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5 Minute House: Life Cube

So I realized this is the second or third time this month I have talked about emergency housing, but then something struck me. Did you know September is National Disaster Preparedness month? Here is an interesting emergency shelter that sets up in 5 minutes. What I really like is that yellow rails that makes the whole thing able to be rolled. It is a genius idea and makes so much sense in the real world.


  1. Cool I like it. I feel I ought to say though that it is very important to try your best to have everything you need on hand in an emergency situation. Our area FEMA rep came through here about a year ago and told our rural community that if a mass type disaster hit we would probably be one of the last areas help would get to, not talking days here but weeks or in a very BAD case months!! As a result the county has a disaster plan and stock pile the towns within the county have disaster plans etc. etc. AND every responsible minded household has disaster/emergency plans and kits.

    Sorry a bit off topic but it is National Disaster Preparedness month.

    🙂 Amy

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