The Octagon Tiny House Is At Least 8 Shades of Amazing

Yurts are typically thought of as Mongolian round huts that can easily house a family through the harshest of conditions. But there are a new breed of yurts that appeal to those looking for luxury in a smaller size. One of those is Maui’s ‘Octagon Studio’ at the Aromatherapy Foundation of Maui. How are they different? Unlike the Nomad Yurt the Octagon Tiny house has no wooden bone structure and the roof is made of wood and shingles rather than a roof covering with a compression ring to keep it tight. In fact,  the one room yurt in Maui is more of a cottage or tiny house or even a studio than a true yurt. No matter though as it The provides guests with a charming accommodation and an incredible opportunity to get away and escape from reality. Coupled with sensational views from each window the beautiful wooden house is nothing short of relaxing and rejuvenating.

Yurt 1The cabin, if you will, accommodates 2 people in a 1 bedroom/1 bathroom setup. The bedroom features wood ceilings, a wooden bed frame, nature inspired linens, wood flooring, and an incomparable set of floor to ceiling windows that overlook beautiful fragrant and edible gardens. In addition the bedroom has drapes that surround the bed acting as more than mosquito repellants but rather as privacy curtains from anyone passing by in the gardens and potentially looking in.

Yurt 2While the studio cabin is in a rather remote location removed from society it does has electrical outlets, WiFi, a pool, and a hot tub. It also feature a small kitchenette that allows for food preparation and basic sustenance. It includes a small fridge, a 4-burner range, and a small sink. But with so many exotic fruits and vegetables as well as native meals available cooking may be the last thing on the mind of someone in Makawao (the Upcountry where the studio is located).

Yurt 3As with all houses though – small or large – the room most asked about is the bathroom and this Octagon does not fall short.

Yurt 4With appears to be stained and finished Oak the bathroom is spacious with its almost overly-exposed views. The only thing separating the person bathing and Mother Nature is glass and some beautiful white drapes. It allows for a true natural feel with access to unlimited hot water, great water pressure, and rainfall pressure.

NOTE: The Octagon Studio is located in the beautiful area of Olinda just a few miles above the quaint cowboy town of Makawao. The air at three-thousand feet is fresh and vibrant and the pine and eucalyptus forest above the house provide great hikes and adventures. The cottage is located on an aromatic farm and the mesmerizing scent of rose geranium and lavender is always present. A beautiful 20 minute drive down the hill will bring you to Baldwin Beach near Paia for swimming and beach time and two miles north of Paia are the famous windsurfing and kite-surfing beaches of Hookipa. Both Makawao and Paia provide excellent shopping and dining experiences.

Your Turn!

  • This studio brings up the question of how small is too small? Could you live in this size space?
  • Do you like all the floor-to-ceiling windows?



  1. Can we buy the plans for this cute Octagon cabin???

  2. What is the price range for the Octagon house?


  3. i love it and yes I could live in it

  4. Love this looks, I’m not sure about the practalitty of it but would love to take a look at it, what is the footage? I would like to simplify!

  5. Hello, I love the Octagon, with is the sq footage and what is the name of the builder and do they build in the United States…I’m very interested.

    • Am interested in details in reference to Octagon home. Can this be built on property? Is it pre-fab? Square footage? Cost?

      Thanks for any and all info?

  6. I don’t know if this is the producer for this particular dwelling, but here is a link to Multi-Facetted Homes on the Big Island:

  7. Thanks for the post. I am building one quite similar to this with a bedroom loft above. now I can show people what it will look like.
    Mine will be 22ft, with a 12ft loft. The kitchen will be: under cabinet dbl. fridge with 2 burner electric mounted in a drawer, and a convection speed microwave and sink that will all be inclosed in a wall unit / bar, to hide it when not in use. open to the main room, but won’t see the kitchen till it’s doors are opened up. Love the bathroom! I may need to modify. Also will be elevated 12ft with deck underneath, extending right to the river’s edge.
    Look for “The Acorn House” coming soon.

    • Hi i’m looking at building a house like this and was browsing the internet for inspiration. Have you finished building your house yet / posted any pictures?

  8. What are the prices on the Mongolian & Octagon?

  9. Somewhat deceptive to show and octagon house yet only provide options for square homes. Not impressed!
    I will look else where, was thinking of buying some plans from your site but you don’t have what you show.

  10. Catfishing.. yes indeed. Catfishing watch these people babble over what they cant have… oh catfishing the day awawyyyy

  11. I’d like to know cost plus the addition of a bedroom/ small kid area

  12. Nice.

  13. What are the dimensions of this floor plan? We have a 10×10 ft space available for a 10ft Octagonal tiny house.

    thank you for replying!

  14. Hi

    I want to build an eight sided tiny house, looking for plans and ideas, any suggestions?

    Thank you


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