Random Tiny Houses

So from time to time I come upon a single photo of an awesome Tiny House and can’t find any more information on them.  So I will save them for a group posting like this, to share them for design ideas and maybe see if people know any more about them.  So without further delay, here are some awesome Tiny Houses.






Unfortunately I don’t have any information on these, if you know more about one of them or have a link, post it in the comments!

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  1. Hi Ryan to find inf about images its very helpful the drag and drop image search from google… mor info about each image on this links 😛

    Pic1: http://www.flickr.com/photos/neil_b/20361912/


    Pic3: http://craftcouncil.org/magazine/article/restoration-values#

    Pic4: http://www.flickr.com/photos/benchun/3625699371/in/photostream

    Pic5: http://www.boligliv.dk/blog/ditte-maigaard/i-pagt-med-naturen/

    Pic6: http://www.flickr.com/photos/48889112183@N01/4685367103

    • How do you use the google drag and drop feature?

      • This way…

  2. These are all so cute. The one on the top of the rocks looks really precarious, and the bottom one just looks as if it jumped out of an old fashioned fairy tale. I hope someone knows of some of these and can provide a link so we could see inside.

    Thanks, for sharing them.

  3. Love the pics… I love seeing other peoples vision in this regard… more, more, more… 🙂

  4. :0… Where is my comment with the extra info links about each picture?? :S… maybe wp thought that it was spam??

  5. Beautiful!!!

    And the house on the rocks is located somewhere in Bosnia, on Drina river. Not sure, thou, where exactly, u could look into it 🙂

  6. Oh gosh, those last three… I swooned just a bit. A tiny cabin in the woods would be amazing! Thanks for posting these.

  7. If you look at the second image closely there appears to be black curtains in the background. I’d hazard a guess it’s part of a movie set.

    • I do believe it is Edward and Bella’s house from ‘Breaking Dawn part 2″

  8. The first one is called Cob, it is clay and sand…. there is a lot of videos on you tube.

  9. The 5th is a house on the Drina River, near Bajina Basta, town in Western Serbia. A beauty!!

  10. The second one looks like a garden set at Chelsea Flower Show or similar…

  11. The very last one I just saw a couple weeks ago! It was on the road going up to Taos New Mexico Ski Resort. Almost to the parking lot of the ski area.

    • The one in Taos sits next to another tiny house. I am guessing they are rentals but I can not find any more info on them. I took a picture of both.

  12. i wanna see whats inside of these houses!! apart from the photos that are in the links above.

  13. Nice pics… I love seeing other peoples vision in this regard… more, more, more… home designs

  14. Here is a link to one of them.

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