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Haiti Hut

This is a modular house that is constructed of smaller 8’x8′ sections and when you put 4 of them together you have a fully functional home.

The enclosed area is divided by a bathroom/kitchen core into a sleeping quarter and a living/dining area. A porch is also included in one of the modules. The “L” shape of this sustainable house provide a garden area for the house. The shape also allows the housing unit to be repeated in a small community.


The Hermitage

This is a interesting structure, all the sides and top opens up to allow a view of nature, but it closes up tight when you are away or in bad weather. It is a prefab house that can be set on the ground or suspended in a tree or on a pole. The house was designed to be very simple, to bring about introspection and foster solitude.


MEKA House

Sitting at 320 square feet, costing $100 a square foot and 70% of the materials are recycled.  What I really like are the huge windows!  I have always been drawn to floor to ceiling windows, but I am still unsure how well they keep the heat/cold in or out depending on the season.

From the Architect:

– Exterior dimensions 20 L x 16 W x 9.5 H (320 SF). High Cube.
– Module may be placed on a permanent or temporary foundation.
– Natural bamboo floor, walls and ceiling.
– Sliding glass doors to patio (dimensions of patio 9 x 16, 144 SF)
– Aluminum frame and glass panel side door for main entrance.
– Fully insulated floors, walls, ceiling. Weather tight EPDM rubber roof optional.
– Cedar decking and exterior cladding.
– Electrical wiring set-up for standard 110V generator or plugin, multiple outlets, spot lighting, and recessed lighting throughout.
– Full kitchen with high finish cabinetry, stainless steel countertop. Plenty of room for under counter fridge, oven, cooktop and hood fan (all kitchen appliances not included). Option packages extra.
– Shower room complete with porcelain tiles, mirror, sink with vanity, glass shower door, skylight above shower.
– Hot water pump in concealed, mirrored corner cabinet in shower room.


eP Studio

Here is the eP Studio, a 425 square foot prefab house with an interesting twist.  As you can see in the photos the house is atop a garage, which was raised by the use of a few forklifts, columns were build beneath and then the garage was constructed.  Some neat attributes of the house is a green roof, cork floors and No-VOC paint (I have never seen no VOC paint before, just low VOC paint) .


Dwelle’s Super Minimalist

I covered this house a really long time ago, I think it was one of my first few posts, but recently I found more photos, specifically of the inside which I wasn’t able to find before.

The smaller of the homes, named the Little is 4.9 meters by 2.65 meters (16×9.5 feet or 152 square feet) and costs around £20,000-£35,000 ($30,000-$52,000). Unlike its big sib, it’s meant to be more of a retreat, office or storage area than a main home, but it has almost all of the awesome features mentioned before. Just like in the Big, there is enough room for a bed that is lofted about the kitchen and main living area.