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12 x 28 tiny house floorplans


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Hi, I’m Ryan

I built my own tiny home over a decade ago, and since then I have helped build thousands more. I’ve found so many benefits to living the tiny life, and 12 x 28 homes are a great place to start.

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A 12 x 28 tiny home can be a quaint cottage or a modern dwelling featuring sharp angles and neutral colors. With enough square footage to hold all you need for a comfortable life — bathrooms, kitchens, even an office — its layout is customizable based on your priorities.
12 x 28 Tiny House with porch

12 x 28 Tiny House Floor Plans

12x28 Tiny House Floor Plans

12 x 28 tiny homes can have interior layouts that are just as versatile and unique as their owners. With a rectangular shape, like a railcar, these homes have room for defined zones of the home.

12 x 28 Modern Tiny House Design
12 x 28 Tiny House Design

Design elements make each home one of a kind, while also serving important purposes. For example, I like the dramatic look of an angled roof, but it also enables precipitation runoff, and allows space for additional windows, shelves or fans inside. A roof hanging over the exterior wall is also a simple way to extend your living space in all weather.

12x28 tiny house one bedroom floorplan

12x28 tiny house with home office

12x28 tiny house open floor plan

12 x 28 Tiny House Designs

12 x 28 Tiny House Designs

When designing a 12 x 28 tiny home, you’ll want to consider the foundation. Since tiny homes don’t traditionally have basements, it’s a good idea to situate yours on as flat a plot as possible. However, I’ve seen landscape variations addressed with blocks, gravel, or steps at the entryway. Drainage is also important, since moisture in and around tiny homes is something that needs to be managed differently than in traditional homes.

Awnings and shutters are other common design features, though many choose to keep it simple. The exterior finish is another element that can have a dramatic effect on the feel of your space, whether you use a natural stained wood, or something like metal or vinyl siding. Some even choose a mix of natural and industrial materials.

12 x 28 Tiny Home with porch
12 x 28 Tiny House ADU

12 x 28 Tiny House Interior Photos

12 x 28 Tiny House Interior Photos

Many 12 x 28 tiny homes feature neutral walls and finishes, which create an airy, open feel, but pops of color can energize a space and define rooms when there are few interior walls.

Adding a second story or lofts help a 12 x 28 home accommodate a family, and building storage into the steps is a tried-and-true way to store your stuff. I also love couches with storage for a clean, tidy interior.

12 x 28 Tiny House inside
12 x 28 Tiny House interior

Cost Of A 12 x 28 Tiny Home On Wheels

Cost Of A 12 x 28 Tiny Home On Wheels

12 x 28 tiny house builds average $67,200. Be sure to budget for moving and situating the home if it’s not constructed at its ultimate destination.

Remember, tiny homes wider than 8.5 feet require an oversize permit for highway transport. You may also want to budget for landscaping, as well-organized outdoor space can increase your living area.

12 x 28 Tiny Home Cabin

tiny house landscaping

Where To Buy 12 x 28 Tiny Houses

Where To Buy 12 x 28 Tiny Houses

When you’ve decided on the key elements, such as size, number of stories, and floor plan, you’re ready to go. Find a builder in your area to help make your vision a reality — or you could do what I did, and build it yourself.
12 x 28 Tiny House Rustic Cabin

12 x 28 Tiny Home Final Thoughts

12 x 28 Tiny Home Final Thoughts

These 12 x 28 mid-sized tiny homes are a great template for creative brainstorming, utilizing the land’s natural features to create a space for all your needs. From working to gardening to rejuvenating — tiny homes can hold it all.
12 x 28 Tiny Home

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  • Will you choose an embellished appearance, or a clean, modern exterior for your 12 x 28 tiny house?
  • Where are you planning to place or travel with your 12 x 28 tiny home?
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