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DIY Sunscreen

With so many sunscreens out there, why make your own?  check out the list of commonly found ingedients in sunscreen that causes cancer after the read more link



  • 8oz oil (olive, sunflower, jojoba, or soybean)
  • 1oz emulsifing wax
  • Sunblocking agent (zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) – available online
  • Essential oils of your choice (optional)

Go to Instructables for complete instructions. Good luck – and of course care should be taken with this DIY to make sure your skin is properly protected.

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Tiny Lights For a Tiny House

These great DIY lights are super small and inexpensive to make.  Add a magnet to attach almost anywhere

Reprint from Unplugged Range June 15 2009

Have you ever wanted to have small LEDs? LEDs that you could place all over the place without worrying too much about wires? Look no further, because these little LED clips can be used in this fashion. You can put them anywhere and they don’t have any wires since they are battery-powered. We thought that these lights could lead to a great bunch of home-grown designs for rooms and offices.

That makes these lights pretty cool. Imagine, having a few of these in your pockets when you are out. All you need to power them up is a battery. They are so small that they can fit pretty much anywhere. We like how these lights can be used to create different moods in rooms. Since they are so small and portable, you can just put a bunch around and keep changing the batteries. Using these lights, different motifs can be created easily. We’re thinking that they could be used in playrooms, the kids’ room, offices, living rooms and even bedrooms to create different ambiances. [via Designboom, photos by Sungho Lee]