Greenpod Small House

I did some digging last night to find a new house for you all, I finally found a company called Greenpod, which is a sustainable building company that makes some pretty nice houses, here is a house they just built. I don’t have the full specs on it, but it is pretty compact, but still functional.


  1. Sweet! Just wish it wasn’t so industrial looking. Why can’t designers make teeny little Nantucket beach houses, or log cabins? I guess the look is about trying to make it feel bigger by making everything appear as clean and minimalist as possible, but to me it just looks sterile and lacking in personality. I know it’s personal preference, but it would be cool to see a little design craziness out there.

    • check

    • google “little house in little rock.” It’s a super cute one! One of the tumbleweed designs. 🙂

  2. Nice! I love seeing some small homes that aren’t lined in knotty pine for a change. ; )

  3. LOVE this!! Industrial Chic is fab and I will be building and buying this way. Don’t force me to look at another traditional “beach house/cottage/log cabin” — gag.

  4. Love this one, do you have any idea on the cost?

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