How Much Does A 2×4 Weigh?

how much does a 2x4 weigh
How Much Does A 2×4 Weigh?

How Much Does A 2×4 WeighWhen tackling your next building project, calculating the weight of your material might be the last thing on your mind … until it comes time to fit everything in your truck. When transporting lumber, your job becomes much easier if you understand how much a 2×4 weighs, and why.

On average, a 2×4 weighs 9 lbs. for an 8-foot board. However, 2×4 weight varies depending on a number of factors, so understanding those variables is key to fitting the right amount of lumber in your truck.

Why Does 2×4 Weight Vary?

Why Does 2x4 Weight VaryThere are a few different elements that determine the weight of a 2×4. Different types of lumber are good for different projects, so the weight of your 2x4s will depend on the type of wood you want for your task. Tree species, lumber treatment, moisture content, and length will all affect how much your 2x4s weigh.

Weight Difference Based On Tree Species

Weight Difference Based On Tree Species

One of the variables that determines the weight of a 2×4 is tree species. Trees vary in density, so the lumber they produce has different weights. For example, Southern Yellow Pine is hard and dense, making these 2x4s heavier per foot than spruce or fir.

weight of treated and untreated lumber

Weight Of 2x4s: Treated Vs Untreated

Treated and untreated lumber are significantly different when it comes to weight. Treated lumber has been soaked in liquid preservatives to prevent water damage and pests.

The moisture content of treated lumber can be up to 75%. Freshly treated lumber is heavier than treated wood that has been drying for a few months, but both weigh more than untreated 2x4s.

2x4s Weight Based On Moisture Content

2x4s Weight Based On Moisture Content

Moisture content is relevant to the weight of all lumber, not just treated wood. Porous cells in the lumber take in moisture from the air.

The two types of untreated lumber: green and kiln-dried. Green lumber is wood that hasn’t gone through any drying process. Kiln-dried wood has been heated, evaporating the moisture in the lumber, making a kiln-dried 2×4 lighter than a green one.

Weight Difference Of 2x4s Based on Length

Weight Difference Of 2x4s By Length

The length of a 2×4 affects its weight. This may seem like an obvious fact, but with all the other variables to keep in mind, it can be an easy one to overlook.

Since a 2x4s weight is impacted by so many factors, weight by foot is the most reliable way to calculate the lumber’s total weight. Once you know the weight by foot based on the factors above, you can then multiply it by the total length to determine the weight of a single 2×4.

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Weight Of A 2x4x8

weight fo 2x4x8 lumberThe species, treatment, and moisture content all affect the weight by foot of a 2×4. Once you have this information, length is the last variable to consider when calculating the total weight. Below, I’ve calculated the untreated weight of 2x4x8s for a few common tree species.

Weight Of A Ponderosa Pine 2x4x8

Since the untreated weight by foot of a Ponderosa Pine is 1.02 lbs., a 2x4x8 will weigh approximately 8.2lbs. This is the lightest of the common species listed here.

Weight Of A Douglas Fir 2x4x8

With an untreated weight by foot of 1.24 lbs., a Douglas Fir 2x4x8 weighs about 9.9lbs. This wood is great for construction because it is stiff and strong despite being relatively lightweight.

Weight Of A Western Hemlock 2x4x8

An untreated Western Hemlock 2x4x8 weighs around 8.5 lbs., with a weight by foot of 1.06 lbs. One of two commercial species of hemlock, this is often sold under the generic label HEM-FIR.

Weight Of A Southern Yellow Pine 2x4x8

Southern Yellow Pine is the heaviest species here, with a 2x4x8 untreated board weighing 11.9 lbs, or 1.49 lbs. per foot. It is one of the densest available softwoods and is therefore often used in building construction.

Weight Of A 2x4x10

Weight Of A 2x4x10 lumberThe challenging of weighing 2x4s comes from acquiring the necessary information. Once you know the weight by foot, calculating a 2×4’s weight is as simple as multiplying by the length of the board.

Weight Of A Ponderosa Pine 2x4x10

The Ponderosa Pine is a relatively lightweight wood and is widely available for distribution throughout western North America. An untreated 2x4x10 weighs approximately 10.2 lbs.

