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Walmart Cutting Plastic Bags

Walmart now has three stores where it no longer uses plastic bags, they are expanding to 52 stores soon and expect to have this be the status quo by 2013!  I have been saying for a while now that I thought this would happen and Walmart or Target would lead the way.

This serves several functions:

  • reduce plastic waste
  • reduce cost
  • develops a new revenue stream
  • builds good will

To say Walmart is doing this because they are green is inncorrect, but to chastise them for trying to turn a profit by selling the bags is also.  I for one am glad to see this.

Click photo for video

  1. I’m actually glad to see this, too; however, I can’t help but wonder if there’s a catch to it? Will you only be able to use bags purchased by walmart, or can you use any bag you bring with you?

    (btw, I love your site! It’s so awesome and fascinating! :D)

    • the catch is they now can sell you their reusable bags when you forget them, which as good as I try to be, I forget every now and then.

  2. I prefer folding shopping carts and not use bags at all. They’re easy enough to pull and walk home, or fit into the trunk of a car or a taxi, plus most can hold about 10-15kg (22-33lbs.) of groceries. The down side is, most are made with thin metal and can break after a year (or two at most) of regular use.

    I don’t know about North America (I haven’t lived in Canada since before 9/11) but all supermarkets here in Taiwan as well as South Korea do what Costco does: they let customers to use empty cardboard boxes from products. It certainly cuts down on the number of bags, and the recycling of cardboard, metal and plastic is heavily stressed here.

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