Clever Space Saving Ideas For Small Spaces

The great thing about Pinterest is all the really neat things you find on there, the not so great is you emerge several hours later feeling like only a few minutes have passed.  I found these during my browsing and thought I’d share with you all.  I have created a Pinterest Board here.  Show me your awesome Tiny House and Small Space Pinterest Boards by sharing a link in the comments section!














Show me your awesome Tiny House and Small Space Pinterest Boards by sharing a link in the comments section!


  1. Great space saving ideas on this website. Love your ideas.

  2. That mirror/table combo is nicely designed. We are on Pinterest at We focus on small rather than tiny houses, with boards for cottages and small houses, cabins, floating houses, tree houses, and space saving ideas.
    – Mili

  3. Love your blog! My small home pinterest board is here:

  4. As a small housing enthusiast I find it incredibly frustrating to see threads like this that are just images with no context or information on pricing and availability. I’ve tracked down a lot of really nice ideas like these only to find out that it’s a picture from a design student’s final project or some artist’s mockup and there’s no real product you can buy. If these fantastic ideas are commercially available let’s find and post that information as well so we can help them out. Inversely if they’re not available people will know up front they have to go the DIY route for it.

  5. Tumbleweed Tiny Houses does Pinterest contests regularly: . Lots of inspiration here!

    My pinterest boards are: and .

    Enjoying the blog!

  6. I have a permit and the one acre property where I can build three mini-towers in Hawaii. The structural armatures are on the site and I have conceptual plans for how to finish them as micro mixed use spaces (local commercial with on site living space). Wondering if anyone is interested in taking this set up into completion for the three live-work units. Nothing about the concept or architecture has been done before and I think it is time to shake things up. Looking for a developer to take over the build-out and finish this portion of a mini sustainable community.

  7. Hey. Could I please know where the dining table is from? As in, the company maybe?Thanks.


  9. Love these space saving ideas! These are the best ways to add storage. I am impressed with your work and got some great ideas from your article. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Luv the sawhorse table for 2* Where may I purchase? TY 4 sharing these spacesaving ideas.

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