Cozy Couple In A Tiny House


If they can make it there, they can make it anywhere.

Zaarath and Christopher Prokop — and their two cats — live in the smallest apartment in the city, a 175-square-foot “microstudio” in Morningside Heights the couple bought three months ago for $150,000.

At 14.9 feet long and 10 feet wide, it’s about as narrow as a subway car and as claustrophobic as a jail cell. But to the Prokops, it’s a castle.

“When you first see it, the first thing you say is, ‘Holy crap, this place is small,’ ” said Zaarath, 37, an accountant for liquor company Remy Martin. “But when I saw it, all I could think of is, I can do something with this. This is perfect for us. We love it.”

  1. this reminds me of my old apartment! upper west side, same kind of thing. except i was renting. my rent was $700/mo. I can’t imagine forking over all that money and THEN paying $700/mo fees on top of that. primo location though.

    only in new york.

    • I about died when I realized that that $700 dollars wasn’t their mortgage, but their maintenance fees for the month! That’s $8400 a year! That basically a Tiny House, or a good chunk if you are going all out.

  2. That’s pretty impressive and amazing. I congratulate you both on your mimalistic/tidy lifestyle. I feel a little bad about the cats being trapped in a tiny apartment 24 hrs. a day for the rest of their life, but am not judging you, just love animals…at least they have each other…you’re both so creative, maybe you could go more verticle for them with climbing space and runners around the ceiling…there’s neat stuff done for inside cats these days.

  3. For more storage, try pull-out baskets beneath the bed. To sort through a basket, place it on top of the bed or on top of a counter as needed.

  4. Those poor cats

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