Tiny House Couches With Storage: Space-Savvy Seating Guide

tiny house couch with storage


When I was building my tiny home, I quickly learned that every bit of space counts. Even though I’d committed to the minimalist mindset and pared down my belongings, I still needed places to put them. I found that a small couch with built-in storage was the perfect solution, without sacrificing comfort or precious space.

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned after a decade of living in a tiny home, it’s that every inch of space matters. That’s why I love comfy seating with hidden storage, so I don’t have to sacrifice space or coziness in the name of storage.

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Why Couches With Storage Are Perfect For Tiny Homes

Why Couches With Storage Are Perfect For Tiny Homes

You might ask yourself, is a tiny house storage couch right for my space? In a word: yes. You can choose what version works for you. Traditional store-bought couches tend to be very comfortable for relaxing at the end of the day but light on storage options.
A couch with storage combines the best of both worlds. I love to read, so I spend a lot of time on comfortable seating when the weather’s not great, so having a good couch is a priority for me.

The main benefit of using under-couch storage is that the storage can be mostly out of sight, reducing the presence of clutter. Tiny home couches with storage are a great way to organize items that you want to keep, but don’t need to use every day, like sports gear, so they aren’t blocking your path or providing distraction when not in use.

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What To Keep In A Storage Couch

What To Keep In A Storage Couch

In tiny houses, couches with storage are a flexible solution.

Couch storage is a great place to put things you use periodically, but not all the time: photo albums and keepsakes, extra cushions and blankets for guests, games, puzzles, and books.

Some people also find that the storage under a couch is a place where utility infrastructure, such as pipes or breaker panels, can be hidden, yet kept accessible for maintenance.

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What Are Common Sizes For Tiny House Storage Couches?

What Are Common Sizes For Tiny House Storage Couches

Tiny houses are subject to specific size constraints, and I even wondered at first whether it was possible to fit a storage couch in a tiny house.

Common Size For Tiny House Storage CouchBut there are a surprising number of seating options that offer additional storage and fit perfectly into tiny homes.

Many people end up choosing a couch spanning one end of their tiny house, usually around 6-8 feet long and a couple of feet deep. These often take the form of bench seating with cushions, or an eating nook off the kitchen.

However, if you have something different in mind, don’t rule it out — one of the biggest benefits of moving to a tiny home is having flexibility.

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Different Styles Of Hidden Couch Storage

Different Styles Of Hidden Couch Storage

I’ve seen a lot of tiny home couch storage ideas — from pieces of furniture that hide items completely out of sight, to those that allow for items to be stowed away while still partially visible and easily retrievable. In my experience, there are three main styes of built-in storage that work especially well for tiny homes.

Easy-Access Drawer Storage

Easy Access Drawer Storage
The most common style of tiny home couches with storage are built-in. These often take the form of drawers that slide out from the bottom of the couch. Some of the benefits of using this style of storage are the easy access it provides, the ability to organize within drawers, and the fact they keep items off a dirty floor.

Flip-Top Storage Fits Bulky Items

Flip Top Storage Fits Bulky Items
Some couches, like an L-shaped style with chaise longue on one side, are a great way to incorporate a long cubby with a flip top. This area can be a useful location to store bulkier or oddly shaped items like sports rackets or musical instruments.

Open Storage Helps You See What You Have

Open Storage Helps You See What You Have
Some people I know like to use open cubbies as under-couch storage, and store things like seasonal footwear, bags, and hats. This is a great way to handle items that may not fit in a closet or clothing cubby but that you still want to have in view when you’re getting ready to leave the house.

Maybe you have a couch that wasn’t built for storage, but you’d still like to use it. Some people have found that attaching slightly longer legs or small risers — even just adding a couple of inches of space — retains the couch’s function, while giving enough clearance underneath to allow for sliding bins.

