How Much Does A 4×4 Weigh

How Much Does a 4x4 Weigh

How Much Does A 4×4 Weigh?

how much does a 4x4 board weighWhen you’re planning your next construction project, lumber weight may not be the first on your list of details to hammer out. As soon as you go to load your 4x4s in your truck, though, knowing the factors that affect the weight of your boards is going to be crucial for safe and efficient transportation.

On average, a 4×4 weighs 29.3 lbs. for an 8-foot-long board. However, that number can change depending on a variety of important elements.

Why Does 4×4 Weight Vary?

why does 4x4 weight varyThere are several properties of lumber that you need to consider when picking out the type of wood you’re using for a project. These properties vary depending on tree species, treatment, and moisture content.

These elements along with length don’t just affect your project, but also the weight of your 4x4s. Calculating the weight per foot and multiplying that number by the length is the most reliable way to determine your overall lumber weight.

Weight Difference Based On Tree Species

Weight Difference Based On Tree Species

Hardness, shock resistance and strength are all important lumber properties that vary based on tree species. Weight is also different depending on the type of tree your 4×4 comes from, and some species can be significantly heavier than others.

weight of treated and untreated lumber

Weight Of 4x4s: Treated Vs Untreated

If you’re building outside, chances are you may want treated lumber. These boards are soaked in chemicals that are absorbed into the porous cells of the wood. This process protects the lumber from pests and weather, but also increases its weight.

4x4s Weight Based On Moisture Content

4x4s Weight Based On Moisture Content

Green wood, raw lumber with a high moisture content, is heavier than kiln-dried wood. Kiln-dried boards have been baked at a high temperature so that the moisture is evaporated from the wood.

Weight Difference Of 4x4s Based on Length

Weight Difference Of 4x4s By Length

This last one may seem a little obvious, but it’s an easy detail to overlook. Length affects the overall weight of your 4×4, so use the weight per foot multiplied by the length to determine the total weight of each board.

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Weight Of A 4x4x8

weight of a 4x4x8Below are the 4x4x8 weights of four tree species commonly used for commercial lumber. The weights per foot vary depending on the properties of each tree.

Weight Of A Ponderosa Pine 4x4x8

Ponderosa Pine is typically used indoors unless specifically treated for outdoor use. The untreated weight per foot is 3.14 lbs., resulting in a 4x4x8 weight of 25.1 lbs.

Weight Of A Douglas Fir 4x4x8

Douglas Firs are moderate in weight but are still very stiff and strong. This makes them a popular choice for construction. A 4x4x8 board weighs approximately 30.1 lbs.

Weight Of A Western Hemlock 4x4x8

Western Hemlock is commonly sold under the label HEM-FIR and is one of two commercially distributed species of hemlock. A Western Hemlock 4x4x8 board weighs around 27.9 lbs.

Weight Of A Southern Yellow Pine 4x4x8

Southern Yellow Pine is one of the heaviest of the commercial softwoods. With an untreated weight per foot of 4.26 lbs., a 4x4x8 board weighs about 34.1 lbs.

Weight Of A 4x4x10

weight of a 4x4x10Weight per foot is determined based on the treatment, moisture content, and species of lumber. Once these details have been acquired, the easy element to consider is length. Below are the calculated weights of a 4x4x10 board for each species.

Weight Of A Ponderosa Pine 4x4x10

According to the IUCN, the Ponderosa Pine is a species of least concern. This makes it a sustainable construction option, and it is widely distributed throughout western North America. A 4x4x10 board weighs approximately 31.4 lbs.

Weight Of A Douglas Fir 4x4x10

A 4x4x10 Douglas Fir board, untreated, weighs about 37.6 lbs. While Douglas Fir typically machines well, this type of lumber has been known to have a blunting effect on cutters.

Weight Of A Western Hemlock 4x4x10

I’ve calculated the untreated weight of a Western Hemlock 4x4x10 which is around 34.9 lbs. However, it is often necessary to treat Western Hemlock since this lumber is susceptible to insect attacks.

Weight Of A Southern Yellow Pine 4x4x10

Southern Yellow Pine is a preferred species for treatment because of unique properties of its cells. The untreated weight of a 4x4x10 board, though, is about 42.6 lbs.

Weight Of A 4x4x12

weight of a 4x4x12Find below the calculations for the weight of 4x4x12 boards for four commercial species. These are the untreated weights, so treated boards of the same species will be heavier.

Weight Of A Ponderosa Pine 4x4x12

Ponderosa Pine is relatively low in strength, but its knotty wood is often used for aesthetic appeal in interior woodwork. A 4x4x12 board weighs approximately 37.7 lbs.

Weight Of A Douglas Fir 4x4x12

Due to its strength, Douglas fir is commonly found in boxes, pallets, railroad construction and general millwork. A 4x4x12 Douglas Fir board weighs around 45.1 lbs.

Weight Of A Western Hemlock 4x4x12

Western Hemlocks can hold a significantly large amount of water. This means green hemlock wood is fairly heavy, and it takes a while to kiln-dry. A 4x4x12 hemlock board with a low moisture content weighs about 41.9 lbs.

Weight Of A Southern Yellow Pine 4x4x12

Southern Yellow Pine can be used untreated, but it does make up 85% of commercially treated wood. An untreated Southern Yellow Pine 4x4x12 weighs about 51.1 lbs.

Weight Of A 4x4x16

weight of a 4x4x16Remember to check if you’re using treated or untreated wood. A treated 4x4x16 will be significantly heavier. Below are the untreated calculations for a 4x4x16 based on several species.

Weight Of A Ponderosa Pine 4x4x16

Although it is low in strength and stiffness, Ponderosa Pine is a valuable lumber because it has a uniform grain and is unlikely to warp and twist. A Ponderosa 4x4x16 weighs about 50.2 lbs.

Weight Of A Douglas Fir 4x4x16

Douglas Fir does not hold stain well and has relatively little grain. However, it is a good option for projects you plan to paint. A 4x4x16 board weighs approximately 60.2 lbs.

Weight Of A Western Hemlock 4x4x16

While it is moderately workable, the disparity between soft early hemlock wood and late hardwood can cause uneven surfaces on your boards. A 16-ft. 4×4 board weighs about 55.8 lbs.

Weight Of A Southern Yellow Pine 4x4x16

Southern Yellow Pine is actually a group of pines consisting of Loblolly, Shortleaf, Longleaf and Slash pines. The average Yellow Pine 4x4x16 board weighs about 68.2 lbs.

How Many 4x4s Will Fit In My Pickup Truck?

how many 4x4s will fit in my truckToo many boards will cause damage to your truck, but too few will cause unnecessary trips back and forth. Calculating how many boards you can carry based on their weight is the most efficient way to transport your lumber. Below are the calculations for three standard truck models.

Ford F-150 Pickup Truck

A Ford F-150 pickup truck can hold about 1,300 lbs. in the bed. Since the average 8-ft. 4×4 board weighs about 29.3 lbs., an F-150 can carry 44 boards.

Ford F-150 Pickup Truck

Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup

The bed capacity of a standard model Dodge Ram is 1,240 lbs. At 29.3 lbs. per board, this truck can handle 42 4×4 boards.

Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup

Chevy Silverado 1500 Pickup Truck

The Chevy Silverado can handle 56 boards. With a bed capacity of 1,650 lbs., the Silverado is the best of these three trucks for transporting large amounts of lumber.

Chevy Silverado 1500 Pickup Truck

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