Today we have a pretty neat small house that comes to us from Bunkie Co.  I find this house really interesting in many ways, first off its form is that of a iconic house, almost in a cartoon figure way.  Second most of it is CNC plywood, meaning its a inexpensive material that is cut with computer guided machine, so it can be rapidly made with great precision.

One really cool feature of this house – and I almost missed this – on the second photo you can see it actually have two Murphy beds.









  1. Hi Ryan,

    Do you have any information;

    a. Availability?
    b. Cost?
    c. Phone numbers?
    d. e-mail address?


    • Check the “via” link at the bottom of the post. Thanks!


  2. Um, love the design, but where’s the loo and the kitchen?

    • Keep in mind it’s just a bunkie which is a guest space. So there’d be no kitchen though a portable loo tucked away in a wall storage area would be a good idea!

  3. I am a huge fan of tiny houses, but this looks sterile, and not cozy at all. It looks like one sterile room.
    The concept might be o.k., but it’s not one of my favorites, at ALL. No charm. Tiny houses should be charming. That’s why i like them.

    • Barb, I agree most tiny homes I like have that charming, old, cottage,feeling. And I’m not a fan of plywood … but looking further into this design I see lots of inovative stuff. The window wall. The Murphy beds. The loft Murphy is a fantastic use of space! The wall with a bookcase and fireplace. I’m thinking with a few changes here and there, this could be made charming and remain a great functional space.

  4. The more I study this design, the more I’m liking its innovations. My favorite design is a 20 X 20 home, it’s be great to adapt this to its size, or it, to the innovations shown here. Could be the best of both worlds. Love the SIPs, and fireplace! Thanks Ryan for sharing this.

  5. I don’t get this. How is this a usable home?

  6. That upper Murphy bed is a great idea for a tiny guest space without having a permanent loft. Good for when the grandkids come over but in the meantime you just have a nice high, open ceiling.

  7. to modern for my taste as well. plus i’d worry about some one any one falling 9 feet to the floor from the upper bed.can’t put a rail then it wouldn’t close into the wall. i’m scared of heights any way. but i still much prefer our tiny cosy homes designed that way.

    • If I make one of these upper Murphy beds it will have strong netting all around for walls when the bed is open.

  8. Have you a cost figure for these houses?

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