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Living the tiny life does not have to mean forgoing those modern comforts and conveniences. Today’s manufacturers are creating some incredibly small, dual-action appliances that can work in a small space and allow modernity and tiny living to go hand in hand. Here are some of my favorites!

The Summit 1.8 Cu. Ft. Combination Washer/Dryer is tiny! At 24″ it could fit right under a counter top, conveniently tucked away. Wherever I lived in my tiny house, I had friends and neighbors who would let me use their washers and dryers but it’s great to be more self-sufficient in your needs and not have to rely on anyone when it comes to doing your laundry. I don’t mind going to the laundry mat but for those folks who want the modern convenience this product could very well meet your needs!

Compact Washer Dryer Combo

I really like the Eva-Dry Mini Dehumidifier for it’s compactness and very low use of electricity. It is practically maintenance free and easy to use. Living in a tiny space that is well-insulated can lead to mold issues, especially around windows, so anything you can do to reduce humidity is helpful to maintaining a healthy environment in your tiny space.

mini dehumidifier

The LG 9000 BTU Energy Star Single Zone Art Cool Mirror Mini-Split is one of many mini-splits out there. It’s boasts the ability to cool, as well as heat, up to 400 sq. feet. I feel that, after living in the South in a tiny house, it is well worth the investment in a mini-split that will save you space, be energy efficient and keep you comfy. This unit also features a dehumidifying mode that will shut off the system before a space gets too cold. Top that off with a built-in air purifier and you’ve got a unit that covers the gamut of air quality and temperature control in a small space.

Mini Air ConditionerSo the Avanti 2 Mini Keg Portable Party Pub is not a necessary item by any means but I really want a kegerator at some point! They are just so fun and drinking beer is a totally different experience when you pull it from a tap! This one can fit 2 mini kegs and even has a shelf to cool your pint glasses! Some people want cappuccino machines, others can’t live without a dishwasher, but I have to admit that if I was going to splurge and get something I totally didn’t need it would be one of these!

Mini  kegerator

The Fagor Energy Star 24 Inch Fully Integrated Refrigerator has a unique system that reduces condensation helping to lower the humidity and eliminating the need to defrost! It’s also energy efficient and at 24″ wide has a neatly compact quality with tons of storage! For the size of the unit, it packs an organizational punch. My next tiny house may very well have one!

Slim Fridge for your Tiny Home

Your Turn!

  • What appliances can’t you do without?
  • Have any favorite mini-appliances to recommend? Please share!


  1. I read the reviews of the Summit 1.8 Cu. Ft. Combination Washer/Dryer on Amazon and it doesn’t seem like it is very reliable and doesn’t work very good at all when it does work. That’s too bad because I was interested in buying one. I guess I’ll keep looking.

    • Hi, I am in Vanc.BC> I have used this w/d machine It is Great. I am not in a tiny house yet this is Definetley on my list. Hard to find in Canada unless youre willing to spend. I May go to a washer/ spin dryer…Just as good, usually the spinner takes out so much water it dries quickly with a little breeze. They are So cheap or given away on craigslist which is where I intend on getting things I need. (keeping costs down) Also gives some humidity to air I find is nice overnite.

    • Combo w/d won’t work well until they make them with the ability to plug the washer into a 110 v plug and the dryer a 220 v plug. Dryers need the extra to get hit enough to dry. But since the w/d is a combo and it’s plugged into a 110. The drying part will take forever. So that is the issue that needs to be resolved. I’m waiting too.

      • They do make one. My lg requires no venting, hooks up to the sink or tub, is full sized and plugs into a regular plugin : ). It does take longer than a regular washer dryer but I love it !

      • Hi everyone,
        Washer dryer combos are very common in Europe. I have used them in London, Paris and Amsterdam. In order to combine them into one unit, the dryer works differently by design. Advantages are they fit in a small space, they don’t get as hot and are therefore safer, you can use a normal plug, and often they don’t need external venting. Apartment dwellers can just plug one in, no questions asked. Most models have a delay start feature allowing you to load it and set it to start while you are away so the dryer is finishing as you arrive home so you can remove clothes immediately and avoid ironing. Used this way the duration of drying is a non issue.

        The perceived cons if you are from the states is that drying takes far longer, and they are often smaller than the huge machines we have here. That’s the compromise friends. But you gain a lot of things too.

