180 Square Foot Loft

I found this gem today, it’s a 180 square foot loft apartment that is lived in by two New Yorkers.  The place features a ton of shelves for all their books, a nice looking bathroom, a decent sized kitchen and a small reading and meditation nook.  While there are some modern flairs to this space, the warm wood tones make it feel very cozy and homey.

Tiny Living in NYC

Tiny Living in NYC

Tiny Living in NYC

Tiny Living in NYC

Tiny Living in NYC

Tiny Living in NYC

Tiny Living in NYC

Tiny Living in NYC

Tiny Living in NYC

Tiny Living in NYC

Tiny Living in NYC


  1. Wow, that is a kick ass apartment. Especially the mediation nook and the hidden washing machine.

  2. Holy cow, they figured out a way to neatly fit everything you could want into there, and still allowed natural light to run through the whole place! I’m impressed.

  3. Do you have a floor plan or any room dimensions this is GREAT !!

  4. OMG its beautiful.

  5. I love this! I especially love the way the loft is handles, with the stairs leading up to them, and love the little book nook. I actually have room for a book nook in my apartment, and may try it myself! Thanks for sharing all your photos.

  6. I love how much personality they created in a small place. A small reading nook is such a good idea!

  7. I too would love to see a floorplan. What a wonderful space. It lacks nothing.

  8. the sky is blue. How old are you?

  9. This could be my new favorite tiny house. Love the way it is put together and have a lovely tranquil vibe.

  10. This could be my new favorite tiny house. Love the way it is put together and has a lovely tranquil vibe.

  11. Wow!!! Floorplan Please.

  12. Technically, Barnes & Noble have a smaller Nook. 🙂
    However, this is one tranquil book loft.

  13. i got to hang in this apartment a few weeks back and shot an HGTV episode in it….its actually lived in by one woman, and 235 square feet….still small……a few other articles list it as 180 too. Tim Seggerman is the architect…. Great place! I got to crawl in the book nook too….which has a small secret cubby in the back of it too…..

    • Funny, I was thinking that can’t possible be 180 square feet, because it looks bigger than the tiny homes on wheels in ways that clever furnishings and arrangements alone can’t accomplish. It is gorgeous. Love that book nook. Hidden chamber? YES! It always seems no matter how many pics are provided, there never seem to be enough for me. I want to know every little compartment. Storage obsessed, I am.

      As I’m on that subject, and as you’ve been in there, Deek, are you able to confirm if there are more hidden storage spaces than are shown? Like below the book nook? I ask because often with multi-level set-ups in small places, it appears the various levels end up wasting space, and my own inclination is to use up every single opportunity to store things. Not because I’m a hoarder, but because… well, I’m a crafter, and that’s nearly the same. Minimal is wonderful, and I’m striving for it, but still can’t stop myself thinking “all that wasted space!”

  14. Nice! I’ve tried a lot of small space configurations and if there is one thing I think is true, it’s don’t shirk on the kitchen. So many small places want to maximize space by making the kitchen so small it is basically non-functional and hard to keep organized. I like this design because the kitchen, while small, is functional and open.

    • I’ve love to see the HGTV episode; any info on when it will air? Also, I’d like to know the dimensions of the apartment; I am wondering if it’s adaptable to an 8-foot-wide tiny house. I like the stairs to the loft; sensible and aesthetically pleasing.

  15. I agree with the posts about beautiful, decent sized kitchen, requests for floor plan, and whether adaptable to 8 ft wide tiny house. I also love the fireplace!!

  16. Would love to have the plan for this!

    Would the owner sell me some tutors on how to go about this?

  17. Love everything about this apartment but I’d like to see a reading nook like this with enough room to take a nap. Sometimes you want to take a nap before work and not have to worry about making up the bed and if you had a small mattress hidden away you could get some shut-eye and rush off to work so if your friends follow you home everything would be nice and tidy. I guess I’m a little lazy at times-ha-ha!

  18. what they left out is that they have to rent another 180 square feet to hang their clothes….!

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