Annoucement Of Risk And Liability Statement

Please see our new Risk And Liability Statement  here

  1. Can we assume you have been sued? Or is this just being proactive?

    • Ha ha! No I have not been sued or anything of the sort. I hope I never do. This is purely proactive and something I should have done a long time ago. I realized that with me building my house that I was giving a lot more advice that I had in the past. It was a shift from just opinion pieces to instructions. This website has also grow a lot so I have been trying to be more serious about it as I look to transition my career from corporate world to tiny houses in general.

  2. He’s probably not at liberty to say. But I would assume he’s been sued…which sucks. Probably from someone that is not taking responsibility for his/her own actions and/or choices in life (welcome to America! Corporate and Private). Probably also someone out of touch with reality. But who knows…these are just my assumptions…and there are 3 sides to every story: his, hers, and the truth. 🙂

    • I just figured that having something was better than nothing, hopefully it will offer some level of protection. Hope for the best, plan for the worst.

  3. Although I understand why this is necessary, I think it is really sad. Once again, our “highly educated” (actually over educated idiots in many cases) have won another battle. As the Maintenance Superintendent at a major University, I have watched and coordinated the construction of many University Buildings. Almost without exception the Architects and Engineers have made mistakes a 10 year old should have caught. And yet, even the simplest renovation project REQUIRES an Architect of record and the approval of the State “Planning commission”.

    For 200 years in the country farmers and carpenters have cut down trees, sawn lumber and put up buildings that are still here today. Modern day Architects design and build DISPOSABLE buildings that are bulldozed daily to build another “disposable” building.

    The problem with your “new policy” is due to “modern techniques” being carved in stone, the old ways…proven ways…..maybe not quite what the new college boy would do ways…..can no longer be passed along and handed down without the fear of some form of liability involved.

    A good example of this is my littlehouseonthehill. Built totally of green, unseasoned, rough sawn lumber. UNHEARD OF! “Can’t be done”! “Will warp and buckle and fall down”.

    Read “The Green Wood House” by Larry Hackenburg. It can be done, he did it, I did it….many have done it. But the collage boy still doubts it. And Larry would never have written the book if he had thought, or worried about the liability involved!

    Just my 2 cents,

    • Tim! I love your house! What part of the world are you at? If you don’t mind sharing, what did it cost you? Was it all inspected and permitted? Are those Rhode Island Reds? I have a few of those.

      • OH….and I forgot to share the cost. The actual house was $17,000.00
        That does not include land, well, or septic tank, but the complete house, wiring, plumbing, cabinets, carpet, and all.


    • Tim-
      You have really ‘hit the nail on the head’ (no pun intended) Our society has been bullied and brainwashed into leaving so many of our best building methods behind. And the lawyers (which our country is still producing at staggering rates) make sure that we can’t afford to buck the system.

      • Kacey,
        Thank you for seeing all of that! Lawyers, politicians, and Architects. All pretty much control our lives in ways we could do without just fine. But hay….I’m just an outspoken radical. lol……but I sure love my little cottage that I did for my wife and I without any of the above.


  4. I’ll be honest I don’t get it. There are a hundred thousand other websites out there that do not remove comments so why take that move here? Why not use the same disclaimer that they use?

    Traditionally bad ideas get shot down in flames pretty quickly but they also start discussion and lead to education which can only be a good thing.

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