25 Unique Places To Donate Your Decluttered Items

Places To Donate Your Decluttered Items


Finding a place to donate items after decluttering can take a lot of brainpower, something you may not have much of after you’ve just given all your energy to downsizing. Luckily, there are actually tons of services both locally and worldwide that take donations and can make use of the things you don’t need anymore. You just have to know where to look!

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As an avid minimalist who likes to keep things in order, I go through my decluttering regimen fairly often. Over the years, I’ve run into tons of awesome services that take donations of second-hand goods.

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Places To Donate After Decluttering

After spending hours, days, or sometimes even months decluttering my entire house room by room, the last thing I want to do is scour my community for the right place to donate my decluttered items. I am tired, and ready to get my too-small jeans and 30th birthday party decorations out the door quickly!

donating clothesA lot of times, this looks like bringing a box straight to larger, more widely known donation centers like Goodwill, Salvation Army, and other similar services. However, in recent years, some controversy has swarmed around how the profits garnered from their retail locations are allocated.

There have been several studies on the ethics of these groups that call them out for worker exploitation, poor treatment of shelter residents, and using donation money for personal gain. However, I can’t exactly call myself an expert on donation center morality, nor have I dug enough into the controversy to give my honest stance on these big-name centers.

I’ve compiled a list below of 25 services that accept new and used donated goods. If you don’t see anything on the list that makes sense for you, I would suggest doing some research on the local donation and community services that exist in the region and town where you live.

I have, however, taken a lot of time over the last few years to find lesser known, more focused services that take donations. For me, giving my decluttered goods to smaller services that directly benefit a specific in-need demographic has made all the difference in giving purpose to my clutter.
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General Places To Donate Decluttered Items

General Places To Donate Decluttered Items

There are lots of groups that take a wide array of general household goods. This can include clothes, blankets, furniture, kitchen appliances, sports equipment, musical instruments, and much more.


Their Goal: GreenDrop services allow you to drop off or schedule a pickup of your clothing and household donations that are redistributed to many of their local nonprofit and charity partners.

Their Needs: Clothing, shoes, blankets, bedding, tools, collectibles, kitchenware, toys, small appliances, electronics, musical instruments and sporting goods.

Vietnam Veterans Of America

Their Goal: VVA provides Vietnam-era veterans and their families with clothing and household goods.

Their Needs: Clothing, baby items, housewares, electronics, small appliances, tools, and lots more.

Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation

Their Goal: Located in 26 different cities throughout the United States, Big Brothers Big Sisters helps children realize their potential and build their futures through mentorships and, additionally, accepting new and gently used resources.

Their Needs: You can schedule a pickup with BBBS for acceptable items only, which includes knick-knacks, dishware, glassware, pots and pans, toaster ovens, jewelry and accessories, and vinyl record albums.

Give Back Box

Their Goal: With over 66 vendor and charity partners, Give Back Box provides retailers and charities with cardboard boxes that give clothes and household items a second life.

Their Needs: Clothing, shoes, accessories, blankets, household items.

Forgotten Soldiers Outreach

Their Goal: Forgotten Soldiers Outreach provides care packages for deployed U.S. military service members via donations.

Their Needs: Travel-sized toiletries, food and snacks, crew socks, insect repellent wipes, scotch tape, hand warmers, and other approved FSO care package items.

Places To Donate Clothes, Shoes, And Accessories

Places To Donate Clothes Shoes And Accessories

Clothes, shoes, and accessories are some of the first items that I declutter, and I like to make good use of my donations when I’m downsizing my wardrobe. I’ve linked some clothing donation services to look into if you’d like to do the same.


Their Goal: Soles4Souls provides clothes and shoes to many different in-need demographics around the globe.

Their Needs: New and gently used clothing and shoes.

Dress For Success

Their Goal: Dress for success provides over 75 U.S. cities with interview suits and business-casual wear for low-income women.

Their Needs: Women’s suits, blazers, business clothes, footwear, and professional accessories.

The Buy Nothing Project

Their Goal: The Buy Nothing Project connects those giving clothes away with those looking for gently used clothing, free of charge. They span across 28 countries and continents.

Their Needs: Clothing, shoes, accessories, and more.

Sew Much Comfort

Their Goal: Sew Much Comfort provides clothes to wounded men and women in the military.

Their Needs: Flexible, adaptive clothing that easily fit around prosthetics, including basketball shorts, boxers, T-shirts, sweatshirts, yoga pants, loungewear, PJs, and twill, flannel, and woven shirting fabric.


Their Goal: Freecycle is an online interactive forum where you can post items you wish to donate as well as claim others items, all for free. You can join in at multiple locations across the U.S.

Their Needs: Clothing, shoes, accessories, and more.

Where To Donate Decluttered Phones, Laptops, And Electronics

Where To Donate Phones Laptops And Electronics

In our digitally run world, it’s hard to stay connected and up to speed without electronics. These services take second-hand electronics and repurpose them to serve those in need.

World Computer Exchange

Their Goal: The World Computer Exchange provides developing communities, schools, and libraries with used technology and computers.

Their Needs: Tablets, eReaders, chargers, smart phones, digital projectors, webcams, digital cameras, camcorders, digital microscopes, laptops, desktops, hard drives, USB thumb drives, and USB hub/multi ports.


Their Goal: Digitunity provides computers and other technology to people with economic disadvantages to empower self-sufficiency in the modern world.

Their Needs: Laptops, desktops, and tablets.

Cell Phones For Soldiers

Their Goal: Cell Phones For Soldiers is a national non-profit organization dedicated to providing phones to active military members.

Their Needs: Used flip phones and smart phones.


