270 Square Feet Of Simplicity

There are some really interesting design elements in this house, one of my favorite is the shower, the kitchen is awesome in some ways, but in others I find it lacking.  The house itself is quite flexible in terms of use and has many multifunctional spaces.  I think the highlight of the video is him talking about the quote on his wall: simplicity is one of the most complicated virtues.

  1. It’s great but as a disabled person, those stairs and different levels would kill me. The kitchen would be fine for me – I’m not much of a cook. But I would prefer to have more fridge and freezer space. The bed could be a problem – if you roll over on one side, you have a big drop to the floor. But I like all the storage drawers under it. Wood floor in the bathroom? I’d be worried about mold and mildew in there. But all together, there’s more to like about it than not.

  2. Awesome apartment! Where is it located?

  3. I love the levels of this house. I think that would really make a small space open up.

  4. wonderful place…who makes fridg and dishwasher?
    I agree about the bed?!?! I would come up with something else.

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