Minimalists Obsess Over Decluttering These 75 Things

Minimalist list of things to get rid ofMost minimalists have a regular decluttering process that they’ve implemented in their lives to keep their belongings under control. They’ve created a decluttering regimen that works for them — a mental checklist of things to get rid of, if you will. Here’s a list of things to get rid of on your own minimalist journey.

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Hi, I’m Ryan

After years of helping my friends get rid of their stuff, I’ve learned a lot about which items make the biggest impact when decluttering. Take it from a minimalist veteran — these are the things to get rid of if you want to create a stress-free, clutter-free home.

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What Do Minimalists Get Rid Of?

What exactly should a minimalist get rid of? I’ve compiled a master list of all the things minimalists know to let go of.

I’ve divided up this list by what to get rid of in each room of the house. I’ve also included a list of things to start with and discard quickly, as well as miscellaneous items you may have forgotten about. Let’s dive into the good stuff and declutter room by room!

75 Things That Minimalists Get Rid Of

There are so many things you can easily get rid that minimalists tend to discard. Here’s my advice on what minimalists get rid of in each room of the house:


Simple Things A Minimalist Quickly Does Away With

As a minimalist, I’d say that starting with easy-to-get-rid-of items is the best way to declutter your space. When you toss out the no-brainers first, you feel encouraged to get into to the things that might take more brain power to discard of.

Things to get rid of right away

  • Electronic cords
  • Product manuals
  • Empty packaging
  • Old receipts
  • Paper forms
  • Coupons
  • Plastic bags
  • Batteries
  • Spare change
  • Old gift cards
junk to get rid of
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“Cords are at the top of the list of things people forget to declutter. They stay out of sight and out of mind until, one day, you realize you don’t have a clue what half of them go to.”

– Mia Danielle, Content Creator

List Of Things Minimalists Get Rid Of In The Living Room

Getting rid of items in the living room has a lot to do with aesthetics. You probably don’t have as much junk piled up in the living room as you would in say, a bathroom cabinet or bedroom closet.

However, minimalists value curating spaces that feel simple, peaceful, and holistic in every room — especially in a room where family and guests will congregate. You want that space to feel clutter free.

Things minimalists get rid of in their living room

  • Board games they don’t play
  • Unused electronics
  • VHS tapes
  • CDs
  • DVDs
  • Remote controls
  • Extra blankets
  • Extra throw pillows
  • Shelf trinkets
  • Flashy home décor
  • Half empty baskets
Things minimalists get rid of in their living room

List Of Things Minimalists Get Rid Of In The Kitchen

The kitchen is the place where families come together to cook and share meals. A tidy kitchen is a staple in a minimalist household. Tackling this space as a minimalist is all about creating an environment that feels warm, welcoming, and intimate. That means getting rid of clutter and excess noise to be more present with your people.

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“Having a pantry where you can clearly see all of the ingredients or having uncluttered pots and pans in the cupboard — these are game changers in the kitchen. It will literally save you time.”

– Jana Leigh, Content Creator

Things minimalists get rid of in their kitchen

  • Expired food
  • Unused electronics
  • Old spices
  • Mismatched Tupperware
  • Chipped dishes
  • Extra cutlery
  • Old cookbooks
  • Salt and pepper packets
  • Extra dish towels
  • Unused appliances
Things minimalists get rid of in their kitchen

List Of Things Minimalists Get Rid Of In The Bedroom

There is no better place to recharge and find personal Zen than in your own bedroom. Minimalists get rid of clutter in their bedrooms to foster a space that is cozy and restful. It should be the place where you feel most able to refresh your mind and rejuvenate without life’s chaotic distractions.

Things minimalists get rid of in their bedroom

  • Spare picture frames
  • Books you don’t read
  • Outdated magazines
  • Clutter in nightstand
  • Spare bedsheets
  • Decorative pillows
  • Television
  • Extravagant décor
  • Leftover waterbottles
  • Under bed clutter
Things minimalists get rid of in their bedroom
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“Start with the bedroom. It’s your sanctuary. Neglecting this area is a sign that you don’t prioritize yourself. It’s the last thing we see before we go to sleep at night and the first thing we open our eyes to every morning.”

– Mia Danielle, Content Creator

List Of Things Minimalists Get Rid Of In The Bathroom

Most people start and end their day in the bathroom. Showering, brushing your teeth, washing your face — this is the room where you signal to your body that it’s time to get going or go to sleep.

As a minimalist, I know decluttered bathroom countertops, cabinets, and shower shelves help my brain to feel less overwhelmed. It helps me to be more productive with my time throughout the day and gives me a sense of control over my space and my time.

Things minimalists get rid of in their bathroom

  • Expired medication
  • Old makeup
  • Travel-sized toiletries
  • Unused styling tools
  • Extra accessories
  • Dried-up nail polish
  • Unused beauty products
  • Old hairbrushes
  • Old toothbrushes
  • Guest towels
things minimalists get rid of in their bathroom
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“Decluttering my bathroom had a huge impact on me. It’s a functional space, so once I removed the clutter it made it easier to go about the daily activities of getting ready.”

– Ashlynne Eaton, Content Creator

List Of Things Minimalists Get Rid Of In The Closet

Closets and other storage spaces can quickly turn into epicenters for junk and clutter. It’s easy to just let things pile up, but minimalists make an effort to keep their closets and other storage spaces from becoming a dumping ground. Clothes are also a major declutter zone for minimalists, and there are many ways minimalists go about tackling their wardrobe.

