Mini Mobile Made It!

I wanted to let you all know that the folks over at Mini Mobile blog have finally made it!  They have finished building their tiny house.


Here is what they said:

On level ground, from the peak to the ground, we are 13′ 4″. If you see an over pass that says 13′ 4″, find another rout. They generally mean it. We didn’t have any problems because we took a truck rout to Ballard (the neighborhood in Seattle where we settled).

So here we are. We still need to put trim on the door, hook up a shower, paint inside and out, along with many other tasks. But we feel like in a way, one adventure has been completed and another is starting.

Check them out here

  1. Is your tiny house finished now? Can you send us some interior pictures? We are interested in building one of these, do you have the designs for this or similar houses?

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