How Much Does A 2×10 Weigh

 How Much Does A 2×10 Weigh

How Much Does A 2×10 Weigh?

How Much Does A 2x10 Board WeighPlanning a new building project requires a lot of attention to detail. The last thing you want is a wrench thrown in your plans because you didn’t calculate your lumber weight correctly. Understanding what factors affect the weight of a 2×10 can help you keep your project moving forward efficiently.

On average, a 2×10 weighs 26.96lbs for an 8-foot long board. However, the final calculation of your 2×10 cargo load is dependent on several key elements.

Why Does 2×10 Weight Vary?

Why Does 2x10 Weight VaryChoosing the right type of wood can make or break a project. Strength, stiffness, and shock resistance are all important factors that vary depending on the type of lumber you pick. These aren’t the only things that change based on tree species, though. Weight is also dependent on the kind of tree used to make your 2×10.

Treating your wood might necessary for your construction work, and treatment and moisture content affect the weight of your lumber as well. Length is the last variable that can change how much your 2x10s weigh.

Weight Difference of 2x10 lumber based On Tree Species

Weight Difference Based On Tree Species

The properties used to market lumber vary by tree. The strength and density of each species is different, as is the weight per foot. When calculating the overall weight of your lumber, it’s important to know the species of tree your 2x10s came from.

weight of treated and untreated 2x10 lumber

Weight Of 2x10s: Treated Vs Untreated

Outdoor building projects can greatly benefit from treated lumber. Pesticides and liquid preservatives are absorbed by the porous cells of the wood, making it resistant to damage from pests or water.

However, treated lumber is often significantly heavier than untreated lumber, so knowing whether or not your 2x10s are treated is a key part of measuring their weight.

2x10s Weight Based On Moisture Content

2x10s Weight Based On Moisture Content

The higher the moisture content, the heavier the wood. Freshly treated lumber can have a moisture content as high as 75% which slowly decreases over time.

Green wood also has a high moisture content, making 2x10s made from green lumber heavier than those that have been dried. Kiln-dried wood is heated in an oven to evaporate the moisture present in the boards.

Weight Difference Of 2x10s Based on Length

Weight Difference Of 2x10s By Length

This may seem obvious, but length also directly affects the weight of a 2×10. It can be easy to overlook this detail at the end, so don’t forget to measure the length of your boards and multiply that by the weight per foot in order to get the most accurate possible weight measurement.

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Weight Of A 2x10x8

Weight Of A 2x10x8There are a lot of factors that contribute to the total weight of a 2×10 including moisture content, species, treatment and lastly, length. To help make your life a little easier, I’ve calculated the untreated weights of 2x10x8 boards for a few tree species commonly used for commercial lumber.

Weight Of A Ponderosa Pine 2x10x8

Unless specifically treated for outdoor use, Ponderosa pine is usually used indoors. The untreated weight per foot is 3.93 lbs., making it the lightest of the options I’ve calculated here. A 2x10x8 board weighs about 31.4 lbs.

Weight Of A Douglas Fir 2x10x8

Douglas fir is a good lumber option for projects you are trying to paint, but it does not hold stain well and has very little wood grain. The untreated weight per foot is 4.58 lbs., so a 2x10x8 weighs approximately 36.6 lbs.

Weight Of A Western Hemlock 2x10x8

The Western Hemlock is a popular species for commercial lumber because it is one of the most abundant tree species on the Pacific coast. With an untreated weight per foot of 4.31 lbs., a 2x10x8 board weighs approximately 34.5 lbs.

Weight Of A Southern Yellow Pine 2x10x8

Southern Yellow pine has a unique cell structure which is why it is a preferred species for pressure treatment. Most pressure treated wood sold commercially is yellow pine. A 2x10x8 board weighs around 41.1 lbs.

Weight Of A 2x10x10

Weight Of A 2x10x10Species and moisture content affect the weight per foot of a 2×10. From there, we can multiply by the length of the board, in this case 10 ft., to calculate the total weight of your lumber.

Weight Of A Ponderosa Pine 2x10x10

A clear coat of sealant allows you to paint, stain, or varnish pine as you like, it behaves well for a variety of colors and tones. A 2x10x10 board of Ponderosa pine weighs approximately 39.3 lbs.

