GoSun Go Solar Oven Review

gosun go solar oven


For an avid camper like myself, one of the most frustrating things about long-term camping is having to sacrifice life’s small luxuries — like amazing home cooked meals — on the road. Finding a portable solar oven like the GoSun Go has absolutely changed the camping game for me by transforming the culinary experiences my girlfriend and I share around the campfire.

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I’m a huge proponent of living a simpler life and spending as much time as possible in nature and on the road. The GoSun Go has allowed me to cook my favorite meals while hiking, backpacking, and camping.

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What Is The GoSun Go Portable Solar Oven?

what is the gosun go solar oven

The GoSun Go solar oven is one of the most convenient, portable solar ovens that I’ve had the opportunity to use. It’s an entirely fuel-free, durable, portable solar oven that’s pretty perfect for anyone who wants to cook healthy, satisfying meals to fuel long hikes or camping trips off the grid.

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GoSun Go Specs

One of the most attractive features about the GoSun Go is how easy it is to transport and take anywhere. It’s super lightweight (only 2 lbs.!), and zips up into a half circle carrying bag that makes it easy to bring along for all of my outdoor adventures.

The GoSun Go oven also comes with accessories that give your off-grid cooking experience a huge boost. When I first got mine, I was surprised and excited to find that it also came with silicone baking pans, a solar dial, and a carrying bag. The carrying bag especially has come in handy for me while camping out in some of my favorite spots outside of Charlotte, NC.

Oven Model Price Size Capacity Max Temp Carrying Case
Go $159 23″ x 13″ x 13″ 145 oz 550° Included
Oven Model Durability Heat Potential Cooking Speed Packaging Portability Accessories

Who Can Use The GoSun Go?

The GoSun Go solar oven is best for single adults who want to cook high-quality meals on the go. I’d recommend this oven for avid campers, hikers, backpackers, and survivalists. The Go solar oven only cooks a single meal per batch, so it isn’t ideal for large families or groups.

It is, however, the perfect size, weight, and carrying capacity for single travelers or couples who don’t mind sharing an entrée!

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When To Use The GoSun Go Solar Oven

Weather is no challenge for the GoSun Go. This solar oven is able to cook meals in rain, clouds, snow, and shadows. However, unlike the GoSun Fusion, the GoSun Go doesn’t cook meals at night, which is important to be aware of when deciding which oven to invest in.
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Why Use The GoSun Go Solar Oven

For me, the times when I rely on my GoSun Go oven is when I want to make super simple meals when I’m camping, hiking, or taking part in another kind of outdoor adventure. Like I said before, I wouldn’t really use the GoSun Go portable oven for groups, as it’s geared more toward on-the-go traveling.

The GoSun Go is also an awesome choice for boiling liquids and dehydrating food. It can boil water for tea or coffee, dehydrate meals, and sterilize water when clean water isn’t accessible.

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GoSun Go Solar Oven Review: Pros And Cons

GoSun Go Solar Oven Review

There are tons of portable solar ovens out there that require a very advanced, complicated setup to actually use. The thing that I love about the GoSun Go is how easy it is to use. The oven gets the job done quickly and efficiently, and the cooking process is always seamless.

GoSun Go Oven Pros

Pro: The GoSun Go Reaches High Temperatures

The GoSun Go easily reaches up to 550°F, but can also be used at a lower temperature if need be. It’s great for boiling water for tea and coffee, dehydrating food, cooking fish or other meats, and more. I have never been worried about being able to cook my meals properly when using the GoSun Go.
GoSun Go Reaches High Temperatures

Pro: The GoSun Go Cooks Meals Quickly

It doesn’t take long to cook a satisfying meal with the GoSun Go. The oven can take anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes to fully cook, depending on what you are cooking and how much sunlight is present when you’re cooking. It only takes about 20 to 30 minutes to fully cook meals under direct sun, but can take a bit longer in rainy or cloudy weather.

Pro: The GoSun Go Is Affordable

Out of all the GoSun ovens, the GoSun Go is the most affordable option. It only costs $159 for the whole setup: the oven itself, the silicone baking pans, solar dial, and carrying bag. When you compare this price to other portable solar ovens of the same caliber, this is by far the best deal out there.

Pro: The GoSun Go Is The Easiest To Travel With

The GoSun Go was created to be a traveling solar oven. The Go oven weighs only 2 lbs. and can easily fit into a backpack or sling pack that you’re likely to take with you on a hike.

Additionally, the Go oven easily zips up into a compact carrying case that is fairly thin and made to travel.

GoSun Go Is Easy To Travel With

Pro: The Go Sun Go Cooks In All Weather

My favorite thing about the GoSun Go oven is that it can cook in any type of weather and does not have to be exposed to direct sun in order to work. The oven will cook meals in rainy weather, cloudy weather, and even snow.

I went on a trip with my girlfriend awhile back where we were so bummed out by the weather. Thankfully I had my GoSun products on me and did not feel hindered by the rain at all when it came to cooking. I was able to whip up my favorite meals for us, even under a grey, rainy sky.

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GoSun Go Oven Cons

Con: The GoSun Go Only Cooks One Meal At A Time

While some of the other GoSun ovens like the GoSun Fusion and the GoSun Sport are able to cook more than one meal at a time, the GoSun Go oven can only handle one. This can be a setback if you are looking for an oven to cook meals for a family of four, but is ideal for someone camping or hiking on their own or with a partner.

Con: The GoSun Go Does Not Cook At Night

Unlike the GoSun Fusion oven, the GoSun Go is not able to store solar energy in a bank to be used when there is no sun. With the GoSun Go, the sun has to be hanging in the sky in order for the oven to work. This can be an inconvenience for those hungry for a late-night snack or those living in areas where the sun sets before dinnertime.

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Should You Buy The GoSun Go?

Should You Buy The GoSun Go

The GoSun go portable solar oven is definitely an oven I would buy again, and certainly one that gets plenty of use around here. It cooks thoroughly, quickly, and is so easy to take anywhere. I don’t ever go camping or hiking without it.

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