How Much Does A 2×12 Weigh

how much does a 2x12 weigh

How Much Does A 2×12 Weigh?

how much does a 2x12 board weighOf course, you want your next construction project to go smoothly, that’s why you plan out all of the tiny details carefully. Don’t let your perfect planning get derailed by a missing number. Knowing how much your boards weigh is important to know when transporting building materials to your job site.

On average, a 2×12 weighs 44 lbs. for an 8-foot-long board. That’s a rule of thumb, but the final number you’ll need depends on a few different specifications.

Why Does 2×12 Weight Vary?

why does 2x12 weight varyThere are four major elements that affect the weight of a 2×12. Tree species, treatment, moisture content, and length all contribute to the overall weight of your lumber. All of these factors vary with the size, shape, and location of your project, so be sure to adjust your weight calculations accordingly.

Weight Difference Based On Tree Species

Weight Difference Based On Tree Species

Each species of tree has its own unique properties that affect the lumber they produce. Denser trees produce heavier lumber, so the type of 2×12 you have will affect its weight.

weight of treated and untreated lumber

Weight Of 2x12s: Treated Vs Untreated

Treated lumber has been soaked in chemicals to prevent damage from weather and insects. When the porous cells of the wood soak up the treatment, the resulting 2x12s become heavier than their untreated counterparts.

2x12s Weight Based On Moisture Content

2x12s Weight Based On Moisture Content

Moisture in the wood of a 2×12 affects its weight. Treatment is one reason for a higher moisture content, but whether or not the wood has been kiln-dried can also impact the moisture and weight.

Weight Difference Of 2x12s Based on Length

Weight Difference Of 2x12s By Length

The above factors impact the weight per foot of a 2×12, but what about length? The last little detail you need to remember is to multiply the weight per foot of your lumber by the total length of the board. This way you will have the most accurate measurement possible when it comes time to load your truck.

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Weight Of A 2x12x8

weight of a 2x12x8Once you’ve used the moisture content, treatment, and species to calculate your weight per foot, the last factor affecting the overall weight of your lumber is length. Below are the weight calculations for four common tree species based on length.

Weight Of A Ponderosa Pine 2x12x8

Of the four commonly used tree species for lumber listed here, Ponderosa Pine is the lightest. A 2x12x8 Ponderosa board weighs approximately 37.7 lbs.

Weight Of A Douglas Fir 2x12x8

Douglas Fir is often used in construction and for railroad ties, fence posts, and mine timbers because of its strength and stiffness. An 8 ft. Douglas Fir 2×12 weighs approximately 45.2 lbs.

Weight Of A Western Hemlock 2x12x8

Western Hemlock is one of two commercial species of hemlock used in lumber. With an untreated weight per foot of 5.24 lbs., a 2x12x8 weighs about 41.9 lbs.

Weight Of A Southern Yellow Pine 2x12x8

Southern Yellow Pine has cells that are especially porous, making it a popular choice for treated lumber. Based on its untreated weight per foot, however, a Yellow Pine 2x12x8 weighs about 51.2 lbs.

Weight Of A 2x12x10

weight of a 2x12x10The most accurate way to calculate the weight of your lumber is to multiply the weight per foot by the length of the board. Below, I’ve calculated the weight of a 10-foot board for Ponderosa Pine, Douglas Fir, Western Hemlock, and Southern Yellow Pine.

Weight Of A Ponderosa Pine 2x12x10

The relatively low weight of Ponderosa Pine comes with low strength and shock resistance. It is medium in stiffness, and weighs approximately 47.1 lbs. for an 8-ft. 2×12 board.

Weight Of A Douglas Fir 2x12x10

Douglas Fir has very little wood grain, making it a good choice for painting but a less popular option for staining. A 2x12x10 Douglas Fir board weighs about 56.5 lbs.

