Ten Essential Kitchen Solutions for Tiny Houses

We demand a lot from our kitchens, no matter what size house they’re in. This fact is magnified even more in a tiny house, where storage and surface area are at a premium. But if you live in a tiny house, you don’t have to give up your cooking dreams just yet! Luckily for you, the Internet is a magical place with space-saving solutions to be found left and right. I gathered my ten favorite kitchen solutions in this post to share with you today. Links and images will take you to the web pages where you can buy each item. Here they are, in no particular order.

  1. Slide-out Trash & Recycling Bins


I know that I always forget to add in space for trash and recycling when I’m drawing up tiny house plans. It’s so easy to forget! Take advantage of the full depth of counter space in your tiny house kitchen with a slide-out cabinet for your bins.

2. A Hanging Rail for Utensils6f28eac04d33428d14818b984029f083

Everyone has a crock on their kitchen counter stuffed with cooking utensils – save some real estate by hanging them from a rail with S-hooks. The Grundtal, while being a great name for a disgruntled bridge troll, is actually a rail system from IKEA that is affordable and very popular in tiny houses.

3. A Hanging Dish Rack and Paper Towel Holder


Continuing the vertical storage theme, we have a wall-mounted dish rack and matching paper towel holder. The dish rack can hang right above your sink for drainage, and is pretty enough to store your plates and cups on all the time. Plus, I’m of the mindset that a touch of gold here and there makes any space better.

4. Over-the-Sink Cutting Board with Strainer


I think this one is just so cool. Not only does the cutting board extend your counter space over your sink, you can slide your vegetables right into the strainer for rinsing. Genius!

5. Vertical Dividers for Flat Items


Even if you rarely cook, you know the pure misery of stacking and re-stacking cookie sheets, muffin tins, or cutting boards to find the one you want. Storing them on their sides with vertical dividers solves this problem handily. The photo above shows how you can use simple tension curtain rods as dividers, or you can buy a divider made just for this purpose.

6. Square-Shaped Storage Containers


Circular objects are a space-saver’s nightmare. These square-based storage containers, however, come in all sizes and stack up neatly in your pantry or fridge. Very important if your fridge is particularly tiny!

7. Collapsible Silicone Measuring Cups and Spoons


I have these in my own kitchen and I love them. I can store four measuring cups on their sides in my drawer in about 2 inches of space. They’re easy to clean too. There are all sorts of other gadgets that collapse as well – colanders, washing buckets, top hats, and more. Okay, so no one really needs a collapsible top hat in their kitchen.

(Note: it appears that the cups pictured above are discontinued, so the link will take you to a similar item you can buy from Amazon.)

8. Adjustable Measuring Spoons


I personally like having multiple measuring cups and spoons if I’m measuring several ingredients at once. But if you think having too many gadgets is a hassle, this adjustable measuring spoon could be just the thing for you. Three of these can take the place of eight or nine measuring cups and spoons, which means more space saved in your kitchen drawers.

9. Wire Under-Shelf Baskets


In your kitchen cabinets, there’s often a lot of unused space hovering above your stacked dishes and mugs. Put it to good use and avoid precariously-stacked cups, plates, and bowls with an under-shelf basket. You can find these at the Container Store and other organization specialty stores.

10. Magnetic Spice Containers


These are the best. You can decant your spices into these magnetic tins, and eliminate the mismatched jumble of spice jars cluttering up your pantry. The transparent lids also show you when it’s time to buy more turmeric or tarragon. Line these up on the front of your tiny fridge to put some otherwise unused space to work!

Your Turn!

  • What are some of your favorite space-saving kitchen gadgets?
  • What’s the one kitchen essential that you can’t live without?
  1. I like to keep things contained in stackable lidded bins of various sizes. It cuts down on the number of items you need to move to get at others and lets you take advantage of awkward storage spaces more easily. Also, if you make your own cabinets and don’t want to bother with drawers they make a great substitute. It can be hard to find straight sided containers, you lose storage space with sloping sides. Sometimes office supply places have good options. I don’t have one essential item, but the toaster oven is pretty high on the list, along with the tea kettle. Other than that, a really good knife (with sharpener) and cutting board.

  2. Am I the only one who thinks that #3 is a bad idea. You have a dish rack that you put dripping wet dishes on to dry directly above a roll of paper towel…

    • I thought that, too. Could always put it above the rack.

    • I think the photo is just for illustration and to save space on the page.I thiught the smae thing you did until I realized one could put the dish raack over the sink snd the paper towels in a convenient place.

  3. i bought a bunch of those magnetic spice tins. they look nice, and hang nicely on my refrigerator. the problem is that you twist the lids to open and close them and certain spices – like salt – end up impossible to twist!! i wouldn’t ever buy them again and a looking for another alternative. Bleh!

  4. Re: magnetic spice tins. Most of us purchase spices in jars or cans like McCormicks. It would take several spice tins to empty a jar. Unless you have the availability of bulk spices, this would be cumbersome. Also, for most-used spices (chili powder for me) even one spice tin would not hold enough for one dish. The number of spices shown in the picture is also probably unrealistic. I like lots of spices, but I would say having that many at any one time means some of them are getting old and out of date!

    • What about attaching a bit of magnetic tape to the bottom of a McCormick jar? That way you keep the space to a minimum for those that you don’t use much of.

    • we have over 100 spices in our kitchen and i just switched to the tins, the full mcCormicks spice fits nicely in it, and they look a lot neater, im quite satisfied with it

  5. I have the magnetic tins from World Market, lined up vertically in a little space on the side of my fridge, for spices. I buy most spices in the bulk sections of natural food stores, so I can get exactly the amount that fits. Works great.

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