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Anchoring A Tiny House To The Trailer

Today I have a quick video that I wanted to get up before I start working on my Tiny House today.  It was pretty cold out this morning at 7am so I took advantage of needing to get a post up on the blog while it warms up a bit.  Many people have asked how do you anchor a Tiny House to the trailer so that it doesn’t come off while moving down the road or get lifted off during a storm.  This video will show my approach to this.  I actually upped the number of attachment points from what the plans called for after talking with my weld who has spent 30 years in construction trailer frames for mobile homes, RV’s, and trailers.  The important thing to note that I didn’t in the video is that the anchor points are aligned with the cross members of trailer which make it a lot stronger.


  1. I see that the Trailer already has a wood platform. how will you be preventing moisture from coming up and rotting out the floor? Is there some sort of metal sheeting below the wooden platform? or something like tyvek?

    • The flooring is made of pressure treated plywood and the top of it will be completely sealed, so the only moisture will be vapor evaporating from the ground, which will be very dry because its sheltered from above. The house is also elevated so there will be good air flow beneath to dry out any moisture that would find its way down there. When I get this in its final resting place I am planning on putting gravel pad to help any water to quickly drain.

  2. Ryan, jay say’s(tumbleweeds) aluminum sheeting under then insulation over that. is that what you are planning?

    • Exactly! The layers will go something like this. Trailer deck, metal flashing, 6 mil vapor barrier, treated wood framing filled with foam, then plywood subfloor.

  3. i am avidly following you and can’t wait for more photos or video.

  4. The concrete blocks you have your trailer leveled on are on their sides. They should be turned 90º do the openings ate at the top and bottom for strength. I know they are just there to level the trailer, but they can easily fail in the position they are in and through the who project out of whack.

    Looking forward to the build.

  5. Ryan
    Is your decking (below the framing) 2″ X 6″ or 2″ X 8″ ? This is pressure treated , right? Does this usually come with a trailer or does it have to be installed?

    • It comes with the trailer in most cases and is pressure treated. The size really is irrelevant.

  6. On the 5/8th lag bolts….what is your length?

    • Which ones are you asking about, the front ones, or the vertical welded ones?

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