Home In Flumseburg

I wasn’t able to find allot of info on this house, but here is what I know:

Project Name: Holiday Cottage in the Swiss Alps
Location: Flumserberg, Switzerland
Architects: EM2N : Mathias Mueller / Daniel Niggli, Zurich
Site Area: 630 m2
Built-up Area: 183 m2 thereof 104 m2 habitable (roughly 500 square ft.)
Costs: EUR 0.29 Mio


The architect said this about the building:

Most holiday houses look identical, i.e. like conventional single-family houses. The topography, character and quality of the location are seldom taken into account in the planning. The houses could just as well come from the catalogue of a company that supplies ready-made homes, their architectural expression is accordingly arbitrary. Our design refuses to accept colonising a place at this low level, it represents an approach that relates to the place and the wonderful site beside an alpine field that in summer is a meadow and in winter a ski run.





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  1. "Built-up Area: 183 m2 thereof 104 m2 habitable (roughly 500 square ft.)"

    Don't know how you work that out. 1 m² is just over 10 square feet (10.7639…) so that's about 1950 feet squared with 1100 habitable. A bit bigger than tiny, I think.

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