. Even with storage formats you think you know well, there’s always a new way to get creative.

For example, people have long used magnetic storage for things like knives, but what about using jars with magnetic tops that stick to an overhead shelf to keep dry goods or spices close at hand?

jars with magnetic tops

Pegboards, Wall-Mounts, And Baskets

With tiny house kitchen storage, walls are an area that must not be neglected. In addition to the walls of the room itself, the walls and doors of cabinets are highly useful locations. Mounting clear storage baskets on a cupboard door is a great way to store odd items which may not have a more logical location.

The real benefit of using these kinds of modular solutions is that they’re typically easy to adjust, based on your changing needs. Say a shelf on a pegboard wall isn’t tall enough to store your new food jars? Just move it down a couple notches.

wall mount kitchen storage

Customized Tiny House Kitchen Storage

Choosing custom-designed shelving is a great way to add some character to tiny house kitchen storage. Without taking up any extra space, a piece of rough-hewn natural wood offers the same amount of utility with a bit of extra character. Slim custom shelves can be a way to use salvaged materials and minimize waste while prioritizing functionality.
custom design kitchen storage

Hanging Storage

I don’t think this can be overstated: think outside the box! Choosing a tiny home life is already making a less conventional choice, so coming up with clever kitchen storage ideas is a necessity. Hanging baskets are one way to store produce, especially for gardeners when it’s harvest time.

Repurposing common household items can also be a game-changer — like a bathroom towel rack becoming a way to store your pots and pans on the side of a counter or island. Hanging hooks from the ceiling, or a rack mounted on the ceiling, is also a common solution for storing cookware. It’s very effective and installation is a breeze.


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Storage Solutions For Specific Items In A Tiny House Kitchen

Storage Solutions For Specific Items In A Tiny House Kitchen

I know that my kitchen storage needs might vary slightly from yours, since everyone has food preferences and cooking styles unique to them. No two households are the same. Keeping this in mind, there are some categories of items that you’ll need to address in your own way.

Trash And Recycling Bins

There are some items that I really want to keep out of sight but easily accessible. Waste receptacles definitely fit into that category. As a minimalist working toward a zero-waste lifestyle, I try to reduce the waste I create, and don’t need massive receptacles for trash. I find that a slide-out storage space that can accommodate multiple small bins is a great choice for these items. This way, I have containers for my waste and recyclables in the same location.
trash bin cabinet storage

Spices And Sauces

For items that I use frequently while cooking like spices, oils, and vinegars, a simple solution, such as small racks on a cupboard door, is a way to add storage without having to build something totally new.
spice rack storage ideas

Oddly Shaped Items

Cleaning supplies and tools are one class of objects where it can be hard to keep them all in one space. Some items are small and stackable, while others are large and bulky.

The way I like to address storing supplies like these is to assign one closet or cupboard to the storage of all cleaning supplies. Use hooks and racks to put the walls and floor of the space to work, while brooms and mops can be stood up, spanning the entirety of the space.

Oddly shaped goods like wine, cider, and beer, don’t need to take up a lot of space. A series of cubbies is a simple yet effective solution in any kitchen storage concept, which can be placed in an easy-to-access, innocuous location, such as above a sink or counter.

broom closet storage space

Broom and Cleaning Supply Storage Closet

wine storage cubbies

Wine Storage Cubbies

Kitchen Towel Storage In Your Tiny House

Kitchen storage usually needs to include an area for things like towels. Towel storage can take a lot of forms, from a hanging rack to easily moved suction hooks to piles neatly in a drawer. Mountable silicone buckle holders are a new storage method that keeps a towel secure when you aren’t using it, while still letting it dry.

Ideas For Tiny House Kitchen Utensil Storage

I love the way I designed my kitchen, but I tell everyone: tiny house kitchen storage should be adjusted to meet the needs of each homeowner. Utensil storage is one of those areas with a lot of flexibility.

Some cooks need an array of tools for different kinds of recipes, while others rely on just a couple of versatile implements. Consider a rack with different sized notches where you can hang utensils, short rods on a peg board, or hooks underneath a cabinet or shelf.

Tiny House Kitchen Utensil Storage

Tiny House Kitchen Food Storage Ideas

I find that food storage solutions differ a bit from tiny home to tiny home. Homesteaders with large gardens will have a need to keep larger quantities of different fresh foods, as well as what they are able to store for future use. Those with more of a prepping mindset will rely on flat or sliding places to keep quantities of dry or canned goods and long-term storage containers.

Tiny House Kitchen Food Storage IdeasEven if you’re not storing for the long-term, I’ve found that transferring food from the original packaging to uniform, airtight containers creates a minimal, tidy storage system with the added benefit of letting you see exactly what you have at any given time. These containers are also a great way to store dehydrated foods.

When it comes to storing nonperishables, kitchen food storage solutions that are adaptable are the best bet. A cupboard featuring internal trays or baskets that slide in and out is useful for a couple of reasons: it keeps the food close at hand and easily accessible, while also keeping it protected from light, heat, and pests.

Because I took the time to set up my tiny house kitchen in a streamlined and organized way, prepping food is a breeze. Remember that when the world is full of messages to the contrary, a simple lifestyle approach, a little planning, and creative organization solutions go a long way to creating a more peaceful and functional home.

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