Basement Conversion To Tiny House

So here is a really interesting Tiny House.  What is so interesting is that the owner wanted to convert the basement area of their house to a self contained home, weather it was a rental property or a place for a teen, I’m not sure.  But they started the entire process by picking the entire house up, scooting it to the side then building the whole basement, finally they replaced the house.  It seems rather a lot of work to get a finished basement, but the original basement was more like a root cellar.

Regardless, I can’t help think that the designer might have take some inspiration from Tiny Houses.  Regardless, I really love the main living area, with a bright interior and a ledge surrounding the room for storage, it looks both functional and comfy.  It is pretty impress that this is a basement!


  1. That is definitely the coolest basement I have seen. I agree with you on the tiny house inspiration too.

  2. it would be nice to have a picture from the outside of the area that holds the bedroom….it obviously must be outside the foot print of the above house.

  3. Very innovative! I guess there is always space to make more space 🙂 !

  4. Never mind the cost !!!

    Many of us could probably build an entire little cosy cabin for the price of that renovation ?

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