How To Sell A Tiny Home Quickly & Profitably

 How To Sell A Tiny Home


With the tiny house world becoming more and more popular, the tiny house marketplace is growing exponentially. More buyers mean more sellers, but selling a tiny house isn’t exactly the same as selling a traditional home.

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I’ve been heavily involved in the tiny house community for the last 10 years and have learned a lot about what makes a tiny house sell fast, or what keeps it from selling.

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How To Sell Your Tiny House

How To Sell Your Tiny House

There are tiny home buyers, builders, and designers popping up all over the United States, which means there are also many people ready to sell theirs.

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Places To List Your Tiny Home For Sale

Selling your tiny house starts with knowing how to find buyers. There are several options out there where you can list your tiny house for sale.

Some websites are specifically tiny house centric like Tiny House Listings. Others like Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace are generic, but include a real estate section where you can find buyers.

Get Your Tiny House Ready To Sell

The most important thing to tackle when preparing to sell your tiny house is to make sure the property is actually ready to sell. Just like this process of selling a traditional home, this means tackling repairs, cleaning up the interior and exterior, and staging your house for potential buyers to see.

Spend time decluttering your tiny house, organizing your space, and fixing up household repairs. Doing this before you even start looking for buyers is a must.

Network Within The Tiny House Community

Despite the popularization of tiny houses in the last decade, it’s still a pretty niche community. The best way to get buyers for your tiny house is to make connections within the tiny house community. Knowing people who shop and live tiny already is the easiest way to find a potential buyer.

Take Quality Photos Of Your Tiny House

Aesthetics definitely drive the buyers’ market. No matter how pleasing to the eye your tiny house looks in actuality, you’ll need photos that accurately capture its glory in order to gain buyers.

Tips For Photographing Your Tiny House

  • Use lighting to brighten rooms
  • Think about what can be seen outside windows
  • Use neutral colors
  • Take multiple angles and compare
  • No people in any photos
  • Move furniture to create symmetry
Tips For Photographing Your Tiny House

While tiny houses are, of course, much smaller than a traditional home, similar rules apply when it comes to taking photos that are going to be pleasing to the buyer’s eye.

In fact, it is even more important that you play with lighting, shadows, and symmetry when photographing your tiny house to sell. The goal is to make the room look as open, spacious, and bright as possible, despite its small size.

Upload A Video Tour Of Your Tiny House

Recording a video tour is also a great tool to capture potential buyers when selling your tiny house. A video tour makes the tiny house seem more real and accessible to the buyer. It allows them to feel like they are walking around the space themselves and imagine living there.

Tips For Tiny House Video Tour

  • Don’t move too fast
  • Show all rooms
  • Don’t forget outdoor spaces
  • Hide all clutter
  • Plan your route before recording
  • Reposition furniture before recording
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Accurately Price Your Tiny Home When Selling

Price is one of the first things a potential buyer will look at when checking out your listing, so making sure the price is accurate given the current tiny house market is pretty important.

I have several friends who have come to me seeking advice on selling their tiny houses, and I always tell them to look up websites where tiny homes are listed and compare what they’re offering to those prices. Your asking price should never be much higher that what you actually paid for the house yourself, unless the market has changed a ton.

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How To Sell A Tiny House As A Business

How To Sell A Tiny House As A Business

Selling tiny homes as a business owner or tiny house building company is an entirely different ballgame than selling a tiny home as an independent owner. When running a business, there is much more to consider about the process of attracting buyers and selling properties.

Find Quality Contacts To Sell More Tiny Homes

When trying to sell tiny homes as a business, you won’t have time to spend hours and hours looking for potential buyers on every single property you want to list. You’ll want to post listings and sell them quickly.

The best way to do this is to use business strategies like lead generation to establish quality relationships with real people in the community overtime. You can do this through a contact form, email list, or social media. Doing this will help you sell faster when you have a new tiny home ready to sell.

Build A Landing Page To Sell Tiny Homes

Everything about the business world today is virtual. To make headway as a tiny house seller, you’ll need a landing page online that’s easy to navigate. If you don’t know how to build this, consider hiring a graphics team or web designer to help you get your tiny house listings out there.

Establish Yourself As A Tiny Home Seller

I know I mentioned networking before, but it truly is the key to selling a tiny house either as a homeowner or as a business. The best way to help potential buyers find your listings is for the community to already know you as a tiny house seller.

tiny houses for saleStart putting your name out there in the tiny house community by making virtual connections, attending conferences, or guest posting with another tiny house seller.

Overall, tiny houses can be harder to sell than traditional homes because they aren’t as mainstream. However, the community is growing. Putting your name out there and making connections with other tiny house enthusiasts is the best way to be a successful seller and jump into the tiny house community more in general.

Your Turn!

  • How will you make sure your tiny house is ready to sell?
  • What strategies will you use to find a tiny house buyer?
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