Tiny House Landscaping: How To Shape Your Outdoor Space

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After I built my tiny home, I realized my outdoor space had so much potential. I thought of creative ways to grow my own food, entertain friends, and make my home look beautiful. Tiny house landscaping is a great way to utilize this space and enjoy all the possibilities.

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I love my tiny home because financial freedom, sustainable living, and a low-maintenance lifestyle all appeal to me. But it helps if I utilize all my space, including what I have outside.

If you’ve downsized and want to make the most of your outdoor area, tiny house landscaping creates more options.

Learn how to landscape around your house in beautiful ways that make the most sense for your space.

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Why Spend Time And Effort On Tiny House Landscaping?

Why Spend Time And Effort On Tiny House Landscaping

The time and effort spent on tiny house landscaping is worth it because you’ll increase your entire home’s value. One of the reasons tiny homes allow us to live affordably, with minimalistic and eco-friendly designs, is landscaping. Don’t ignore the value in your outside space — there are so many possibilities! Add beauty to your surroundings and make the space a functional, exciting extension of your home.

tiny house landscaping ideas
tiny house landscaping tips

Tiny House Curb Appeal

One of the primary benefits of tiny house landscaping is improving your home’s curb appeal. How does it look from an outsider’s point of view? Your home might be small but still beautiful with attractive landscaping that adds color and character.

I did some research and learned that the right trees, shrubs, flowers, and other greenery welcome people in and make my home look more inviting. Including lush, native plants helps the outdoor space blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment. This creates a more visually pleasing and cohesive landscape.

benefits of tiny house landscaping
tiny house garden

Control Pests In A Tiny Home

Making the best landscaping choices does more than simply adding beauty to your home. Specific plants and flowers also help keep bugs, insects, rodents, and other pests away. Where you live and the overall climate will factor into this decision.

When winter ends, many pests become active again. This is especially true where I live. The weather gets increasingly warm into spring and summer. I’ve learned to take the necessary steps to protect myself and my home, and that includes landscaping.

control pests with tiny house landscaping
best tiny house landscaping ideas

Citronella grass, lavender, basil, marigolds, and more repel pests like mosquitoes, flies, and ants. If you live in an area with hungry and curious deer or rabbits, you may not want to hurt them, but you also don’t want your garden and landscaping destroyed. Planting alliums or veggies like onions and garlic helps keep them away safely.

Prevent Flooding

Your tiny house landscaping isn’t just about plants and flowers. If you live in an area prone to flooding, add another layer of protection with proper landscaping.

Raise the surface around your home. Set up efficient drainage systems. Ensure that water travels away from your house rather than towards it. This helps prevent water damage that could cause expensive repairs. It will also keep your soil stable, which reduces the risk of erosion and land displacement.

tiny house landscaping can prevent flooding
tiny house landscaping helps prevent water damage

Entertaining Space

Inside a tiny home isn’t always the best setting for entertaining more than a few people. I like to socialize without anyone tripping over each other, so I moved the party outdoors.

Design a spot that includes chairs and a table. If you have room for a grill or bar area, that’s even better! This creates a space that allows people to gather, enjoy each other’s company, and create wonderful memories.

tiny house landscaping with porch

Tiny House Landscaping Ideas

Tiny House Landscaping Ideas

There are lots of ways you can customize your tiny house landscape depending on your interests, where you live, and environmental factors. Generally speaking, many landscaping ideas for small houses can also work around tiny houses with a few adjustments.
customize your tiny house landscape

A Greenhouse Is The Perfect Tiny House Landscape Addition

Do you live in an environment with frigid winters or monsoon-like conditions in the summertime? That doesn’t mean you don’t want to grow crops or enjoy the self-sufficiency of a garden, right?

If you have the space on your property, a self-insulating, sunken greenhouse or a smaller, more traditional nursery protects your crops and veggies when seasons or climates fluctuate.

tiny house landscaping greenhouse

A Layered Landscape Works Great With Tiny Homes

Creating layered landscaping is a simple yet creative way to get the most out of yards with limited space without skimping on foliage and blooms. Let your artistic side shine! Landscape layering staggers different plants arranged into a foreground, then middle-ground, and finally a background area.

This creates a casual and mixed border planting. Get imaginative with planting techniques like repetition, scale, flow, and depth, which result in a dynamic and intentional design. It maximizes your space to create a beautiful yard you’ll love hanging out in.

tiny houses with landscaping
tiny houses with layered landscaping

Tiny House Outdoor Gathering Space For Connection

Do you live in a tiny home community or have a passion for entertaining? Create a fun, welcoming space for connecting with neighbors. Enjoy barbecuing garden veggies on a grill, making cocktails at a custom-made outdoor bar, or even hosting a live musician or band.

Add a fire pit to create a cozy atmosphere on chilly evenings or while socializing during cold winter months. This gives your gathering area a high-end look and makes everyone more comfortable at the same time.