Their Goal: AbleGamers provides disabled individuals with gaming equipment to help keep them from feeling socially isolated.

Their Needs: Gaming consoles (PlayStation 4, Xbox X, Nintendo Switch, and more) as well as new and used games for listed consoles.

PCs for People

Their Goal: PCs for People is a national nonprofit that works to get computers and internet into the homes of individuals, families, and nonprofits with low income.

Their Needs: Gently used laptops and PC computers.

Places To Donate Decluttered School, Office, And Craft Supplies

Places To Donate School Office And Craft Supplies

It’s crazy to me how quickly office supplies and craft supplies accumulate in my workspace. There are actually lots of services that take new or gently used supplies and put them to good use in their communities.

Schoolhouse Supplies

Their Goal: Schoolhouse Supplies has created a free store for teachers to access new or reusable school supplies and media in the Portland area.

Their Needs: Backpacks, office supplies, arts and crafts supplies, stationary, classroom media, and other donation items.

The Gray Matters Foundation

Their Goal: The Gray Matters Foundation sends gifts and cards to children with brain tumors, brain tumor survivors, as well as their friends and loved ones.

Their Needs: Postage stamps, blank cards, encouragement themed cards, envelopes, colorful stickers and sticker sheets.

Beads of Courage

Their Goal: Beads of Courage provides innovative Arts-in-Medicine programs for children that are coping with serious illness, their families, and the clinicians who care for them.

Their Needs: Bags of craft beads and wood turned bowls.

Pens for Kids

Their Goal: With locations in Kenya, Tanzania, Denmark, Switzerland, and the UK, Pens for Kids provides new and gently used pens and other supplies to children in need.

Their Needs: Pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, notebooks, and notepads. Pens for Kids asks that you please test your pens before sending to ensure that they work.

Mother Bear Project

Their Goal: The Mother Bear Project is dedicated to gifting a hand-knit or crocheted bear to children affected by HIV/AIDS in developing nations, but need or supplies to do so.

Their Needs: Yarn, knitting needles, PolyFil, postage stamps, packing tape.

Where To Donate Decluttered Books

Where To Donate Decluttered Books

I am certainly a bookworm, so whenever I take the time to truly declutter my bookshelf, I end up with plenty of books that are ready to see their next life. These donation centers take used books and give them to groups who need them.

International Book Project

Their Goal: The International Book Project provides under-served communities across the globe with books to promote literacy.

Their Needs: Textbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, vocational books, and children’s books.

Little Free Library

Their Goal: The Little Free Libraries started back in 2009 and are located in neighborhoods all across the U.S. as a resource for people to swap old books for new ones.

Their Needs: New and gently used books of any reading level or genre.

Darien Book Aid

Their Goal: The goal of Darien Book Aid is to donate hand-selected books to communities in need around the world to improve literacy rates in children.

Their Needs: New and gently used books of all genres and levels.

Bridge of Books Foundation

Their Goal: The Bridge of Books Foundation provides books to children in low-income families through foster family agencies, homeless shelters, and underfunded schools.

Their Needs: New and gently used children’s books, grades K-12.

Books Through Bars

Their Goal: Books Through Bars has been sending free books to incarcerated individuals for over 30 years.

Their Needs: New and used books of many genres. Contact BTB directly before making a donation.

Things to Consider When Looking For Places To Donate

Things to Consider When Looking For Places To Donate

Like I said before, I go through a fairly regular decluttering regimen, so I’ve learned a lot about the most important considerations to keep in mind when undergoing the process. There are a few general rules of thumb I try to keep in mind as I look for places to donate after I’m done decluttering.

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Do You Control Your Clutter Or Does Your Clutter Control You?

Do You Control Your Clutter Or Does Your Clutter Control You

One of the biggest culprits I see over and over, and one that keeps people from being able to donate their clutter, is trying to control the outcome of the donation. So often, I see donors get caught up in wanting to find the perfect donation center and make sure their stuff gets in the exact right hands and is used in the exact right way.

While that is an altruistic goal, to me, it shows that the person hasn’t fully let go of the item. The decluttering process isn’t just about getting rid of the stuff itself, but removing it from your mind and letting it end up wherever it may.

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Will The Donation Center You Choose Take Your Stuff?

Will The Donation Center You Choose Take Your Stuff

While you shouldn’t try to micro-manage exactly where your donated items end up, it’s still important to do a little research to know what the donation center accepts. That way, you know what’s allowed and what isn’t when you get there, and you aren’t wasting anyone’s time.

The best way to make this happen is to just do a simple Google search of the company you’re considering donating to find their website. Typically, donation centers will have a list of accepted items on their website for donators to reference.

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Ask Your Friends And Neighbors What They Need

Ask Your Friends And Neighbors What They Need

While there are tons of great donation centers out there, keep in mind that your neighbors, friends, and family also make great recipients of decluttered items.

Oftentimes when I’m decluttering, I will think of specific people in my life who could benefit from what I’m letting go of. Then. I’ll either ask them if they want the item or gift it to them later on.

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Why Donate Decluttered Items?

Why Donate Decluttered Items

Overall, there are so many resources out there to take your decluttered stuff that it’s hard to make a wrong move. The most important thing to keep in mind is the reason why giving your things a second life is so important.

It’s a surefire way to give back and improve someone else’s life, as well as your own. Not only does donating decluttered goods help improve the lives of others, it is also a valuable way to reduce waste and help out our earth. There are so many reasons donating second-hand items is worth it in the end.

Your Turn!

  • Where do you plan to donate your decluttered items?
  • What items can you declutter and donate to someone in need?

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