Storage In Arm Rests

Storage In Arm Rests
Couches are very adaptable pieces of furniture, and there’s lots of variety when it comes to the way they can be built and adjusted to create built-in storage. Using a design with wide, structured arms or dividers between seats offers the opportunity to build storage into the armrests.

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Types Of Couches And Furniture With Storage

Types Of Couches With Storage

Space-saving furniture with storage options come in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking for something that’s top-tier in coziness or something that can serve multiple functions in your home, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Traditional Couch With Storage

I find that most people, even in tiny homes, still prefer having a comfy couch to sit on and read or put their feet up and nap. Some traditional couches come with pull-out drawers, lift-up cushions, or armrests that offer a safe place to tuck away belongings without sacrificing comfort. Just be sure you’re aware of the couch dimensions and your space limitations, so you don’t take up all your available space with a single piece of furniture.

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Storage Bench With Cushions

Storage Bench With Cushions
Benches with storage are often used in a kitchen nook or as overflow seating when guests visit, but they can be placed almost anywhere in a tiny house. I usually find storage benches and built-ins aren’t as comfortable as traditional couches. They might offer more storage, but they come up short on comfort.


Being the smallest style of couch, and accommodating drawer or cubby storage underneath, these are a natural fit for tiny homes. This style works well for homes with one or two residents, or the homes of people who spend more time outdoors than indoors.


sectional couch with storage in tiny house
A sectional couch is a good fit for people who need to accommodate a larger number of individuals, or larger people. Because they tend to take up more space, these can become storage powerhouses, turning your seating into a truly multi-functional area of the home.

Storage Ottoman

A flip-top ottoman can add storage even if you already have a couch without storage built in. An added bonus to using these is that it’s possible to move them around until you find the location that feels best for the space, or if you require temporary modifications to your layout.


I find that one way to fit all the furniture into the puzzle of a tiny house is to use double-duty formats like a futon or a sofa that turns into a bed. Many find the adaptable nature of these pieces gives them the best of both worlds. Futons lend themselves to long drawers underneath, or, depending on the height, they can be a good candidate for long roll-out storage bins.

Convertible Daybed

convertible day bed with storage
This style is useful if you want to accommodate overnight guests. Often featuring pull-outs or trundles, it’s possible to store sleeping space for up to two people in what serves as seating most of the time. Some styles include cubbies or baskets underneath, while others hide drawers under the bedframe.

Customized Storage Seating

What I love about tiny homes is that you can shape them to your needs. There’s no limit to the designs you can come up with when you design your own tiny house!

Customized seating can even vary based on your height or the height of others who’ll be sitting there as well. If the people using the space aren’t on the tall side, it’s possible to make a part of your tiny home do double or even triple-duty, like combining a loveseat and storage cupboards in the same zone as the sleeping loft above.

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customized storage seating in tiny house

I’ve seen some folks use couches with cubbies underneath that they use either as open space, or with baskets — it’s totally adaptable to their needs, and they’re able to easily update it over time if their lifestyle or living arrangements change. Another possibility is to use fabric or woven baskets to add storage to the side of the couch.

Decide Which Style of Couch Works For Your Space

Decide Which Style of Couch Works For Your Space

First of all, think about what style of seating best fits your needs and space. How many people will realistically be sitting here? Do you want a seat next to or inside the kitchen so someone can sit and chat with the chef, or do you prefer to clearly define those areas?

tiny house storage furnitureMaybe you want your couch to convert into a bed, whether for yourself or guests. Some tiny house dwellers even decide on a couch that can move around, perhaps on wheeled casters, to meet different needs in the space.

The storage furniture you choose all comes down to your preferences and needs. Even though benches with cushions aren’t my personal favorite, many people like this style. Depending on the number of people (or furry friends!) living in or visiting your home, more seats might make sense for you. Remember that one of the benefits of a minimalist lifestyle is that you have more control over what works for you.

Whether you’re going for hygge or high efficiency, a storage couch is a key element to helping any tiny home flow. You just need to choose which one!

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