Tiny House Outdoor Gathering Space

Expand Your Tiny House Kitchen Outdoors

Do you love your tiny home but wish you had more space in your kitchen? When making the move into tiny living, getting used to a smaller cooking area is one of the more challenging adjustments, especially for foodies and home chefs like me. Luckily, with the right backyard or patio, you can easily expand your kitchen outside.

Add a simple grill or go off-grid with a solar oven when making meals outdoors. Prepare certain meals (ahem… fish) without stinky smells lingering inside your home. A close friend of mine installed a brick pizza oven in his outdoor kitchen, and we’re all hooked on those melty, crispy pies! You can even add countertops to make preparing large meals easier.

Tiny Kitchen Outdoor Kitchen
Tiny Kitchen Outdoor Kitchen Space

gosun go solar oven

Build A Tiny House Deck

Add an extra outdoor living room to your tiny home by building a deck. If your ground area gets soggy or tends to feel uneven, a deck provides sturdy space for tables, chairs, plants, and even your grill.

A rooftop deck is especially helpful if you want to entertain but don’t have enough room outside your home for a traditional tiny house deck. Do you travel a lot with your tiny home? Roof decks provide a portable entertaining area and a great view wherever you go, without taking up space where the rest of your landscaping shines.

“For additional mobile landscaping, use eco-friendly artificial grass that you can roll up and take with you when you go.”

Tiny House Garden Ideas

Tiny House Garden Ideas

Even experienced veterans living off-grid sometimes need suggestions and tips when landscaping around a tiny house. My tried-and-true tiny house gardening ideas stand the test of time, whether you’re a novice or not.
Tiny House Garden Landscaping

Keep Tiny House Gardening Simple

Don’t try to do too much too soon. I started small by growing what I eat and keeping it to less than five types of veggies. This gave me a solid foundation when starting my gardening journey.
Simple Tiny House Garden

Choose High-Yield Plants For Your Tiny House Garden

If you have some room, plant herbs and lettuce. They’re continuously harvested, and you’ll get more for your money. If you have a smaller outdoor space and you have to choose plants that offer a lower yield, choose what you enjoy eating.
Choose High-Yield Plants

Use Vertical Space For Tiny House Gardens

Maximize small backyards, porches, or patios with vertical garden ideas. Have fun with DIY garden projects on the weekends and make trellises, tiered planters, and wall gardens. They utilize walls and vertical space that would otherwise go unused.
Tiny House Vertical Gardens

Hanging Pots Are Perfect For Limited Space

One of the least expensive ways to create a tiny house garden is to hang pots. These also help newbie gardeners or people who are learning to live off-grid.

Simply place hooks in convenient places. Then, hang planters with herbs and veggies in hanging pots on the hooks. You can even hang some herbs or indoor plants inside your home.

tiny house hanging garden
tiny house garden pots

Tiny House Container Gardening

Many different plants do well in containers and prove that anyone can be self-sufficient through homesteading. Containers are also movable if your landscaping needs change in the future.
tiny house container garden

Use Window Boxes On Your Tiny House

A great way to use the exterior of your home is to put boxes under your windows. Pick a few colorful flowers or delicious veggies. They add charm, and you don’t even have to go outside or bend down to garden! This is helpful if you travel because you can take everything with you.

Tiny house window boxes
tiny home window flower box

Tiny House Landscaping Tips

Tiny House Landscaping Tips

Save space, resources, and time, without sacrificing aesthetics or functionality. Here are some helpful hints as you get started.

Tiny Home Landscaping Tips

Tiny House Landscaping Garden Tips

Tiny house landscaping is an investment that will pay off in the long run. Get started today!


  • How do you envision your perfect tiny house landscape?
  • Which plants and flowers are native to your area?
  1. 7/11/23 Just LOVE this post, ideas, & pics!

    And to add to my earlier post today about how a lawyer thinks about trying to set up a “tiny house community”, I forgot to mention that in and planning and administering a “going concern”, of an actual tiny house community, the developer(s) also need to plan for banking, accounting /bookkeeping, taxes, and even trust accounts or investments for the monies charged and collected from prospective and on-going residents for deposits on land, for salaries, homes, any rentals, community utilities, pool and landscaping, handymen /women, any cleaning people for libraries, offices, party or community and storage rooms, shared garages and even gardens for flowers and vegetables.

    And please don’t forget that a secretary may be need for “enforcement” of the rules, including to enforce any “noise and Airbnb or other rental rules, any moving in and out rules, and on and on. (Even the Federal government can’t be ignored: remember “mailboxes” and package deliveries? In short: a well-run desirable “tiny house” community is or should be thought of, planned and run professionally and no differently than any other well-run condo, apartment house, RV community or park or campground, gated community with “large homes”, etc. (AND depending upon size and location of the community, roving guards and/or even incorporating “community police”.)

    Frankly, I can’t wait for more legal tiny home communities all over the country and want to live in one! (I also have more ideas for them so they’ll be a joy to live in year after year for decades to come.)

  2. Not a big gardener, but I especially appreciate the reminder about water flow and drainage.

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