Things minimalists get rid of in their closet

  • Junk that doesn’t belong in closets
  • Clothing they don’t wear
  • Clothing they don’t love
  • Clothing that doesn’t fit
  • Excess hangers
  • Socks that don’t match
  • Shoes they don’t wear
  • Purses they don’t use
  • Extra jewelry
  • Unused accessories
Things minimalists get rid of in their closets
minimalist decluttering pro tip

“Don’t forget storage spaces you rarely check! People might have their handbags that they use the most hanging in the closet but forget that they have a tub of them stored in the attic.”

– Kirsty Farrugia, Podcast Host

List Of Things Minimalists Get Rid Of In The Office

The hope for any workspace is that the area will support your workflow and help you stay inspired and productive. Minimalists value getting rid of excess clutter in the office so that they are able to be efficient with their time and get the most out of their day.

Things minimalists get rid of in the office

  • Emails
  • Junk mail
  • Extra supplies
  • Last year’s calendar
  • Pens that don’t work
  • Old documents
  • Used notebooks
  • Old receipts
  • Unused cables
  • Outdated materials
Things minimalists get rid of in their office
declutter like a minimalist pro tip

“Don’t forget mail and paperwork. I was able to declutter 70% of my paperwork in one go — old invoices from your insurance, a car lease from 10 years ago, and things that we file away.”

– Antonia & The Universe, Content Creator

List Of Miscellaneous Items Minimalists Get Rid Of

There are always going to be those excess items that do not fit into one specific category or room. Getting rid of miscellaneous clutter can be a beast of its own. Here’s a guide to what’s left for minimalists to get rid of after they’ve decluttered each room of their home.

Miscellaneous items minimalists get rid of

  • Seasonal decorations
  • Halloween costumes
  • Unwanted gifts
  • Memorabilia
  • Greeting cards
  • Sports equipment
  • Unused toys
  • Cleaning products
  • Storage bins
  • Junk drawer items
miscellaneous items minimalists get rid of
declutter like a minimalist pro tip

“Declutter areas that are small but have a big impact. Like your purse, your wallet, your car, or any manageable area you use every day where you will be able to feel the impact.”

– Ashlynne Eaton, Content Creator

What Minimalists Do With Decluttered Items?

Knowing what to do with your items after deciding what to get rid of is a whole other ballgame, but minimalists are pros at the process of letting go and have abundant advice on this too.

As a minimalist, I typically evaluate the item and consider how that item could best serve another person. After all, minimalism is not just about the cleaning process — it’s about applying a more communal and less individualistic philosophy to all areas of your life.

Donate Items They’re Getting Rid Of

Donating clothing, books, toys, or games is what I choose to do most often when getting rid of my things. Knowing that my items are going to someone who may need them more than I do is a genuinely good feeling.

I think oftentimes we feel as if what we own is somehow permanently connected to our personhood, but minimalism has taught me so much about the true joy that comes with letting go. I have a system down now where I know the donation sites I like and that I believe get the most use out of what I bring.

You can find donation sites in your area by connecting with local Facebook groups or conducting a simple Google search. You can also check out your local library or grocery store for donation boxes, as well as resale stores like Goodwill or Salvation Army.

minimalists donate unused items

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Sell Their Decluttered Items

Sometimes items are just too valuable to give away. There is no shame in wanting to sell an item instead of simply giving it away.

minimalists sell old things at yard sales
It’s easy to feel like selling something for monetary gain is not as intentional as making a donation, but sometimes items deserve to see their worth reciprocated.

Maybe you own a rare antique with a unique story or a very nice set of wedding china that doesn’t feel right to donate. Selling items of that stature demonstrates that you value the quality and worth of the items. I have several minimalist friends who use Facebook Marketplace to sell things, but there are also apps like Depop or Etsy that are great for the reselling more upscale items.

Throw Some Items Away

Then there are the things that just aren’t going to be worth much to anyone, and that’s okay! I think one misconception about minimalists is that they feel everything must be valiantly repurposed in the decluttering process, but that’s not always the case. It’s seriously okay to toss junk.

If your stuff is broken, torn, stained, or unusable, don’t feel hesitant about throwing it out. If you’re searching for a more ethical way to discard of waste, consider recycling centers or starting a compost pile. You can also integrate a zero-waste lifestyle into your daily routine to prevent trash from piling up in your home.

minimalists throw some things away that can not be saved
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Give Decluttered Items To Family Or Friends

If there’s something I’m getting rid of that reminds me of someone I love, could be useful in my friend’s space, or a family member would get more use out of than I would, I’ll ask if they want it. There is truly no better feeling than giving my stuff a better purpose.

Another method to expedite this process is Swedish death cleaning, which encourages you to invite all of your loved ones over at once and let them take anything that speaks to them. That’s one extremely easy way to get rid of thing quickly and know they’ll have a loving home.

Your Turn!

  • What can you get rid of in your house today?
  • What will you do with your decluttered items?
  1. Thank you for this article! I am good at decluttering/letting go, and still learned quite a bit; a straight-forward and very helpful article indeed!

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  3. What a great article.
    I have been slowly decluttering my living spaces but I can now see I need to be more ruthless.
    I love the results when I get rid of useless knick-knacks that I’d kept for years because they were often gifted to me.
    Finally, storing ‘only’ relevant items in the designated spaces provides visual and practical tidyness.
    An uncluttered environment allows for an uncluttered mind – ah, peace!

  4. So very helpful as I prepare to move to my new tiny!!!
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