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Books are my biggest weakness when it comes to living the tiny life. I love to read and if I could just have a tiny house filled with books, my life would be complete. I got rid of a lot of my books when we moved in to La Casita and while I’m debating getting a Nook or other such tablet, I love the feel of reading a book. I’m not sure I can adapt wholeheartedly to the technological versions of reading. Below are some quirky and creative solutions to the book storage dilemma!

book storage

The ultimate in utility! I wouldn’t even have to get up to grab my favorite novel! I can live with that. Question is can I fit it in the house?

What a great idea for an old ladder! Love re-purposed projects like this. It’s what our tiny house is all about!

Brilliant storage idea for rafter space.


Super fun mod chair. Not the best for storage but I love the design!bookstorage3

 This modern couch could double as a sleeping space on top of being storage. I’m always looking for multiple functions in any piece of furniture for a tiny house.  If I was really going to fulfill my heart’s desire I would ask the public library to let me park in their backyard. That would be he perfect living situation for me!

Your Turn!

  • What do you have the most trouble storing in a tiny house?
  • What have you parted with in order to live the tiny life?
  1. Great fun article. Books and magazines are my passion too. If I could really trust a Kindle or a Nook with my library, I too could go smaller but not so tiny as most of you bloggers have. Thanks for your article.

  2. I love my 7″ Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 for all my books. It is very reliable and both Barnes and Noble’s Nook Reader and Amazon’s Kindle Reader work well on it. I have never lost a book once and both apps let me download all of my books to as many devices as I want. My husband and I share an account on two phones, my tablet, and our computer, no restrictions!

    As far as the hard copies that I can’t bear to part with for sentimental and cost reasons, I have no idea what a tiny house owner would do with as many as I have. Thankfully my husband and I are happy living the small life more than the tiny life and it all fits into one bookcase.

  3. I have dust allergies. As much as I love books, I can’t see holding on to anything but a first edition, a signed copy or some other type of collectors edition. I can’t tell you how many small abodes I’ve seen littered with third rate paperback novels that haven’t been touched or dusted in years. I just don’t understand the logic of holding onto those things.

  4. Yes, I love books. But my kindle takes no space, stays charged forever, is dust free, and has almost everything I could ever want – more in fact. I’ve found free rare editions of classics online that I never would have read in book form. I have ONE SHELF left of my library of over 1000 books. It’s been the best choice of my life. Don’t worry, it will be okay; you can do this.

  5. It is ingenius! I so want that in my tiny home. I have to confess I’m a big bookworm! 🙂

  6. hi wgere i can buy the couch for books i love that idea i have a tiny house, and that will safe a lot space.

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