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UPDATE: Tiny Tree Hotel Room

A while back I posted about this neat mirrored hotel room that was seated in the trees, almost blending in, check it out here.  But at the time it was simply a concept drawing, while many concepts don’t come to fruition, this one actually did!

It brings about a good question, Should your home do its best to blend in, to let nature be the focus, not the home?


Should your home do its best to blend in, to let nature be the focus, not the home?

  1. I think this would be a hazard to birds.

    • I agree re the hazards to birds comment. Thousands die crashing in to greenhouses, windowed high-rises, etc. Good point.

  2. I think blending in is great. Blending to the point of invisibility, and also potentially blinding aircraft pilots during bright sun conditions? Not so much.

    The interior is gorgeous, though.

  3. I don’t think it’s so invisible with the walkway leading up to it. It’s very interesting but I agree, lots of birds will get hurt and hopefully a fire won’t get set when the light shines down on some dry leaves. I have a regular home with regular windows and birds fly into our windows even with a porch roof overhead that they should be able to see.

  4. The birds are heading for the reflections of trees they see in your windows. If you put something in your window, a falcon silhouette, an ornanament, it allows them to sort out the depths of the various objects they see and they will potentially not fly into your windows.

    Based on this, I imagine this room would be a bird strike magnet…

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