  2. I’d have to have them all.

  3. I don’t mind using a laundrymat, it’s driving 41 miles out of my way round-trip to use one that gets annoying. I actually ended up buying more clothes so that I could go longer between laundry trips. I keep looking at compact washer/dryers for one that gets good reviews, but I haven’t seen one yet. If anyone knows of one I would love it if you would share!

    • I love my Panda twin tub washer spin dryer! It is very compact and efficient. You can even recycle the water by washing your lightly soiled whites first and re-using the wash and/or rinse water for progressively soiled clothes. And the spin dryer gets the clothes so dry, they are finished in 5-10 minutes in the dryer. And it is so quiet and compact.

      • Who makes it and where does it come from. Thanks

        • Your comments have made me curious to look into this brand. Yes do tell where you got yours from.

    • Magic chef has a washing machine top load 1.2 cubic ft. One that is amazing It can either be hooked up full time or you can just hook it up to your sink and it goes through every cycle and the clothes come out of it very dry so that all you have to do is basically hang them up and there’s no switching them back and forth from a washer to a ringer and B ack to the washer to put water in to rinse and then back to the ringer again You can get them on for about $239

  4. Most washer/dryer combos are prone to breaking down. Ultimately, a small 24″ washer and line drying clothing is best.


    This is the best little luxury going, in my opinion. It is hard to do dishes from a full meal for two in three gallons of water and get them sanitized, but this will do it, and it does it quietly and efficiently. I have the previous model, and it has held up well for 8 years. No reason to think this one wouldn’t.

  6. I need a counter top dishwasher. Haier used to make one and I loved it but can’t find one.

    • Has a Magic Chef in a Danby one has really great reviews for about $ 239 – 259

  7. we had a high efficiency washer/dryer combo. and we hated it so much. two reasons. it’s nearly impossible to get the clothes really dry because the basket or tub would still be wet from the washing. so our clothes often would be steamed more than dried (and we would still have to hang them to dry). and the clothes would end up being more wringed up too much. that we ended up having to do a lot more ironing to remove the deep creases that the wringer would cause. unlike the standard dryers where ironing would be much much less. more of a nusiance than convenience that we found ourselves saving time by going to a laundromat than to use this compact washer/dryer.

    • The ones that are not vented outsidE aren’t very efficient.
      You have to look for the ones that are vented because Number one it takes too long to dry them.Because there’s no way for the heat to Xscape or moisture to Xscape

  8. Washer/dryer – would it work for RV coach?

    • Yep. You can find them in high end models (this years at least, we’re on the market for a new camper right now) as well as in the RV stores. General Trailer is the mass-store up here in Michigan and they sell one model after stock, don’t recall the brand as it was a month ago we were there.

    • Yes, but I recommend the vented version. I lived on a boat for 7 years and loved mine. My only problem was that it was too small to do our comforter. That we either took to the laundromat or sent to the cleaners. I only needed to do the comforter once a month so that was no problem.

  9. I have to have an ice maker… I just DO.

  10. I don’t know the name of them but our local appliance store carries a brand out of Europe that I covet. It’s not a combo but they are CONSIDERABLY smaller than other units and would take up a lot less space in a tiny home. They aren’t fancy but who cares. Lots less soap, less drying time, less space. But more money. I’m waiting for them to come down in price and then they are mine

  11. I’ve tried to find a taller & thinner refrigerator for a couple of years but when I do find one they are over $2,500! My house is 1000 sq ft but I have a galley kitchen & I hate how my frig sticks out so much. Does anyone know of a frig that doesn’t stick out passed the 24″ counters that’s not so expensive. It’s just me so I don’t need a big one but I want a thin & tall one.

    • I looked online master chef at Home Depot. Found one for $399.00 .

    • Have you tried searching for a counter depth refrigerator? They don’t stick out past the counter. They are slightly more expensive. I bought one a few years ago and it was abut a $500 difference.

  12. Hoe do we get prices for refer

  13. How about small range hoods. I live in a small NYC “apartment” (219 square feet) with a kitchenette – 2 burners but cooking makes the whole place smell. A small (recirculating) range hood wood be awesome. I have searched but it doesn’t seem to exist. Any suggestions?

  14. If or when I make the tiny house leep. I don’t think I can live without a dishwasher, gas stove, and big chopping block.

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