An Insightful Speech From An Unexpected Place

This morning I got up to find a video that was insightful from a person that I had not expected.   It is from the actor that brought us Dude Where’s My Car and That 70’s Show, Ashton Kutcher.  Not only did he give this talk, but he did it in a place where he had a huge platform to share it at: The MTV Teen Choice Awards.    His third point was somewhat related to tiny house living, so I thought I’d share with you the video


  1. An Iowa boy — he is right and I am proud of our Iowa values

  2. Would love to share this is you would please tone down the screaming.
    It would be respectful had they not kept interrupting the message, being ‘teens’ does not
    give a free card for rude.

  3. Be a great TED Talk !

  4. Thanks for posting this Ryan. This is a great message for young people and a necessary reminder for old farts like me!

  5. That was really good. I agree it’s a great message to the younger generation. Sharing this. Thanks for posting. : )

  6. A great message, but unfortunately it sounds like it was wasted on that crowd.

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