I has some fascination with prefabs for some reason, this week I came upon a new one by Perform.  The 500 square foot house is essentially a box, but with some very stylish touches.  preform002The front is one large window, offering a huge amount of light and fresh air through a few operable panels.  What I would like to see is this same look, but where the entire wall of windows folds up and out of the way, bring the outdoors in…. Is that too cliché sounding?  The dark wood accents on the outside look great and the inside is a very light and open concept.  With a light stain wooden floor and white walls, the house seems quite spacious.

Being that I am a big cook, I feel this kitchen leaves something to be desired, but it isn’t too bad.  The whole thing comes fully assembled and is shipped via truck or boat.  The in factory construction apparently saves around 15% off the cost.  Another great feature is that it has a green roof and being that it is a flat topped roof, I have visions of picnics or teeing off with some bio-degradable golf balls, even though I am horrible at golf.  All in all it is a nice package, but a price has yet to be seen.




Source: here

  1. Great post – I dig the design of this place. I think it would be a little too big for us. But, I love the idea of having a green roof or even a garden roof. Very cool! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I cannot seem to locate this company.. Are they still around?

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