Weight Of A Douglas Fir 2x10x10

Like many other fir varieties, Douglas fir has a very tight wood grain, making it stronger and more stable than other types of commercial timber. A 2x10x10 Douglas fir board weighs approximately 45.8 lbs.

Weight Of A Western Hemlock 2x10x10

Since it is an essentially tasteless and odorless wood, Western Hemlock is especially well-suited for food containers, and is often used in construction. A 2x10x10 board weighs approximately 43.1 lbs., making this wood relatively lightweight in comparison to other construction species.

Weight Of A Southern Yellow Pine 2x10x10

This species has a distinct grain pattern and is golden in color. For this reason, it is often chosen for home improvement projects for its aesthetic appeal. A 2x10x10 board weighs approximately 51.4 lbs.

Weight Of A 2x10x12

Weight Of A 2x10x12We can’t forget treatment when calculating weight. I am using the untreated weight per foot for these measurements, but many projects require the use of treated wood. Southern Yellow Pine is the most commonly used wood for treated lumber, but other species can be successfully preserved as well.

Weight Of A Ponderosa Pine 2x10x12

This species produces some of the world’s largest pine trees, which is why its name comes from the Spanish word for “weighty.” Despite this, 2x10s from this tree are relatively lightweight. A 2x10x12 board weighs about 47.2 lbs.

Weight Of A Douglas Fir 2x10x12

The Douglas fir is unique and is technically not a true fir. It’s genus name means “false hemlock” and the properties of the Douglas fir are similar to the hemlock with a few key differences. A 2x10x12 board weighs around 54.9 lbs.

Weight Of A Western Hemlock 2x10x12

While this species is moderately hard and strong, it has relatively large shrinkage and little resistance to decay. A Western Hemlock board measuring 2x10x12 weighs approximately 51.72 lbs.

Weight Of A Southern Yellow Pine 2x10x12

Not only is Southern Yellow pine strong, dense and stiff, it also holds nails and fasteners incredibly well and is typically easy to work with. A 2x10x12 board weighs about 61.7 lbs.

Weight Of A 2x10x16

Weight Of A 2x10x16The four species I’ve used for this article were chosen because they are commonly used for many different building projects, and you are likely to encounter them when buying commercial lumber. Below are the weight measurements for 2x10x16 boards.

Weight Of A Ponderosa Pine 2x10x16

Ponderosa pines are fairly easy to identify in the wild. They have tall, straight trunks and their plated bark smells like vanilla or butterscotch. A 2x10x16 Ponderosa board weighs about 62.88 lbs.

Weight Of A Douglas Fir 2x10x16

Coastal Douglas firs can grow very large. Old-growth trees can reach a diameter of up to 6 feet. A 2x10x16 Douglas fir board weighs approximately 73.3 lbs.

Weight Of A Western Hemlock 2x10x16

Western Hemlock is popular for construction because it is easy to work and has little dulling effect on machines. It also takes stains, polish, varnish, and paint well. A 2x10x16 hemlock board weighs about 68.9 lbs.

Weight Of A Southern Yellow Pine 2x10x16

Southern Yellow pine is one of the heaviest of the commercial softwoods. With an untreated weight per foot of 5.14 lbs., a 2x10x16 yellow pine board weighs around 82.2 lbs.

How Many 2x10s Will Fit In My Pickup Truck?

How Many 2x10s Will Fit In My Pickup TruckWhen you’re getting ready to transport your lumber, it’s important to know the weight capacity your vehicle can handle. Below are three standard pickup truck models and their cargo bed weight limits. Based on the average weight of a 2×10, I’ve calculated approximately how many 2x10s each truck can handle.

Ford F-150 Pickup Truck

A standard model Ford F-150 has a cargo bed weigh capacity of 1,300 lbs. At 26.96 lbs. per board, you can fit approximately 48 boards in your bed. More than that, and you risk damage to your vehicle.

Ford F-150 Pickup Truck

Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup

Dodge Ram 1500 pickups can typically handle 1,240 lbs. This means that you can carry about 45 2×10 boards before you need to worry about putting too much strain on your suspension.

Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup

Chevy Silverado 1500 Pickup Truck

The Chevy Silverado 1500 has the highest capacity at 1,650 lbs. If you’re using typical 8-ft 2×10 boards, you can transport 61 boards at a time. Remember, overloading your truck bed can cause serious problems, so make sure you understand the factors that affect the weight of your lumber.

Chevy Silverado 1500 Pickup Truck

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