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Annoucing Tiny House NC


Today I wanted to share a special project that I have been working with some amazing people, it is finally ready to launch.  Along with myself, Steven Harrell (Tiny House Listings), Laura LaVoie (120 Square Feet) and Andrew Odom (Tiny r(E)volution) announced the upcoming launch of Tiny House NC, an organization to promote Tiny House culture throughout North Carolina.  TinyHouseNC gang

When the opportunity arose to join forces and develop an organization that would promote the tiny house movement in the state, we jumped at the chance. With such a diverse landscape in a relatively small state there is something for everyone in North Carolina. From the mountains to the sea and everything in between, Tiny House NC hopes to create a perfect place for small living enthusiasts to seek advice, services, and resources.

Their mission is to, “To showcase tiny house builders, dwellers, and dreamers in the state of North Carolina as well as be a vital resource to them in their path to a tiny life.”

logo“Tiny House NC is passionate about being fully engaged with the tiny house community in North Carolina. We want to forge connections with and promote the lives of the community and its members. It isn’t just about building houses but turning them into homes.”

The tiny house movement is on the rise and many Americans are looking for ways to downsize and simplify their lives. Tiny House NC couldn’t have come at a better time. Exchanging a fast-paced life for a simpler, mortgage-free house can be the answer for many individuals in North Carolina. Coupling the minimalist lifestyle with off the grid energy solutions can encourage people to consume less and reduce waste. The possibilities for a tiny lifestyle are endless and Harrell, Mitchell, LaVoie and, Odom represent several tiny solutions.

For more information about Tiny House NC you can join Tiny House NC by going to http://tinyhousenc.com/

  1. Cool! As an NC-based planning junkie interested in sustainability and affordable housing, I look forward to hearing what y’all are able to accomplish.

  2. Would love to have a group like yours in California!

  3. That is so great! Will you be trying to tackle zoning issues? We are hoping to have land purchased before our tiny house is finished; I’m not sure whether we will stay under the radar or try and change the zoning in our area to make it legal to live in a tiny house full time.

    • Changing zoning and codes is a long road to haul when working with the IBC, the way the system is setup, they are already determining the changes for 10-15 years out, but then municipalities have to adopt them, so if we started today, it would take about 20 years to effect. Until then I put out my new ebook called cracking the code which is on my website store.

  4. Thanks for the info! As a Charlottean myself, I’ve worried that building my own tiny house would be nearly impossible in NC. Good to know it’s not just for the west coast!

  5. I am interested in a quality built tiny hose in Winston-Salem , NC. Tiny is fine, but quality is important.

    Sandra Winters



  6. I have 20 acres of beautiful land in Stokes County. There’s an existing farmhouse that I live in. I’m looking to simplify and
    am looking at tiny homes to build or buy. There’s room for others here. I would love to meet others who are interested in small home
    living. Also have a large fenced organic garden.
    This location is a half hour drive from Winston-Salem.
    My number is 336 591-5413.

    • I would so love to live in a Tiny House Community who are interested in working a community garden. I live on a fixed income and find it hard to live month to month so I have a raised garden to help with my food budget.

    • Hi I am so excited to hear this My house and I live in Randolph and he works in greensboro. I so tired off struggling with house payments car payments. I have already started the mind set of down sizing. My daughter thinks I have lost it when I talk about the minimalist lifestyle.I just talked my husband into putting our house on the market and I have been showing him tiny houses. So I have been trying to figure out where we could put this if it pans out. That is why this is wonderful to see. I hope to talk to you soon.

  7. I stumbled upon this link while looking for others interested in Tiny Houses in NC. I am also in Winston Salem. I’ve yet to see one in person, so I was hoping to get the feel if anyone around had one available. Im in the daydreaming phase now, but I’d like to see this become a reality for me in the coming years.

    Any locals with experience or an actual house their willing to show off, feel free to email me.



  8. This is a comment on Ryans comment. I would love to be able to get a feel for the size of a tiny home. The photos are great but I am having a hard time visualizing myself living in one. My process of getting the “stuff” out of my life has begun so I am on my way………..

  9. Hey all live in Winston too. They build them in Brevard! Planning a trip to check them out. Round trip!

  10. So is it legal to build a tiny full time home in NC? Im a single mom of 4 and could lose everything tomorrow if one thing goes wrong. Im tired of worrying about how Im going to pay for rent, lights and water. My lights have been turned off 5 times in 3 years!

  11. I’m curious…wouldn’t it be more cost effective to have a company like Bunce Buildings or Out Back Buildings build the shell of the house and then customize it to individual needs? They have economy of scale given they already build outdoor buildings commonly used for storage. Just a thought.

  12. I want to build a Mobil tiny home. I’m moving up around Mebane for work.

  13. I am looking at building on Carolina Beach. The home needs to be on pilings. Do you do that and work in this area. If so, please contact me, as I have plans, or I am willing to look at yours.

    • Hi we are looking to do the same. Have you had any luck finding someone to build?

  14. HI All, I live in NC as well in Rockingham county and have been wanting to start building my own Tiny Home. I want it to be a permanent house no wheels. Love hearing there is a Tiny Home movement here in NC.

  15. Hi Ryan, I wrote to you awhile ago but didn’t see a reply. I might have missed it. I requested info on the best way to find a place for living in a thow in the Charlotte & nearby SC areas. If buying land, how much is required to avoid problems with codes/laws? I read in some areas it can be placed on property where a house is already established but in other areas a time limit of 60-90 days so it can’t be lived in permanently. Please give your thoughts/advice on this.

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