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Boxman Tour

So I recently had the fortune of getting to tour what might be one of the biggest shipping container building companies in the US.  Which happens to be right here in Charlotte.  While they happened to be local, they have been developing container buildings all over the place.   A lot of what they do is pop up trade show booths, but I was clued into some neat full building projects on the horizon.  Here are some photos from my tour, check them out here

RTM_7844Above and below are two of their neat fold out booths that can be used for parties, events etc.

RTM_7848Below is a few sections of an office that is being built.  You can see how they reinforce the insides so that they can stack them.  This is just part of the office.

RTM_7852Their outdoor lounge.



xcvcxAbove and below are some of the larger corporate displays they’ve done.  These where for google and shows different ways you can use the containers.


  1. Interesting article and pics. I like the whole idea of using shipping containers for housing, but it seems to be something that is not possible for amateurs; the process would seem to require a big knowledge base and high skill level. Someone who publishes a “Shipping Container Houses for Dummies” book is going to make a fortune.

  2. You should check out the Container Park they’re building in Las Vegas. They even have tiny houses on display!
    http://downtowncontainerpark.com/ and http://www.reviewjournal.com/news/tiny-houses-go-pop-downtown-las-vegas

  3. These are cool as heck, and just about indestructible. After the floods of last year, which turned everything around here into rotted wood, we were looking for alternatives. I love some of the options shown on other sites for conversion.
    I do share Aldene’s concern about how easy it is to convert when you’re dealing with steel. Would there be a lot of welding involved, or burning up saw blades? Naturally, the nicest ones (to me) as those with a side of windows.
    Regardless of difficulty, I’ve liked most that I’ve seen, and hope this continues to catch on.

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