Weight Of A Douglas Fir 2x4x10

An untreated Douglas Fir 2x4x10 typically weighs about 12.4 lbs. While this wood is generally available for a modest price, reclaimed or old growth boards can be an expensive construction option.

Weight Of A Western Hemlock 2x4x10

Classified as a domestic softwood, an untreated Western Hemlock 2x4x10 weighs about 10.6 lbs. It is moderately priced and is commonly used for framing and other construction purposes.

Weight Of A Southern Yellow Pine 2x4x10

Southern Yellow Pine is dense with a very uneven grain and an abrupt transition from earlywood to latewood. An untreated 2x4x10 board weighs approximately 14.9 lbs.

Weight Of A 2x4x12

Weight Of A 2x4x12 lumberFind below the approximate weight calculations for 2x4x12 boards of several different tree species. These varieties are some of the most commonly used for commercial wood and are widely distributed.

Weight Of A Ponderosa Pine 2x4x12

While Ponderosa Pine is technically classified as a yellow (hard) pine, it is significantly less dense than Southern Yellow Pine. An untreated 2x4x12 is only about 12.2 lbs.

Weight Of A Douglas Fir 2x4x12

Since Douglas Fir trees grow to be very large, they yield a lot of lumber making them very valuable commercial timber. An untreated 2x4x12 board weighs around 14.9 lbs.

Weight Of A Western Hemlock 2x4x12

An untreated Western Hemlock 2x4x12 weighs about 12.7 lbs. While generally workable, the disparity between soft earlywood and late hardwood can make uneven surfaces in boards.

Weight Of A Southern Yellow Pine 2x4x12

While there are four species of Southern Yellow Pine, they are indistinguishable from each other, even under microscopic examination. A typical untreated 2x4x12 board weighs 17.9 lbs.

Weight Of A 2x4x16

Weight Of A 2x4x16 lumberWhen calculating the weight of a 2x4x16 board, it is important to know if you’re dealing with treated or untreated wood. I’ve used the untreated weight by foot to calculate below, but some species (like Douglas Fir and Southern Yellow Pine) might be more common or useful as treated 2x4s.

Weight Of A Ponderosa Pine 2x4x16

The IUCN reports Ponderosa Pine as a species of least concern, making these 2x4s a sustainable option for construction use. An untreated 2x4x16 board weighs approximately 16.3 lbs.

Weight Of A Douglas Fir 2x4x16

An untreated Douglas Fir board measuring 2x4x16 will weigh around 19.8 lbs. It is useful to note that this wood typically machines well, but has a moderate tendency to blunt blades.

Weight Of A Western Hemlock 2x4x16

An untreated 2x4x16 weighs approximately 17.0 lbs. However, it is worth noting that this wood is susceptible to insect attacks which can be prevented by pressure treatment.

Weight Of A Southern Yellow Pine 2x4x16

An untreated Southern Yellow Pine 2x4x16 weighs around 23.8 lbs. However, this wood is a preferred species for pressure treatment, and comprises 85% of the treated wood in the United States.

How Many 2x4s Will Fit In My Pickup Truck?

How Many 2x4s Will Fit In My Pickup TruckIf you’re transporting 2x4s, it’s crucial to know the total weight so you can determine the right size cargo for your truck bed. A load that’s too heavy could damage your vehicle, while a load that’s too light will cause unnecessary trips back and forth. Below are the lumber calculations for a few common pickup truck models.

Ford F-150 Pickup Truck

A standard model Ford F-150 can hold up to 1,300 lbs. of cargo in the bed. The total amount of lumber you can transport will depend on the length of your 2x4s, but if we calculate an average board weighing 9 lbs., your truck can handle 144 boards.

Ford F-150 Pickup Truck

Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup

The Dodge Ram 1500 pickup bed can handle 1,240 lbs. The length of board you need may vary depending on your project, but with a typical 2x4x8 at 9 lbs. each, you can carry 137 boards in the bed.

Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup

Chevy Silverado 1500 Pickup Truck

The Chevy Silverado 1500 has the heaviest weight bearing capacity of the three standard trucks I’ve calculated here. The bed can handle 1,650 lbs. of cargo, so this is your best model for projects requiring a large amount of lumber. Using the average of 9 lbs. per 2×4, the Silverado can handle 183 boards.

Chevy Silverado 1500 Pickup Truck

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