Bus Home

So this is a follow up to the oil tanker truck house.  This one seems much more reasonable, but it is done in the same style where the artist draws a very depressing color scheme.  Anyway, this is done by a Greek professor by the name of  Aristide Antonas who is big into reuse of current objects and he came up with this house bus.  He feels that designers often over think things and bring things to an extreme just for the sake of being extreme.

This two-story used bus is imagined as a potential hotel or a portable commuting community space for professionals on-the-go. It features seven beds, a living room area and a restroom and would fit int typical mobile home parks, though finding dealers with parts for sale might be a bit trickier.  It is an intentionally non-radical work of construction, requiring no contractor or elaborate plans to be built – just a group of people who wish to turn an ordinary vehicle into a multi-person housing unit on wheels. The value is in the labor, not the design – and forget about estates or land prices.


5 thoughts on “Bus Home

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  2. et

    “requiring no contractor or elaborate plans to be built” what about vehicle inspection, rewiring, is the engine strong enough for 2 storys, attaching 2nd story, plumbing etc, etc. Seems like yet another desk top dream….
    Stationary it might work. but I agree w Bob.

  3. Deb

    Don’t over-think? Don’t “professionals” ever shower or cook a meal? No food storage, no privacy. Just looks seedy.

    I’ve seen some beautiful bus conversions, but this doesn’t happen to be one of them. I’m glad I don’t live in a place he’s “designed”.


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