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Laura has done a really nice job of using every square inch of her apartment, with a very fresh and earthy feel, her 250 square foot apartment is a great example of what you can do with little.

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Laura’s done a great job injecting style and color into such small space! We particularily love how she used some office drawers to add some extra storage in the kitchen. We also love the use of a chaise at the foot of the bed. It gives some formal seating, and because it doesn’t have a full back and arms on both sides, keeps things feeling open and not too heavy.

kitchenIt is really amazing how effective design and a touch of style can bring out a space to seem so much bigger!  The one downside I see is no oven or dishwasher.  Though with one person this isn’t too big of a hassle to do your dishes in the sink.  At times, I like to have the ability to use really hot water, such as a cutting board I cut chicken on, boiling water just lets me sleep a bit easier.  Otherwise her kitchen is great, plenty of storage and it is pretty open.


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  1. The compact kitchen is really cool. The owner did a really good job. I wish I could make my house look this clutter-free 🙂

  2. What a beautiful small apartment! The only thing I would have added is some sort of curtain to close of the kitchen area so that I didn’t have to see it all the time. And I would need an oven, and perhaps also a dishwasher although I could live without it. Otherwise the apartment would work just fine for me.

  3. I would be willing to bet that Laura knows how to use Feng Shui? She obviously has decorating skills, but in 250 sq ft, knowing where and how to place everything will make or break the feel of the home. I live in 250 sq ft as well. Most people just give me a strange look when I tell them, but when they come by for tea or coffee they immediately feel comfortable and at home.

    PS – ninni, take another look at the pics…there’s a very subtle white curtain! 🙂

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