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One thing I like to say when talking about tiny houses is that it is not a certain square footage that makes a tiny house a tiny house, but a reasonable square footage per occupant.  So that means that for families, a tiny house is going to be getting into the small home category and there is nothing wrong with that, in fact it’s great!  So today I found this beautiful small house the has three bedrooms and two full baths, but still  is reasonable in terms of space and extends living to the outdoors.  The house is under a thousand square feet (not sure exactly) and was built in BC Canada.

front of tiny home

Tiny House interior

Tiny House patio

Tiny House Kitchen

Tiny House living Room

Tiny House Dining Room

Tiny House Patio

Tiny House Bedroom

Tiny House Bathroom


  1. When can I move in? This home is so cute… and the perfect size for my family. LOVE IT!

  2. Could you provide a link so that I might do a little more research on this home?
    Thank you,

  3. Sorry. found your link.

  4. If you don’t mind me sharing… I think I found another source for this home too.

  5. These are lovely, but I must add that nearly every house in my neighborhood is under 1000 sq. ft. They are good old Boise Cascade FHA homes and they are affordable. 2 bd 1 ba 912 sq ft; 3 bd 1 ba 964 sq. ft. Quite liveable.

  6. I love the layout and windows. Something like that but with a little more room away from the neighbors would be perfect.

  7. It appears to be the Whytecliff model with 1180 sq ft. The plan is at Not a bad layout but oddly the “master” bedroom has the smallest closet of the three, about the size of a broom closet.

    • This is what I clicked on, and logographic literature came up, thank you for taking care of this matter!

      Small House Bliss
      3:24 pm on February 7, 2013
      It appears to be the Whytecliff model with 1180 sq ft. The plan is at Not a bad layout but oddly the “master” bedroom has the smallest closet of the three, about the size of a broom closet.

  8. Lovely – though I still don’t understand why you’d need a fridge that size (you can tell I’m European, I suppose!) and my personal preference would be a smaller dishwasher, too, even if all three of my kids were still at home. Minimising follows on in other categories, too!
    If I was building something, this is just what I’d go for, maybe only 2 bed now we’re grandparents: the less to clean, the better 🙂

    • I feel like the small fridges make sense in Europe where there is more of a culture of picking up fresh food every day, walking to a couple of shops after work.
      We live about 20 minutes outside of town in a rural area and our grocery offerings tend to be supermarkets, and some rural farm stands for produce. Plus my children are very young so every stop I make I would have to take all three kids out of the car. There aren’t many options for walking and if I wanted to pick up small amounts of food every day it would mean a lot of driving. We limit the amounts of trips we make to town. For us, the bigger fridge is a necessity. We live in a converted school bus and have the biggest RV fridge we could get and even find that too small.

  9. I really am interested in building a small house under 1,000 sf. Maybe a carport with storage and a breeze way. I need to see plans and desire a large walk-in closet and one bathroom and one powder room. I still want a decent size living dining and kitchen area. Smartly placed washer and dryer and walk in pantry. Is this possible? I also want an office and a bunk room for guests. Am I too demanding? We would like a yard with minimal Care. We are 72 and 74 and of course getting older by the day. Each needs to be able to care for the yard with watering only. We also need this to be one story, no stairs and easy to clean. We live in Texas do not want a basement. I really like what I see in your houses but these are the things workable for us. Also is this possible for around 75 to 80,000 dollars using what low priced products? Thank you so much, Mary

  10. Please will you send a floor plan on this one?

  11. can this be built in florida iam in love with this house please send me linkfor house plans

  12. The house you are looking at in Qualicum Landing is not one of the Tiny Houses. These houses are purchased by the owner and are summer/winter rentals. Nothing about these homes, except for that closet, is little. They are in their own resort by the ocean on Vancouver Island.

    • Perhaps it’s this house?

  13. I am interested in building a small house under 1,000 sf.or as close as possible to that 1000 sq feet. Need a 2 car garage (attached preferably). Need a large walk-in closet and one full bathroom as well as one half bath. 2 bedrooms. We would want a basement because we live in the Mid- West (tornados). Washer and dryer on first floor and walk in pantry. The design of your homes are phenominal! How much for a plan as described? Or any info you could help me with in deciding if this is for my family. What would something like I’ve described cost to build? I am a newbie about all this. Thanks for your time & efforts.

  14. My boyfriend and I have lake property and looking for a 2/3 bedroom 2 bath under 1000 sq ft. Is the floor plan for this house available to look at anywhere?

    • were you able to find the floor plan. please share if so. thanks! /Kasun

  15. Super cute tiny dwelling.

  16. I love this house! Looking to build a guest house next to our cabin, this is perfect. I have been unable to locate the plan when I click on the previous links. Brings me to ad pages, unfortunately. Could you please forward the link to me, ever so grateful!


  17. Is there an actual floor plan for this home?

    Thank you

  18. How do I get floor plans for this home?

  19. Where can I purchase plans for this beautiful house?

  20. Why can’t we see a floor plan?

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