Weight Of A Western Hemlock 2x12x10

Western Hemlock is one of the most abundant trees on the Pacific Coast. This makes it an excellent choice for commercial lumber. A 2x12x10 board weighs approximately 52.4 lbs.

Weight Of A Southern Yellow Pine 2x12x10

Due to its golden color and distinct grain pattern, Southern Yellow Pine is often used for indoor home improvement projects. A 2x12x10 board weighs around 64 lbs.

Weight Of A 2x12x12

weight of a 2x12x12The four species I’ve used for these 2x12x12 calculations are all common woods you may encounter when buying lumber. They are all widely distributed commercial softwoods.

Weight Of A Ponderosa Pine 2x12x12

The lumber from a Ponderosa Pine is lightweight, but the trees themselves can grow to be some of the world’s largest pine trees. A 2×12 board measuring 12 ft. long weighs about 56.5 lbs.

Weight Of A Douglas Fir 2x12x12

The properties of a Douglas Fir are very similar to a hemlock. In fact, this is not technically a true fir. Its genus name is Pseudotsuga menziesii meaning “false hemlock.” A 2x12x12 Douglas Fir board weighs around 67.8 lbs.

Weight Of A Western Hemlock 2x12x12

Although lumber from the Western Hemlock is relatively hard and strong, it has little resistance to decay and is prone to shrinkage. A 12-ft. 2×12 board weighs approximately 62.9 lbs.

Weight Of A Southern Yellow Pine 2x12x12

Despite its hard and stiff properties, Southern Yellow Pine is fairly easy to work with. It also holds nails and fasteners very well. A 2x12x12 board weighs about 76.8 lbs.

Weight Of A 2x12x16

weight of a 2x12x16The most difficult part of calculating lumber weight is gathering all of the necessary information to determine the weight per foot. Once that’s been accomplished, all you need to do is multiply by the length to get your final number.

Weight Of A Ponderosa Pine 2x12x16

Other names you may encounter for Ponderosa Pine are Western Yellow, Bull, and Blackjack Pine. It is commonly found in the states of Oregon, California, and Washington. A 2x12x16 board weighs approximately 75.4 lbs.

Weight Of A Douglas Fir 2x12x16

Since the color of their heartwood changes with age, Douglas Firs are locally known as Red or Yellow firs depending on their stage of life. Usually, a Douglas Fir 2x12x16 weighs 90.4 lbs.

Weight Of A Western Hemlock 2x12x16

Although Western and Mountain Hemlock both grow along the Pacific Coast, they are treated as separate species when assigning lumber properties. A 16-ft. Western Hemlock 2×12 weighs about 83.8 lbs.

Weight Of A Southern Yellow Pine 2x12x16

Southern Yellow Pine is actually a pine group that includes Longleaf, Shortleaf, Slash and Loblolly Pine. On average, a Southern Yellow Pine 2x12x16 board weighs 102.4 lbs.

How Many 2x12s Will Fit In My Pickup Truck?

how many 2x12s will fit in my pickupNow you know the weight per foot of your lumber and you’ve multiplied it by the length of your board. The last step is to determine how many boards can fit in your truck altogether. Too many boards will damage your vehicle, but too few will mean you have to take more trips back and forth.

Ford F-150 Pickup Truck

A standard model Ford F-150 can hold up to 1,300 lbs. of cargo. Using 44 lbs. as the average weight of an 8-ft. 2×12, an F-150 can handle a maximum of 29 2×12 boards.

Ford F-150 Pickup Truck

Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup

The pickup bed of a Dodge Ram can hold 1,240 lbs. More than that could seriously harm the truck. At 44 lbs. per board, the Dodge Ram can carry 28 2×12 boards.

Dodge Ram 1500 Pickup

Chevy Silverado 1500 Pickup Truck

At 1,650 lbs., the Chevy Silverado can hold the most cargo of these three standard model trucks. The Silverado can carry 37 boards measuring 2x12x8 using the weight of 44 lbs. per board.

Chevy Silverado 1500 Pickup Truck

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