Transforming Micro-Apartment

I was emailed by this designer and thought it was really interesting.  There are several pieces of furniture in this video that I have seen before, but there are some new ones.  The nice thing to see is them all integrated into one space.   Below is a video of the house’s features being demonstrated.


  1. Love that table that fits under the counter around the shelves. Good addition to my Swiss Army kitchen and very DIYable. The stepstool chair is handy too and so is that ironing board. Some good ideas to incorporate but I still don’t care for Murphy beds. I’d much rather have a daybed with storage.

  2. That sure is a lot of bending over. Clever ideas, and I’m not avoidant of a little work, but I wonder how much patience I would have to move four different things just to read a book. lol

  3. I agree with Gin. Way too much bending. Could there be a way to adapt some of these ideas to make them a bit easier to use? Take the couch, for example. She needed to reach down at an awkward angle to retrieve and put away the pillows. Her back is not going to hold up after a year or two of that. She also bent to get a glass-really?

  4. Wow, I find all that stuff amazing and so useful. Great ideas. Thanks for sharing that. : )

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